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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    :( No tub for me today. I'm changing from CT at night to CT in the morning. I seem to stay cold for a long time when I bathe at night, so I'm going back to mornings. I did ice my tummy today, but it's just not the same. :(

    Oooh, maybe I can put my feet in ice water for a bit. Yeah, that's the ticket! Where there's a will, there's a way!
  2. eva

    eva New Member

    20 min shower before a weight workout and 1 hour walk in heatgear shorts and t-shirt at around 4 deg celsius
  3. Toni1675

    Toni1675 New Member

    Hi there I have been doing CT for 7 weeks now with full submersion at 50 degree water for 45 min plus everytime. In the beginning it was terrible afterwards it always took like 2 hours to warm up. At the time I was doing same thing putting on lots of clothes and blankets to help, but what I have found it actually makes it worse for me. I found that the less clothes I wear after CT the faster I warm up. I no longer shiver after CT and I crave my daily cold baths!!
  4. Toni1675

    Toni1675 New Member

    My CT today was awesome! I did 40 min in 51 degree water up to my shoulders. And now at work I'm sitting here with a 10lb bag of ice on my stomach!! I crave it!!
  5. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I went for a nice long walk on a nature trail yesterday in a t-shirt only and it was 58 degrees out. Normally I would either not go or wear a sweatshirt! It felt really good!
  6. Feeling a little good about my CT today. I got some boards to put across the garden tub - and got my "remote office" going. So now CT time is work time. And this damn forum time. I'm CTing right now!
  7. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Great idea. I thought about finding one of those plastic step stools that can fit right over me and allow me to take my tablet in or at least rest a book on it. I generally hold a book with one hand and pour the water on my chest with the other hand.
  8. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Sounds like you are becoming cold-adapted. Yeh for you!!!! Are you male or female? I was doing 30 min in 50-53 degree water and now I can do 45 min if don't do the upper body and I have been doing this for 7 weeks now and it is still tough. I do have lots of things to fix though. I wonder if I started spot ct'ing if that would help along with the CT baths?? I can certainly plop some ice on my belly or someplace. I really want to be cold-adapted as I hate being cold and I have never liked wearing lots of clothes.
  9. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I woke up with really bad sore throat and head cold so no CT for me today. Besides I have to work a charity golf tournament and it's cold and rainy here so I'll be chilly all day anyway!
  10. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    Nothing for me for a few days, as I have a houseful of 11 and 12 year olds, overlapping with a houseful of 16 and 17 year olds - can't see having any time for anything until at least Wednesday next week ... :(

  11. Glass of Malbec, STAT!
  12. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    Sounds like a plan!
  13. PaleoDentist

    PaleoDentist New Member

    I did not have time for breakfast, as I overslept and rushed to work. got back and filled up my late tub. it was at 59F .I added a bowl of ice and got it down to 58F. sat in it for 35 min submerged to chest. I began to shiver in last 5 min. drank my ice water and now shivering in my robe. I never shivered before. this is my first CT without a high fat meal prior. i wonder if there is a relationship? still shivering after 20 min.
  14. Cron23

    Cron23 New Member

    Yikes, I am not hungry at all and haven't eaten since 5am but was thinking about doing a quick 30 min ice bath before I go out. Wonder if I can get away with it if I had coconut oil and tea but now I'm nervous I'll be shaking like a crack baby all night if I don't eat...
  15. LinD

    LinD New Member

    Hi Toni,

    SOoooooo jealous of your cold water! Good for you.


    I wonder, are you using the bitter melon?

    Sprint Samsung Epic
  16. AKMan

    AKMan New Member

    Tried something different today. Summer in the Arctic comes on fast! Today it got up to 60, last week it was -10. The snow is melting fast, and too slushy for barefoot walks in the snow as I've been doing the past few weeks.

    I filled my bathtub with 50 degree water (comes out of the tap at 39 degrees!). All I can say to you that have been doing this--WOW! 50 degrees is friggin' cold. Anyway, I got in, didn't have any trouble adjusting, and settled in up to my armpits. Stayed 20 minutes. The only thing I found painful was my ankles, I had to lift them out of the water a couple times. Shrinkage was unbelievable!

    After I got out, I air-dried sitting in the bright sun for an hour.

    Here's the funny thing - I didn't shiver at all, my skin was bright cherry red, and none of my fingers or toes went numb.

    Recently, I set my outdoor hottub to 70 degrees. Sitting in that with the air temp at 30 degrees, I will start to shiver almost immediately. Being indoors with air temp in the 70's didn't make me shiver, even though the water was 20 degrees cooler. Air temp must be a big factor as we lose so much heat through our head.
  17. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    This weekend I went for long walks in the morning cold. Yesterday it was in the 30's, and I wore regular clothing and a vest with gloves. By the afternoon it had warmed up a bit, but the wind was fierce. Today it was in the 40's, and I just wore gloves with regular indoor clothing. By early afternoon I wished I had brought a tank top.
  18. Mei

    Mei New Member

    I'm tired of the tub as it's so small that staying submerged requires me to wedge myself against the walls, creating and maintaining tension in most of my body for the full tub time. I find that it interferes with the calm state of mind I need in order to accept and enjoy the cold, instead of feeling like I'm fighting against it (I like showers for this reason - I can move, I'm standing, and I can relax completely). This state of affairs, in turn, makes recovery really ****ty - as many have mentioned, I can be shivery, exhausted, and kind of stupid for hours on end after a long tub session. SO to deal with this, and also to fulfill my intense hunger for nature which has only seemed to increase since paleo/CT type activities have taken over my life, I've been jumping in every river or lake I can find (I drive all over the place for work). I think at this time of year around here they're around 6 - 8 degrees C, maybe colder so.... 40 - 46, I guess, for all y'all Americans. I'm not staying in as long but finding the detox to be way more intense, the recovery virtually unnoticeable, and the benefits immediately noticeable.

    how's this for a CT session: ride horse bareback at sunset to river. get naked. get in river (horse is too much of a weenie, leave tied to tree). splash around for as long as you like. get dry-ish. take ages to get tight pants back on cold, damp skin while horse stares at you like you're insane (maybe you are). ride back at a brisk canter just as it's getting dark. feel very smug. drive home with the windows down and the A/C on.

    Or today: jumping in at a glacial river headwaters while a group of unsuspecting hikers gasps and claps.

    Way more fun than tub-time. Just sayin'.
  19. Mei

    Mei New Member

    @AKMan ... I hear you about the ankles...they used to throb/seize up to the point that I was CTing in a V-shape trying to keep them out of the water!
  20. PaleoMom

    PaleoMom New Member

    I've slowly lowered my bath temp down and now for the last week I've been @ 50-55 deg. for 40-50 minutes. Well, today I bought a 150 gallon rubbermaid tub and put it outside and filled with the hose. Odd thing was how straight cold from the inside tap is 50 deg. but from the outside tap it was 44! Boy, did those extra few degrees make a huge difference, especially combined with 50 deg. air temp, a breeze and it was raining on me. I only lasted 10 minutes before my skin was bright red, my toes weren't moving so well and I started to feel stabbing pains. I've never had to give up so fast! However, recovery was super fast. I think I didn't have enough time in the tub to make a dent in my core temp.

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