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How was your CT today?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by differentstory, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Can we have a monster thread on CT? I wanted a thread where I could just post the little tweaks I am making from day to day regarding my CT protocol and also see others' progress, so hopefully this thread will accomplish that. There are so many of you that I try to follow but we are posting on lots of different threads and it's hard to keep up!

    Just wanted to say too that I find am so happy we have this group!! We are an amazing group of people!!

    How are you guys doing??
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  2. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Cold-Adapted? Yes

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Baths

    Duration? 60 minutes 5-6 times a week

    Temperature? 53-55 Degrees

    When do you CT? At night, before bed (8pm-9pm)

    How long have you been doing CT? Experimenting 4 weeks; CT baths for 2 solid weeks

    Last week I found that if I moved my limbs around in the water, I would get very cold, but if I stayed totally still, I was fine. Last night, for the first time, I noticed I could move my legs back and forth 3-4 inches and still be warm. I keep my arms and hands out of the water - I tried putting them in but found they would get an achy feeling and plus I am often reading a book, so I need use of my hands. Currently, the water level only goes up to my mid-breast.

    I am CT'ing at night since I work during the day. I use booties on my feet because they are just getting too darned cold.

    I made three changes last night that were huge successes for me:

    1. I filled up the bath before getting in. Previously, I was getting in and filling up the tub ("croak soak") which was good in the beginning, but now that I am cold-adapted I find that the little cold water splashes (while the tub fills up) and the noise of the water irritate the heck out of me. So, last night I turned on the water, left the room while it filled, came back and took the plunge. I was SO nervous! But I just started counting up as soon as I got in and found after 43 seconds, I was completely fine. YAY me! A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN BEFORE!

    2. I've been fighting to get the water temp down, so finally last night I used a gallon milk jug filled with water that I had frozen solid. This seem to get the water down 2 degrees. I didn't even notice a difference in the water temp (yay me!!). I'm probably going to need 3 jugs though to get to the 50 degree mark. I'm hovering at 53-55 right now. (Fortunately, I do have a big whirlpool tub - funny though, it was used maybe twice in the past year and now I've used it about 15 times in the past two weeks. HA!) We also have well water and I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to run our well dry. Guess I'll have to ask DH.

    3. Sadly, unlike others, it is taking me a good 6+ hours to warm up and that is the miserable part of CT for me. I am not in good shape. My starting weight was 203 (4 weeks ago). I am down to 196. I cannot exercise for very long at all without being exhausted (maybe 5 minutes??). my 6+ hour warm-ups are turning my 1-hour CT baths into 7-hour sessions of misery and that is making me dread CT. So, to keep me going, I have decided to use "modern tools" to help if I am still cold after an hour of natural warm-up. Last night was the first night I did this and I was SOOOOOOOOOO relieved. I ended up wrapping myself in an electric blanket after thawing for an hour. Even with the blanket, I didn't fully warm up until 3:00am! I'm going to try and track this and hope it gets better.
  3. David

    David Silver

    Cold-Adapted? Doubtful

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Showers and body icing

    Duration? shower 30 minutes daily; icing 45 minutes last five days

    Temperature? shower measures 63 Degrees F

    When do you CT? shower 9-10 AM, icing evenings (7pm-8pm)

    How long have you been doing CT? 3 weeks (started with face dunks)

  4. HI Different Story! Congrats on being able to get right in...OMG, I still have a hard time. AND YAY on the weight loss!! I did things differently last night as well and did my CT earlier. I really had to talk myself into 40 minutes at 55-60. I was so cold and at the end I started to shiver, which hasn't really happened before. Afterward I was shivering so hard that I was thinking I must be getting a great ab workout! LOL But here is my confusion...do you want to shiver and stay cold after CT? I guess I don't understand if the benefit of CT is just the time in the tub or the time after the tub? I, too, want to warm up asap. So, last night I bared through being super cold (mostly because my house is only about 55 degrees) for IDK, an hour or more and then went to bed under blankets with the room at 66 degrees. In the middle of the night I woke up hot. So, I am wondering if it is less-optimal to help yourself warm up?

