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How to explain some 'correct' light basics?

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Martha Ray, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    When asked what is 'correct' intake of light?
    Is this a reasonable answer?

    " This is complex, detailed and you should and anyone else wondering this should learn this directly from Dr. Jack Kruse MD. The physics and the biology explained make the 'why' much more clear.
    As I understand a few of the basic 'correct' light intake basics are:

    -To watch every sunrise (rain, clouds, ie regardless of the weather) and then get as much of the next 2 hours of day light exposure that you can while grounding.

    -When you have a solar callus built up you can take in amounts of sun through out the day.

    -NEVER allow your skin to burn but do not use sunscreen or wear sunglasses.

    -You want to uncover the body parts that are normally covered up by clothes and cover the body parts that get a lot of exposure. Of course especially when getting any bight mid-day sun. Again, NEVER burn.
    -Watch daily sunsets as well. I usually go for a walk at sunset.

    -So it is about both natural light shinning on eyes and skin. This signals many functions within the human body.

    -AVOID blue light especially at night from LED's, Florescent lighting, regular light bulbs except RED, Computer, TV Screens and any device putting out artificial blue light. (including things like the fridge lights and night lights) Having Blue light shine on our eyes and skin signals the body that it is high noon and causes our circadian rhythm to malfunction causing a cascade of problems in the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.

    -Sleep in a totally dark room.

    -Red lights and Blue Blocking glasses can help but are not ideal.

    So much more than these elementary words... can explain. See https://jackkruse.com/

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