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How to make an ULF antenna from a tree.

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by CindyB, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. CindyB

    CindyB Guest

    Just came across this very interesting copy of an article from Nature magazine (1978):


    The graphic showing the time series of measurements taken from the tree simultaneous with traditional "20,000 turn steel-cored solenoids" ULF antennas at Stanford University is a very convincing piece of evidence for using a tree antenna. The paper includes instructions on making the antenna.

    Watch out "Tree of Heaven" in my yard!

    Other interesting snippets from the above paper:

    "Finally, although it is not clear at present what effect induced ULF electric fields may have on the growth and other vital processes in a tree, the link between these ULF electric fields and geomagnetic field fluctuations suggests that some environment-related changes in trees could also be influenced by changes in geomagnetic activity. These changes may have a natural origin (for example, the changes that occur during a solar cycle) or they may be caused by a variety of human activities (by modern d.c.-powered mass transit systems, which can produce large amplitude ULF electromagnetic fields)."

    "Presman (12) noted that electromagnetic fields usually have an adverse effect on living processes."

    Where (12) is: Presman, A. S. Electromagnetic Fields and Life (transl. Sinclair, F. L., ed. Brown, F. A. Fr) 155 (Plenum, New York, 1970)
  2. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Watch the complete sets from Dan A Davidson, do not remember where he talk about trees but a nice watch anyway... Can get a little goofy.


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