    Also, I want to caution you about sleeping with an electric blanket. I did so for YEARS and after reading Dr K's CT7 blog, I realized that I was really messing with the whole hormonal processing that happens at night. I also realized that the blanket has probably been causing me to become more sensitive to cold. I asked Dr K about it, saying "the electric blanket hasn't really been helping me" and he responded "no, it actually has been hurting you." SO, I have taken it off my bed for good!
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  5. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Cold-Adapted? I don't think so but man I want to be so bad cuz I can't stand the cold.

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Baths -Croak method but I don't do the hot, just slowly fill, might have to try your method, fill first.

    Duration? Just worked up to 45 min (up to ribs only) 30 min (upper body too)

    Temperature? 50 degrees -well water

    When do you CT? Was doing morning but since I need more than 30 min I am doing them at night right after I eat.

    How long have you been doing CT? This is my fifth week

    Pounds lost? One

    I am also drinking more cold water, dropping the temp in vehicle and wearing lighter clothes to work.

    I have adrenal fatigue (OAT), Candida and hormone issues to fix. Here's to hoping that this is the magic pill along with LRx!!!

    Nice thread by the way. Thanks for starting it.
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  6. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Cold-Adapted? getting there - I am warming up more easily every time I do CT

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Baths

    Duration? 45 minutes every day

    Temperature? Straight out of tap, probably around 48-50 (haven't measured recently)

    When do you CT? Varies, sometimes mid-afternoon, other times after dinner

    How long have you been doing CT? 21 days of baths, a week of face dunks beforehand

    I started with neoprene booties but traded those for wool socks a few days ago with no problems. Putting my arms in tends to make me cold but I want to get to as much full immersion as I can, especially on the upper back where I hear there should be BAT. Yesterday I took a cool shower first, then filled the tub with cold water and I lay back in it and let it get to full depth. I shivered intermittently throughout but never shook too badly. Also yesterday I ditched the compression wear and noticed my body got a bit pinker than usual. I am also wearing wool socks on my hands to keep them warmer and am not yet putting them in the water.
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  7. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    I am very pleased with my CT today:

    Cold-adapted: no

    Baths:15-25 minutes, 4 total so far

    Temp 50-53f San Francisco (Hetch Hetchy) tap water.

    I'm pleased because I had completely talked myself out of doing it, because I didn't wanna.. but I tricked myself by just filling the tub anyway and then thought well I will just do 5 minutes to give me a head start on tonite where I will really do it. Ended up doing 20 minutes of which the majority was full torso coverage. The legs are easy now, I could have done them indefinitely I feel, but had some work pressure so I hopped out. Shivered the whole time, shivered for about an hour afterwards. Had a rare opportunity to drive for 15 minutes in the morning after that so I cranked the a/c... Felt colder than the bath! For those air adapters I would suggest fast moving air. My arms and legs both turned red in response. And the 53f rainy day that greeted me felt warm....

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  8. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    I've been wondering about all of this too. Wish we could get some more guidance from Dr. K. I'd like to know that I'm not doing anything that is inadvertently decreasing the benefit I'm trying to obtain here . . . certainly don't want to freeze my tushy for nothing ;)
  9. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Good question! I *assumed* it was when you felt comfortable in the water. But with my 6+ heat up maybe I'm not really. That actually does make sense to me (that I am not really cold adapted that it). I had a hard time getting through the CT blogs, hopefully someone who is more versed in the them can tell me. :)
  10. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    BJK77, do you live on my street? I live on Edison (just kidding; that's not really my street). We sound so similar!

