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How to keep weight on...

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Dickran, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Dickran

    Dickran Silver

    Hello Dr. Kruse,

    Hope this contact finds you well...

    Black Swan Profile:
    1. About: 71 year old, 6’0” x 164 lbs., living in Long Beach, CA, optimizing health
    Black Swan for 1.5 years, strong libido, charging after life!

    2. Diet: sea food mostly, grass fed pork & beef, eggs, hard cheese, nuts, sweet pots,
    veggies, red wine, dark chocolate, fluoride free water, DDW before
    bed time. Breakfast & lunch main feast meals.

    3. Skin in the Game: morning sun UA 0-1 x 20-30 minutes 3-4 x week; day sun
    UA 7-9 x 30-50 minutes 4-5 x week; sunset 10-20 minutes
    x 2-4 x week spring to end of summer.

    4. Environment: minimize nnEMF with WiFi off when sleeping; blue light blockers
    with computer during the day; night time blue light blockers with
    only incandescent lights or candles at night; red light in bedroom;
    cell phone used only in speaker mode and 24” away while sleeping
    with WiFi & Bluetooth off.

    5. Other: Epi-paleo diet per Epi-paleo Rx; osteoporosis decline stopped with next
    Dexa 11/2019; exercise regularly; sleep well; D3 = 65 ng/mL; testosterone gel
    to keep T level 800 – 900 ng/dL; Silver Club & Patreon member.

    Question 1: I have a craving from my brown rice that I’ve stopped eating; why can’t
    I have it and what’s going on?

    Question 2: Having trouble keeping my weight up. Like to be 168 -170 lbs. I eat
    a lot, however hover at 163-164 lbs. My environment is good. Your thoughts?

    Question 3: What practical things a Black Swan can do to protect from 5G in my home
    since I cannot move?

    Best Regards,

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