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Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Erin Gaiser, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. I searched and didn't find anything on this topic HPU/KPU.

    I'm not sure where it fits in best anyways, so I thought I would put it here because it pertains to my son. He is diagnosed with this and he definitely feels better taking high dose active B6 and Zinc, without it he feels bad within days (bad moods, moods swings, doesn't tan, cries a lot, cannot sleep)

    The stuff Dr. Kruses posted on Oxalates was awesome and has worked so far, so I was wondering if Dr. Kruse has another perspective on this!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The HPU complex is a biochemical marker and neurotoxic substance frequently identified in the urine of patients with autism, learning disabilities, alcoholism, substance abuse, schizophrenia, ADHD, Down syndrome, depression, bipolar disorders, and even criminal behavior. Some estimate the incidence of KPU to be 40-70% in schizophrenia; 50% in autism; 30% in ADHD; and 40-80% in alcoholism and substance abuse.

    All are related to the destruction of the melanopsin/retinol mechanism. The reason why HPU/KPU people eventually stall on reversals is that they never fully treat their environmental deficits that cause melanopsin/retinol defects to persist. Their doctors never recommend this because they do not know anything about how melanopsin works to control the peripheral clock gene mechanism linked to the mtDNA defects.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. You have cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, tinnitus, early onset neuro-degeneration. Your CT shows a calcified pineal. Your plasma Vitamin A levels are lower than they should be. Your eyes and skin are light sensitive to the sun. When you look in the direction of the sun your eye hurt or tear excessively. When you go in the sun you burn excessively. Cataracts are a protective mechanism the brain uses to reduce blue light exposure. If you also procaffeinate, use too many supplements, and you have no idea your "light environment" is behind this hazard and you really need to bio-hack your environment. (TIME 4 blog alert)
    2. As a child/infant you developed atopic dermatitis, eczema or peanut allergy, need tubes in your ears, excessive caries, or need glasses early, childhood asthma, reactive airway disease, early puberty, have a neuro-immune disease, eating disorder. You were raised on a TV computer or iPad as your main babysitter. Compared to many kids you lived an INDOOR existence. You are afflicted by the blue light hazard and have a deficit of UV/IR light from the sun.
    3. When you changed to a paleo diet you developed rapid onset constipation or an autoimmune disease soon thereafter (Sara Ballantyne) Your CO2 levels on a Chem 7 is below 25 and your BUN/creat ratio is above 10 to one.
    4. You have a circadian or cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, sleep apnea or pseudotumor cerebri or normal pressure. migraines, nasal drip, hydrocephalus, or CPM, a history of rhabdomyolysis, alcohol destroys your sleep, have an abnormal T1 or T2 MRI of an organ because your peripheral clock gene mechanism is not yoked to your SCN in proper fashion.
    5. You develop an autoimmune condition with dairy or eggs exposure, food allergies dominate your life because of a lack of sun's ability to control the immune system properly. This is especially associated with xerostomia or xerophthalmia, gut sensitivity, alter microbiomes, leaky gut. MS, Devic syndrome, RA, LADA, Hashimoto’s, fibrocystic disease or thyroid nodularity.
    6. You have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by an alternative provider. AF develops with a meat diet and excessive exercise in an indoor gym. Exercise in a gym inside the power grid hurts you instead of helping you. You gain fat and lose muscle while working out and eating LESS.
    7. Chronic post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, metallic taste in your mouth, you get fibromyalgia, photosensitivity, sense coldness in sunlight. Your sweating pattern is abnormal, your skin and membranes are more apt to have aphthous ulcers, angular cheilitis, and lichen planus. You get toe and foot fungus way to easy.
    8. Food allergy testing shows you have excessive amounts of allergies, yet you eat those things and have no problem. Many people will report a seafood allergy yet when they eat it nothing happens. There is a mismatch in your labs and your phenotype.
    9. You suffer from SIBO, IBS, Crohn’s, eosinophilic folliculitis, esophagitis, GERD, acid reflux, seafood allergy, and use chronic nootropics, you get migraines while inside windows or in a car.
    10. You have chronic parasite infections, mycotoxin exposure, CE, FM, CMV, EBV, or Lyme disease that never seem to go away regardless of what is done for them. You get “mysterious diseases” after jet flights over 3 hours in length. You have bouts of depression that eventually lapse into anxiety, bipolar tendencies, ADHD, sleep disorders.

    TRUTH BOMB: Sir Henry Dale, one-time President of the Royal Society of London, made an important comment in his retirement speech: “Science should not tolerate any lapse of precision, or neglect any anomaly, but give Nature’s answers to the world humbly and with courage.” To do so may not place one in the mainstream of modern science, but at least we will be searching for truth and moving ahead rather than maintaining the scientific status quo.


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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Lyme is a disease of your environment and an allergy to nnEMF. Blue light and 4G/5g are driving it because of how the SCN and melanopsin operate in the central and peripheral clock genes. I've said it a thousand times........we've got to stop making stupid people famous who spread poor ideas.
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  5. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth G New Member

    Top 10 list: I have one in every category, but the one that got me is the mysterious post-flying sickness. For 15 years, I have been saying that I have whatever it turns out the post-Lyme complex is. Based on your insight, Dr. Kruse, I’m going to say you know what it is!

    I’ve been working on a computer for 10+hours a day for 20 years. Active Lyme infection for about 15, dry eye, infertility, post-lasik ectasia, leaky gut, yada, yada.

    Dr. Kruse, with blue blocking glasses and a wired connection, what’s a tolerable amount of screen time?
  6. Great! Thank you for that explanation! I will look deeper into the cycles and terms, but for now, it is working great just being in the sun for 4+ hours a day - well being outside, not entirely direct sun.
    Thank you so much for you help! Obviously, you are well aware no other Dr. has made this connection. Hopefully more will start becoming informed!
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For that history? The answer should be blatantly obvious.
  8. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Don’t forget about the other docs on the forum I’m sure most of if not all of them have been educated as well.
  9. true, I guess it just meant that it isn't something that we have come across at an actually doctor's office or during internet research.
  10. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth G New Member

    Ha! Point taken. Given that I make the money in the house, that transition isn't likely any time soon. I've cut back on work to get healthy, but I don't think I can cut back much more. I am a consultant, and I can work from almost anywhere, so I'm looking into moving. I'm also spending more of my non-working time out in the sun instead of researching my condition. I am satisfied that I've found the answer/root cause.
  11. Just wanted to update! Sun is really working well for his HPU stuff, I can tell because I've been able to decrease vitamins, almost completely stopping them and no increase in symptoms! :)
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  12. LilyIncex

    LilyIncex New Member

    Hey guys, i have a question about HPU/KPU, is it related to alcohol addiction ? because I have been a very heavy drinker for years. Finally gave it up when i visit my doctor and he strongly advised me to quite, it was really hard for me i had so bad days and sleepless nights, i was getting crazy when i see someone drinking in front of me or see the bottles at markets, but i finally quit after struggling for months even my wife helped me alot and my doctor kept sent me this article: https://ragingalcoholic.com/neuroplasticity-and-addiction/ to keep encourage me.But i’m scared to get HPU or other diseases after quitting, is that possible ??

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