    I started plopping in too because of the "inch creep". It's very aggrevating. :)

    My bath also takes a ridiculously long time to fill up. The previous owners in our house put in this lubriciously big tub. It takes up so much of our bathroom. The previous homeowner actually bragged about it when we were shopping for a house. It has these 3 "bucket seats" that conform to your body so 3 (THREE!) people could sit comfortably in it and your back is fully supported (really comfy!). One day after I "get skinny", I'm going to tell the previous owner how thankful I am for the tub! HA! We still see them every once in awhile. When we first moved in, I told DH that the tub was the first thing I wanted to rip out. It's just so big and we rarely take baths. So glad I didn't!!! :)
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  11. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    LOL - I do that too - trick myself into it sometimes. After 10 years of doing this though my body seems to know that I'm playing games and still resists. :)
  12. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I'm interesting into graduating to wool socks like you, but it sounds odd? Don't they just get soaked and have little benefit? Or is it because they are made of wool? Is it really wool? Or just cotton?
  13. Cold-Adapted? Yes

    CT Baths or Icing or Both? Cold showers only so far

    Duration? 20-45 minutes. I measure my time listening to Adele 21! Her songs are about 4 minutes long :eek:)

    Temperature? 53-55 Degrees (cold water out of the tap measured by IR sensor)

    When do you CT? A few times have been in the morning, but not right away, usually on the weekends, mostly in the late afternoon, early evenings a few hours before sleep.

    How long have you been doing CT? 44 days (missed only one day), with about ten of those days doing double duty.

    I have done three N=1 experiments. All three were exercise related to understand the affects of CT on recovery (soreness, stiffness, etc.).

    The first experiment was two weeks after starting the cold showers. I did 220 air squats in the shower in sets of 20 reps. I haven't done squats in months, and I am a 58 year old, relatively healthy male. I should have felt some significant soreness or stiffness over the next couple of days. I also have some very mild and chronic lower back pain which is easily aggravated by doing squats and also manifests in the back of my knee when the back injury is aggravated. The results of the experiment were that I suffered ZERO soreness or stiffness, and the lower back pain was gone with no manifestation of that pain in the back of my knee.

    The second experiment occurred about 4 weeks into the CT. I did 200 thrusters in sets of 20 with a 25lb slam ball as the weight. Same result as the first experiment. No soreness or stiffness, back pain is still gone (hopefully for good).

    The third experiment occurred at the end of week 5. I donned a 32lb weight vest, grabbed a 35lb kettlebell and walked for twenty minutes (not quite two miles), then got into the shower with the kettlebell and did a twenty minute workout doing squats and cleans with the kettlebell. Same result, no soreness or stiffness, back feels great, no knee pain. UNBELIEVABLE!!

    I am convinced! There is something to this CT. My next experiment will occur in one month. I plan to see if my real strength has increased. I plan on testing my 1RM deadlift and will post results subsequently. The most I can recall ever deadlifting was 270lbs, but really never was into lifting heavy weights. So, we shall see if CT can push me well over the 300lb mark.

    My starting weight on day one of CT was 185lbs (I am 5'10"), I have lost 7 lbs, and have visually muscled up a bit--I have only worked out the three times that I have experimented. I have lost at least one inch around the waist. Fortunately, I have not experienced any detox as others have reported. However, I will admit, the first two weeks of CT were a bitter pill. Now, it is a piece of cake! Plan to move from cold showers to colder and longer baths in two months. I am very entertained by Dr. Kruse's suggestion that by steepening the CT gradient other positive benefits accrue to using CT. I am also eating a pretty clean Paleo diet, but not pure, and marginal KETO but moving more and more to more seafood and a strict Keto-Paleo diet.
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  14. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Hi, Jennifer!! Yeah, actually I got the electric blanket idea from some of your posts. HA! (I saw the warnings and everything!!) I was thinking, "Hmmm, we have an electric blanket somewhere in our house." And that night when I am so freaking cold, my mind went immediately to that. HA! My cravings have gone from carbs to now electric blankets!

