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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I ran from a bear once.... didn't cross my mind to warm up before...

    In reality, that bear was just peacefully eatin' berries on the trail. My brain didn't think so :eek:
  2. PaleoDentist

    PaleoDentist New Member

    I skipped CT yesterday due to getting home at 1am and straight to bed.

    Did my 30 min at 57F CT today. I generally immerse up to my chest , arms out of the water as I read. today I submerged my arms for the last 2 min. it was tough. I guess my arms are not cold adapted! now I am shivering. very interesting turn of events. as I have not shivered in weeks. I think I will continue with arm immersion at the end of my baths increasing time incrementally.
  3. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    Usually don't submerge my arms and hands and did this week. I was much colder, too.
  4. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    30 mins at 53F today. Took my temperature before I started to run the bath - 36.4C. 15 minutes in my temperature was 37.1C and it remained at that until 40 minutes after the bath when it dropped back down to 36.8. Very interesting indeed, and shows that something must be happening!

    Warm up time has felt long and brutal today, with lots of under-the-skin shivering.
  5. jayjha1@gmail.com

    jayjha1@gmail.com New Member

    my CT yesterday was Vasper Training - yikes - that was tough! not the cold but the workout

    going for my first cryo session today
  6. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    33 minutes cold bath, started at 60F, down to 58F. Followed by a cold shower.
  7. jayjha1@gmail.com

    jayjha1@gmail.com New Member

    great job!
  8. jayjha1@gmail.com

    jayjha1@gmail.com New Member

    ok, just came back from my first cryo session

    that was fun - but now my goal is to look the propietor - who looks like Daniel Craig bodywise
  9. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    CT: 25 minutes in 53-degree water. Skin was 82 deg going in, 60 coming out. Oral temp going in was 98.0, coming out was 98.6. Goosebumps the whole time, started to get shivery at about the 20 minute mark. Continually amazed at how relatively easy it now is for me to haul my fat ass up out of the tub. I know I haven't gotten significantly lighter in a while, so I must have gotten stronger. Without actually doing anything. COOL!
  10. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I want to jump in here with you guys. *splash*

    I've been following this thread and it's been my inspiration! :)

    I'd been doing lukewarm showers right down to cold then into the bath with ice but my last few times my temperature dropped so I've dialed it back a little.

    I got a nice temperature rise today in response to a 20 minute bath @ 58. I kept the temp to 59 or lower by adding plenty of ice. I did wear neoprene socks for the first 10 mins, and a woolly hat.

    Shivered only lightly, but for several hours.

    Happy to see others are getting nice temperature rises too!! (Temp drop is horrible.)
  11. Jim

    Jim New Member

    I am having a hard time getting my water temp below 60. I use frozen ice blocks but they aren't doing the job. I had some really good sub 40 sessions in the past. So unless I buy 30 to 40 lbs of ice it seems almost not worth it anymore. :( I need to find an economical way to do this.
  12. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    30 mins at 52F today. Oral temp before bath 36.3C, during 37.2C and after 37.1C. Warmup time was quicker today. Won't be able to do any more CT or spot-icing until Tuesday.
  13. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    oddly my flaked ice does i better job than blocks. surface area i suppose.

    can you replace the huge cubes with smaller cubes? more PIA but worth it.
  14. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    I probably should make better use of my 52F tap water...
  15. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member


    Today's CT:

    55 minutes of cold bath, started at 60F, down to 56F, followed by a cold shower. Shivered a bit at the end and afterward. My dry heels are becoming soft and pretty. :eek:
  16. ginastarke

    ginastarke New Member

    Cold-Adapted? no

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Both but mostly Icing

    Duration?bath 45 min icing 60+ minutes, usually 90

    Temperature? bath 60 degrees , lowest I could get it

    When do you CT? about 30 minutes after dinner

    How long have you been doing CT? Experimenting 3 weeks with the ice packs , first CT bath last night

    I love the ice packs. I'm incredibly relaxed within minutes and I generally keep them on until they're not cold anymore. I usually have one on my stomach and two I either put on my thighs or upper arms for my "bingo wings" held on by ace bandages

    Tried my first CT bath last night -YEEEEEEIKES! I made it 45 minutes but was cold for hours afterwards- you know how when you're so cold the muscles in your back tighten up? I'm sure I'll get used to it, but hey I lost a pound! :D
  17. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    So far for me the quickest way to warm up is to get busy. Walk one mile, or run for 5 minutes, or do some leg lifts. Works like a charm.
  18. jayjha1@gmail.com

    jayjha1@gmail.com New Member

    today was tough - had a 630AM Vasper Training then I zoomed over for a cryo session

    was tougher today as the temp was brought even colder - like -190C - brrrr

    and my brother had his first ice bath today - whole clan is on board!
  19. LinD

    LinD New Member

    Reminds me of my near terror when we came upon a bobcat on our riding trail years ago.... I think one or two of us actually ran into the other. LOL. Bobcat probably had quite a chuckle as we rode away.

    Sprint Samsung Epic
  20. ginastarke

    ginastarke New Member

    I don't mind shivering and being cold if it means those fat cells are dying!

    My only wildlife scare was flying down a hill on my bicycle on the way to work and nearly hitting a raccoon. from his face we were both thinking the same thing; "Oh, CRAP!" both of us got out of each other's way safely.

    I think the wildlife is the only thing I'm going to miss with my new job, which is closer to the center of town. I could swear I saw a feral cat and owl co-operating on the hunt together.

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