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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. JMO

    JMO Gold

  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Getting in 5-6 CT sessions per week. Very thankful my husband put together this contraption for me.

    He gets home about an hour after me on work days. Now he calls out, "You in there chilling your buns?" instead of "Hi honey...I'm home".

    I've invited him to join me many times... Hasn't accepted yet.
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  3. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I will be saving my cold water today for the DH for when he gets home. It is hot and humid out and he will need it but more then likely he will not get it, pansy ass!!!!
  4. Getting back into the CT swing. I've gone up and soaked in the river in the middle of the volcanic caldera several times in the past couple weeks. This past week: Monday, swimming in the lake for over an hour at about 55-degree F temps, plus sitting on rocks in the water while hanging out. Wednesday and today, sitting in my grounded CT tub in the morning for about 20 minutes each time. The tub is about 65 degrees at the moment as the temps have still been in the 70s during the day, but it's getting colder and I suspect soon it'll be frigid! As much as I prefer soaking in the natural cold spring water up in my favorite canyon, I'm still heebie-jeebied out by the damn water beetles that bite. I'm so stoked to have my own CT tub right out my bedroom door now! In the deep of winter I'll still make weekly treks up into the canyon because truly, nothing is as magical and spiritual as being in that canyon with eagles, owls and ravens as companions, the sun shining down to dry me off, and being totally grounded in the natural environment.
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  5. Today's CT was bliss. The water was much colder today as temps are dipping. I sat in my CT tub with 50-degree temps for 30 minutes or so (didn't have a watch) reading a compelling book, which helps for sure. Then I went out on my back south-facing patio and sunned myself for an hour. Wow! Talk about morning spectabulousness. This was also combined with fresh salmon for breakfast. My cold tub in on the north side of my house, and I have ample access to sun on the south side. I now need to ensure that I work this routine in most days during the week.

    Since my egg-related food sensitivity cataclysm, well, actually it was exactly 19 days into it that my ankles and feet swelled up like balloons...worse than anything I experienced in either pregnancy. CT, even when combined with serious grounding, didn't seem to be doing anything. Until today. Today, after the long soak and long sunlight harvesting, my right ankle is completely normal, and my left is nearly normal. For me, the edema seems to be somewhat hormonally related, but today, it actually felt like the week of cold and sun was what was making the difference.

    I will definitely be working this into my daily routine.
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  6. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Been CTing using a bath for about 2 months now, daily 20-30 mins 10-12C. Recently temperature has dropped rapidly so just as I was starting to get used to it I have to re-adapt to colder temps.

    Things I have noticed:
    -Baths way more effective than showers.
    -Tolerance depends on food intake. On days I haven't been able to take in much food I have a much harder time with CT...
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  7. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Did CT under the stars last night and it was awesome. I am SO glad that I had the yard light removed and could see that the sky was light up.
  8. Ice in the CT tub this morning after our first real snow on Wednesday and Thursday and then cold temps Friday. 1-inch thick on top. Brr! I've been doing a clay therapy treatment for the past several weeks, and today when I looked at my tub and the ice I almost couldn't muster up the courage. But I put on my mud treatment, went out in the morning sun for about 40 minutes, then soaked in the tank for about 30 minutes, and then back in the sun for another 45 minutes. My feet were SO freaking cold in the tank, (I don't have neoprene booties at the moment) but warming back up in the sun makes my feet instantly feel good. There isn't any issues like I've experienced when going from tank or springs to not sun. I like the sun warming process WAY more than anything. It's delicious. Like addictive delicious. I drained my tank today and I'm moving it to the south side of the house and yard as it was in my little north-facing courtyard. Because of the snow, it will get buried, so I'm moving it where I'll have unencumbered sun exposure for soaking through the winter.
  9. I moved my CT tank to the south side of the house on the patio, and got it all grounded with copper wire. Last night came in like a freaking ice dragon with snow and winds that were up to 60 mph gusts. I woke up this morning and saw the tank cover had blown away and went to retrieve it. It was crazy cold. The first real winter day of the season. But, by 10:30 am the winds had calmed, the sun was shining, and the CT tank was calling. I had overfilled the tank, so it was up almost to my shoulders. I leaned back, kickin' it in the sun, and it felt SO good. Ahhh...with nearly 3 full months of regular CT under my belt now, it's feeling so good. I'm loving the morning sun CT on bare skin with the post soak warm-up in the sun. Damn, it truly is amazing!

    Cheers to more soaking!
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  10. Funny emoji for the 10:00 am! On 11:11 to be exact.
  11. Oh! And the one thing I consciously did today that I'd never done before was make sure my wrists were in the water, even though I kept my hands out (usually do as I read a book), and I was astonished at the sensory input I was receiving with my wrists in the cold water. The sun was shining on them, too. Curious how that might relate to the Quantlet, but it felt intuitively, pretty good. I'll be more conscious of it in the future.
  12. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    Inger, if i could have a breathing tuber and be under water, i would be all for it....

    Today is gonna be a good ct. I'm going to use cannabis and CT full body for an hour and a half of straight bliss.... In winter I crave cold like you wouldn't believe....
    Marijuana is a favorite when I use cold thermogenesis. I only eat it, so you don't start yelling at me for smoking.
  13. Flawed

    Flawed New Member

    It was a really cold november morning today and i went in the sea for 25 mins. When i came out my hands and feet were hurting. It went away after about 30mins but it wasn't fun. I feel great now due to the CT and the sun being out while i was doing it though.

    Would wearing thermal gloves/socks stop me from grounding while i CT?
    Any other methods for stopping hands/feet hurting?

  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    several people use this.......its worth a try
  15. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    I know that burning sensation.
    For me: hands or feet getting numb = get out of the water.
    You're likely staying too long. Shorter but more frequent cold exposures would be better.
    Gloves and socks are a good idea yeah.(means you can stay longer..)
    Sea water is a very good conductor so you're always grounding unless you put a rubber suit on... and even then it would have to be waterproof.
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  16. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Hi All,
    I am new here, and am really excited about all the knowledge Doc is so generously sharing.

    Have a question: Does staying in 60-65 deg Fah room temperature all day (6 to 8 hours) in t-shirt and shorts do anything?

    I have had very low redox potential all my life, just starting to improve in the past two years with ketogenic diet (mostly coconut oil, low protein, less than 20 g carbs from fruits/veggies) and Lugol's 2% iodine (about 16 drops, plus another 15-20 drops transdermal application with coconut oil).
    Also started to sun 2 hrs in the morning (without clothes on for about 1 hour, temp about 50-55 without sun).
    Thanks so much.
  17. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    In my experience, staying in lower temps will probably help but is nothing compared to doing actual CT.

    I made my room cold for 1.5years and a half before starting proper CT and never adapted in the time before, only now am I seeing some adaption...
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  18. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Thank you seanb4 for your helpful input.
    I am reading about cold adaptation. I am very thin now, due to being on a ketogenic diet for over 2 years. Will retraining my body to be cold adapted make me even thinner? I am about 95 lbs at 5'4'', very small boned. I am hoping to swap some of my WAT with BAT, and not lose any more weight.
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  19. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I remember you mentioning having trouble with this. So glad you're seeing some signs of adaptation! Are you using a bath or a shower...or a more exotic body of water?
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  20. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I didn't lose any weight but my body comp changed a bit.....developed muscles in my arms and lost cm's from the waist. Never did work out if the arm muscles might be due in part to hauling so much ice! :)
    No one can predict exactly how you'll respond. The key points I think are to try it with a starting point that's going to challenge you but not crush you. then be consistent in moving forward with it even if you do so with the pace of a snail...
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