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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Missed CT for first time yesterday (big mistake for my mental health), today my back felt warm for most the 45 minute shower which is new for me but my front side still prickly icy hot. Good 15 minutes in the middle my breathing was completely relaxed and comfortable. Ate a few fresh dayboat flounder roe with local sorrel afterwards for a late breakfast. My appetite's so low compared to my pre-CT life. Been eating a dozen oysters almost every other day though, wild Peconics and Wellfleets. Can't find my favorite Bosoles anymore bit chuffed about that. Thought the Cape Cods were quite unpalatable.

    Found out Jones Beach is 52 degrees right now so contemplating the 2 hr trek for ocean CT tomorrow.
  2. Elguava

    Elguava Gold

    Quantum Radical - I saw your post concerning chiller … I just bought the same model. Question- once your water reaches the desired temperature do you leave the chiller and pump on during the duration of your soak?
  3. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    @Elguava , I'm not sure if your question went unanswered because there is no @ sign in front of the profile name of the person you are trying to summon, or because the answer is fairly obvious. :D

    Greetings! Haven’t seen you around here before but see you’re a seasoned member. Hope to hear more of your experience.
  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    FWIW my stuff gets turned off 20+' from where my cold tub is while we are immersed.
  5. Elguava

    Elguava Gold

  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That pump should cut it.

    Depending on your environment sediment may or may not be an issue. In my yard tub it's not so much dust but eventually the water just gets less clear and slightly slimy feeling before washout time.
  7. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

  8. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Ocean's fucked right now, green algae foam four inches thick covering entire shoreline, millions dead jellyfish, tide that wants to kill/pull me out like never before. Doing my first bathtub CT ever tonight!
  9. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Buying 60lbs of ice every day is gonna get old real quick, gotta find a water chiller and extra tub now smh.
  10. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    this is also an option buy a chest freezer and convert it to cold tub. https://www.facebook.com/groups/229000887769209/
  11. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Thanks but never had FB so can't see their forum.
  12. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Can anyone tell me why CT would be making my tinnitus much worse? It was this way last winter. I started up again in the last 3 days, and the tinnitus is back with a vengeance. I’m worried I’m overstimulating my sympathetic nervous system.
  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Are you drinking your 32 oz of ice water along with CT?

    You're also a big bubba I wonder if a smidge more ice water might be alright to try.
  14. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    I haven’t been...are you thinking it could be from dehydration? I was always under the impression that the purpose of the ice water was to help burn fat, and I’m quite thin. I could actually stand to gain 10-15 pounds.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  15. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    what light are you doing CT under? outdoors? red/ir/uva? how about after a BAB or big meal?
  16. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    I’ll chime in. I “THINK” another purpose of ct is it does something to your cold shock proteins where the end result is mitochondrial turnover/editing/optimization.
  17. Nrelax11

    Nrelax11 New Member

    I'm also thin and wanting to do CT. I actually lost a lot of weight doing epi paleo, but didn't need to lose weight. I think maybe I'm not eating enough. I read somewhere on here that you should only CT for the length of the percentage of body fat you have. So if I have 20% body fat, I CT for 20 minutes. Can anyone verify this?
  18. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I have not read that anywhere, but when I started Epi-Paleo and did CT protocol I lost a lot of weight for me. After 1.5 yrs figuring out what is good and best for me I have gained summer weight (up 8-10 lbs from my lowest) and it feels good. I am not doing CT protocol persay, but I do dips in our cool pool all day every day for anti-inflammatory purposes.
  19. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Yes, I eat a BAB prior to CT. I do the CT in my garage in my freezer. I can’t do it in the sunlight in Texas, or else the water heats up past 55 degrees in minutes and I end up spending $30/day on ice. However, as soon as I finish CT I go sit in my backyard and soak up the sun.
  20. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    As with all things, I think there’s a natural progression with CT that should probably vary based on an individual’s level of redox. My redox is absolutely shot. I’d be willing to bet that gradual cooling might be better for me as I continue to consume DHA daily and add sunlight.

    For now, I’m going to stop using the freezer for full submersion every day and focus on:

    1) Extended soaks in my pool in the sunlight. My pool is 87 degrees. Jack has said that anything below body temperature can have a positive, cooling effect.

    2) I’ll also be reverting back to step 1 and 2 of the CT protocol (face dunks and ice blocks on my bare skin). I’ve found ice blocks on my skin for 45 minutes to be much more tolerable in the past than even 20 minutes of full submersion in my freezer.

    I tend to be an impatient guy. But with redox, I’m coming to realize that slow and steady is what will win the race. Continued daily DHA, water, and sunlight will hopefully allow me to be taking full submersion ice baths by winter.

    I also am going to add back in a small amount of carbs temporarily while I continue to DHA load going into winter. My redox is just to trashed right now to operate on Keto.
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