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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    most days i hold off for as long as possible, fearing vascular damage
  2. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    EVERYTHING feels warm or even hot post CT... including my chair and the floor! :D
  3. Mott

    Mott New Member

    I just re-read my tattered copy of Kama Sutra...Never got past page 11...Bingo, there on 162 is the Kruse pose...two bodies entangled post CT.....re-warming and suddenly, the old man gets a jolt of ambition and their doing somersaults....
  4. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    wah ha ha ha
  5. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Cold water always makes me pee. Guess it is potentially excess estrogen that I retain water and the cold assists in the removal. I always swell up in the hot shower. Cold is definitely my friend.
  6. Pamela

    Pamela Gold

    I've stepped up my next gradient to go for 1 hour soaks 4 times a week in about 55 degree water. Getting in and adapted has been much easier this past week, which is week 5 for me. I really feel ready for my soak when the day comes, I can feel it in my legs. They feel kind of swollen and then I do the soak and they feel good again. I'm working on getting my hormones fixed, will be doing blood this week for Dzugan program. Weight is staying steady while I eat a good keto paleolithic diet and enjoy all my fats. My next plan of action is to get the water a little colder, will probably have to go buy a bag of ice each day for that.
  7. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    Well I don't know why but I like to pee anyways :D My tummy looks smaller afterward! :p

    I don't know what hot showers are nowadays... not even familiar with warm ones any more. I even wash my hair in cold showers...
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A strong bladder. No incontinence

    Water doesn't make me pee either and I am happy for that.

    I know women my age that seek out a bathroom everywhere they go. Like they can pee on the spot.
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Today I was able to keep my feet in the 55F water for 45 minutes with no problem. That is an improvement. I tried it in 50F water, but 30 minutes was enough of that. So I guess they are finally adapting. I used to just put my heels in, then half the foot, then everything but the toes, now the entire foot. :) Easy peasy.
  10. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    My heart beats faster when I prepare my cold bath in the morning. :eek: I would fill the tub when I finish eating my BAB, check the water temperature, walk in the tub and let my feet feel it, then go away for 10 minutes - surf the internet, take my vitamins, fish oil, etc, drink my iced water... then wash my face in cold water, then go in the tub. This "ritual" is kinda like foreplay :p that prepares me to greet the cold water with grace.

    I don't multitask in the tub, I focus on the bath and make the most out of it. My arms and legs are always moving to circulate the water - it feels great when water moves against my body, almost feel like being massaged. Sometimes I use a washcloth to bring water onto my chest which doesn't always get under the water, or use the washcloth to massage my arms and legs - I figure as long as I'm in the tub let's do some scrubbing :D And I bring water to my face too. It feels great to cool down my hot face with cold water. At the end I take a quick cold shower to wash off and let water drop on my face. Wonderful.
  11. We made it 45 min in our 55 degree pool today before babies required assistance. Was hoping for longer, but glad I was able to fit that in
  12. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    We were stressed and therefore, cold today. It was 58-59 or so max today, so the water was even colder. For the first time, my legs were numb. I only went for 20 minutes, but glad I did it. I had goosebumps but didn't shiver. I followed up with a cold shower, which seemed warm. DH skipped the cold shower today, but did air-cool.
  13. PaleoMom

    PaleoMom New Member

    No kidding!!! It feels like boiling water coming out! Unfortunately even though I go before getting in the tank, I almost always have to go after too :( DH said that when you're cold your body doesn't want to hold on to urine because it has to heat it.... Don't know if that's true, but it's almost a reason to dehydrate before hand.
  14. AKMan

    AKMan New Member

    I love this! What temp is your water? When I first started cold baths, I did it in my hot tub--turned down to 70 (as low as it goes). That was good for a while, then I started in my indoor jacuzzi bathtub, tap water is 45 degrees year round. That got my heart pumping! Then I tried 32 degree water--my heart beats fast just thinking about that! 32 degree water is super addictive, I must warn you.
  15. I got back into the tub for CT today, 30 minutes 59F going in 63F water coming out. Didn't feel too bad once acclimated, layed back up to neck, swished water over torso. I found it easier to get in and stand, cup water over my legs before sitting, and then pour water over back and shoulders before laying down. Skin was mildly pink, so I should have stayed in longer, but I was bored. stapped the ice sheets around my back belly for ~20 min.
  16. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Not thinking my problem is incontinence as I never have to pee at night. Heck, after I go at 6 am when I rise, I usually don't pee again until around 10:30 or so. Still thinking it is estrogen related or something else. I remember flying to Hawaii 5 years ago and when I finally got to swim in the ocean, I couldn't stop peeing all the fluid that I retained from flying and this was a couple of days later. I filled right back up on the way home and my calves were so tight with fluid build up that they hurt. It was pretty bad.

    Since this is a CT'ing thread, how do I go past the 30 min. mark in 53 degree water. I am not making forward progress in regard to time. I know I have reaped bennies from it but wonder if I could stay in longer if that would help me. I get cold and can tell you when 30 minutes is up.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate that was anyone's problem.
  18. youthfuliz

    youthfuliz New Member

    I'm quite a lightweight in that regard. I've done 23 cold baths/showers. I think I started around 70F too. Recently I've been doing 62F to 56F. I think the first time I did 56F I got all pink and shivering but I felt great! Even 56F is addictive! :D I will slowly reduce the water temperature, right now the tap water is 52F. Maybe I'll use some ice in the summer but I don't think I'll go colder than 52F until late fall. I plan to use just cold tap water then to experience the natual onset of winter... well it will never get to 32F so eventually I'll use ice to bring it down... maybe I'll have that for a few weeks! Exciting! :eek: Almost feel like a courting scheme haha. But yes, seriously, CT is addictive.
  19. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    No worries, not taken that way. I sure would like to know why I do that for real if anyone has any answers. I'm sure it is a health issue of some sort. I have a lot of heart disease in my family all the way around and it is kinda scary thinking it could be related.
  20. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    30 minutes is when I really start to get cold. For several weeks, I pushed myself to stay in for 45 minutes and was miserable the last 15 minutes. About 10 days ago, I started fully submerging and decided that 30 minutes would be sufficient. I don't have advice on how to stay in longer other than tough it out. For me, 30 seems to be a reasonable duration with the benefit of warming up fairly quickly afterwards so I can be more functional (e.g. I can talk to someone on the phone without sounding like I'm drunk or something).

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