    Everyday I tell myself, "Tonight I'm gonna be strong!" But then I just get so freaking cold. Grrr. I think you're right though. *sigh* I probably shouldn't be applying continuous heat to myself all night. It feels soooooooo good though! :)

    But I have to do SOMETHING though or else I am worried I am gonna give up. Maybe I'll switch to the oven. If I turn it on and stand in front of it, I can maybe just accelerate my heat up just a little (after waiting an hour of course). I did this on Sunday because I couldn't stand it and it took maybe 20 minutes to warm up. Maybe I will just focus on getting those minutes down more and more.

    Oh and, sad to admit, I get out of the bath and I feel fine for maybe 2 minutes. I dry off, put my (flannel) pajamas on, crawl into bed and shiver uncontrollably for 6 hours. So I go straight from bath to blankets pretty much. I will even do jumping jacks if I can't stand it. So even with all those blankets and pajamas, I am still FREEZING (in caps). I don't want to give up, so I am going to have to "aid" myself somewhat at least for awhile. I'm hoping with weight loss and strength, 6 months from now I'll warm up like everyone else??

    I freely admit that I am cutting my performance though. It's a balancing act for me. I envy you if you can stand it! :)
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  15. I thought Doc said one time that he gets into a warm robe after - so I took that to mean once our skin is past the 55 degree mark, then benefit over.

    I'd love to know if it's different. However when I've been cold-feeling-inside my body for hours, putting something warm on the outside doesn't seem to help anyways.
  16. agatha

    agatha New Member

    This is an interesting thread - thanks Differentstory.

    Cold adapted - getting there - can get in the bath with no problem at 54 degrees and don't shiver anymore but take hours to warm up again. I've been doing it for nearly 4 weeks.

    I do a 20 minute bath about 4-5 times a week plus cold walks, 2 sea swims and spot icing plus keep as cool as possible at other times.

    I do the baths at bedtime but I might pull them to mid evening as it's hard to warm up afterwards when i go straight to bed.

    I'd like to know whether it's more important to increase the time in the bath or to reduce the temperature. 20 minutes feels like as much as I can manage at the moment (detox symptoms have been horrid) but I am wondering how to progress when I feel ready. Does anyone know - I don't recall having seen it on Dr K's advice.

    I also am interested in the progression from neoprene to wool socks - does it really work with wool?

    I'm completely with you BJK77 about just drop in a full bath and get it over with - the shock only last s a few seconds and is getting easier.
  17. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    W-O-W. What a GREAT post. Just have to tell you Randychaps that story was enough motivation for me to last a whole month. It also made me pretty emotional! :) Please be sure to report back. I think out of all the posters, you have had the longest run.

    I have been having this feeling in my gut that we are making history. In 12 months are there going to thousands of people on these forums wanting to do what we're doing?!!?
  18. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    ME TOO! ME TOO! Even with all of those blankets, I am cold *inside* Last night I asked DH to come and cover me up better (I was curled up in a ball) and, as he was straightening the 5 blankets out (no joke), he said "How are you not sweating?! It is like a sauna under those blankets!!" But I was still freezing cold and felt that way until 3:00am.

    P.S. I was secretly thinking of you when I was thinking of posters that were well-versed. HA!
  19. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I would like to know this as well. I would think it's all about time. I started experimenting at 80. Then 65. From 65 down, after 3 days, I can't really seem to tell the difference in temperature. I started to really feel differently, though, the longer I stayed in. I read Ray Cronise's blog too and he mentions that even at 80 degrees (which is the temperature of most indoor pools), you will see benefits.

    I just got this about a week ago:


    And I love it. I was checking it often, but now it just seems to hover anywhere from 53-58 degrees and I can't even tell a difference. I probably will use it a lot more as I try to battle the water temp down to 50.

  20. Thanks, Differentstory! The Doc has said that CT increases production of Growth Hormone and Testosterone at the same time that it is senisitizing the GH and T receptors. He said that CT was more effective than shooting up with anabolic steroids (which I have never done). Shooting up, from what I understand, lets you recover more quickly so you can work out harder and/or longer. Well, the Doc is dead on with respect to CT being a very effective way to recover.

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