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How to Find the best EMF engineer? Sleeping Canopy with Magnetico Sleeping Pad?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by JPrime, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. JPrime

    JPrime New Member

    Hi guys,

    I heard in one of Jack's podcasts you should hire a emf engineer that is certified. What certification am I looking for exactly?

    I live 10 miles from a smaller airport, and near US Army Reserves, Army National Guard, Air Force Recruiting Office etc. Within a 4 mile radius there are 64 towers and 312 antennas.

    Apparently living that close to an airport is like being exposed to 5g? Would it not be wise to invest in a sleeping canopy and magnetico sleeping pad?

    Also I'm considering purchasing this tri meter. Is it worth the investment? https://www.emf-detector.org/emf-detector-1/
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mitch and Matt Maruca just moved into a new Airbnb in Canggu Bali (pronounced Changu). Here is what they found in their own words:
    "We decided to get out our meters to test the area for harmful radio and microwave frequencies in our sleep spaces.
    Downstairs was all right for being in a fairly population dense area, but when we got upstairs, the readings were pretty terrible.
    I wasn't surprised because we are in an area with lots of people, but it is interesting that my suspicion came true. The upstairs bedrooms were in the direct line of sight of a cell mast, beaming us with radio frequencies that have been shown to cause cancer and all other sorts of mitochondrial diseases by disrupting mitochondrial function.
    People who claim that we should get our tinfoil hats out and that non-ionizing radiation could possibly harm health, and that it's a big conspiracy theory are sadly misinformed, and generally not worth wasting time trying to convince.
    Try asking them if they know about Dr. Andrew Marino, the first scientist to research the health effect of external low-level electromagnetic fields on biology, and what he found. Ask them if they can tell you about why their lab was shut down by the veterans administration for the public controversy as they were entering into, or the studies that he and Dr. Robert O. Becker were engaged in for the Navy, and why they were shut down and declassified when all the scientists found that there were strong negative effects of radio and microwave frequencies.
    Or maybe try asking them about Dr. George Carlo, former head researcher for the cellular telecommunications industry lobby association, hired by chairman Tom Wheeler to study the health effects of cell phones after being sued for causing brain cancer, who was then probably discredited for speaking out and even had his house burned down.
    Most importantly though, don't waste your time on anyone who isn't open-minded to considering a scientific discussion.
    They will get what they allow.
    Focus on yourself and do what you can to protect yourself."
    Meters used for this mitohack:
    Corner ED88T
    Mito Meter
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  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold


    I actually was just going to do a quick reply to this thread about a recommendation for the esi 24 emf detector but decided to follow an intuition and share some videos of me using this meter that I never intended to share. And while yes I would recommend this meter (https://www.emf-detector.org/emf-detector-1/) I would also recommend the Mito meter (https://mitohq.com) that Matt uses in his video. They are both extremely similar and I have heard the Mito is better made but have not tested it myself.

    While I am lacking in the science, I believe I can definitely give the dumbed down version of what 5G is doing to us with the help of this meter in these videos.

    Since the member event I have connected with a few members and I thought I would try and articulate if it’s even possible what I feel and what I shared at the member event Q & A so the videos posted will make more sense. I have the ability to feel energy. I grew up being very sensitive with mild illnesses and instinctive intuition. I could feel people’s energy and just assumed everyone could. As technology advanced so did my sensitivities, illnesses, and intuition- they all became so much more and because of that I became very sick. The breaking point was when my already nnEMF toxic environment became a 5G test area and my “sixth sense” of feeling energy (which everyone possesses) just exploded into full blown extreme EHS. I became extremely conductive- the 5G canary. I am the lighting before the thunder and I am warning of that “BOOM” that follows!

    Being EHS, besides the obvious of feeling almost all nnEMF’s I can also feel native EMF’s (pretty much anything that is vibrational energy.) It’s like having a wireless connection to everything and everyone (all energy is connected.) So for me even living even just for a short time in a 5G test environment was just too much for my brain, body and soul to absorb and I was literally going crazy. I started carrying an uncontrollable huge positive charge. At the Q &A I shared the stuff that hopefully most already know about nnEMF’s- smart meter, cars, Wi-Fi etc. but the most surprising to most was “people.”

    What? Did I just say people? Yes, I did and I am hoping this really awakens a lot of black swans here. I am going to attach two videos of myself holding this esi 24 meter after I talked on my cell phone for a couple minutes. It measures magnetic, electric, and radio and micro waves. I can feel when I use or you use devices- that they build a charge or leave what I like to call a “nnEMF footprint.” (There has to be a more accurate word- remember dumbed down version) I knew I had this “footprint” on me when I got off the phone and wanted to visually show my husband. I was having a hard time getting him to grasp that I can feel when he or others use devices and then sit or come near me. So I thought I would try our new meter- this was done on 7/9/18 (weather also always plays a factor and the humidity makes the signals so much worse.) In the past I was pegging the meters but never had a meter that tested all three, so I thought I would try it. In the first video I am holding the meter in the palm that I held my cell phone with for the call. When I realized I pegged all three fields on the meter I panicked and put the meter down, stopped recording and thought this was now a very bad idea. After my panic attack ended I did the meter again and I decided to roll it over my chest, and as crazy as it sounds felt some relief that I was only now pegging two of the fields on the meter. Now that I wasn’t pegging all three fields, I called for my husband to come look because I wanted to show my husband so he could visually understand. But what I wasn’t expecting when I played the video back- I was cognitively slow while calling to my husband- now that scared me! I know these videos aren’t done well but remember I was never intending to share them. But after meeting Jack I realized I probably need too. While I am the only one in my family that pegs the meters, I can definitely tell you I feel it on you. We just haven’t made that meter yet but for now I am that meter.

    Hopefully you are putting the puzzle pieces together here. When we are carrying what I like to call a “nnEMF footprint” we are now affecting one another in a very different way. Imagine me now sitting next to you, holding a baby, having a pet on my lap (which by the way the dogs instinctively will not sit on my lap), if I went to a doctor, did a MRI or even worse put myself in a faraday cage?

    We are all energy and are meant to connect with each other in order to evolve. I believe we’ve managed to somewhat survive this last century detached from Mother Nature because we were still able to feed off each other’s energy. Who isn’t naturally drawn to somebody who is healthy or with positive energy- there is always that one person who can magically change the energy in a room. But there is very few that have that energy now and people are drawn to that person in a virtual room now. Makes perfect sense why Jack is so adamant now about the Sun, because this is the only clean natural source of energy left at the moment. So now put the energy of a 5G environment, new technologies with negative, sick, mutating and crazy people, animals, plants etc. and it’s the perfect storm. So get as much sun as possible because the storm is coming.



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