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How to Biohack Music

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by lohd2015, May 15, 2016.

  1. Debntx

    Debntx New Member

    you mentioned tuning fork - for some reason after listening to Eileen Mckusick (nourishing vermont 2017) I wanted to go out and buy a set - and start reading more -i think that is a rabbit hole not ready to deep dive until i get some other things right - I know light is important but now very intrigued with sound and how that fits in the scope of things along with light water magnetism - also bought a cd of solfeggio frequencies but i get so ... impatient listening to it - nature is best but i know certain tuning forks sound so beautiful and coherent - i think 528hz and 417hz have a beauty to them -
  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I'm going through a stage of appreciating silence more than music. My connection to All-That-Is is more powerful. The sound of birds, or the wind, or any sounds of nature do more for me than a taped piece of music. I love the silence before dawn, and the emerging sounds of nature as the light increases, and the pauses between notes. It is what it is .... With a recorded piece of music, it is what someone else has composed it to be, and how it is played, where and how it is recorded, etc but its someone else's idea of what is beautiful, and often it just doesn't resonate, its not a whole body experience, or I'm overthinking things like hz .... I was in a book store recently and came across a book by Don G Campbell, bought it based on the title. "The Roar of Silence. Healing Powers of Breath, Tone and Music." The concept of silence roaring is interesting. :) I'm hoping that having the confidence to just do things like toning, however crap it sounds, appreciating expressing sound myself, actually feeling it right through my body rather than it being an ear/brain exercise, might help me get more from music generally. I live in hope. :D
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  3. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Hello lohd2015,

    On post number 80 Dr jack kruse gave you something "picture"? Where is it? did you remove it?
    In post number 81 @caroline said: nice looking bunch of star fish!!!
    You only "liked"the post!!!

    Watch and listen and feel it or not it is your choice.

    Better start asking QUEST-IONS
  4. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    Peter Jesop, you definitely pay more attention than anyone else here. Instead of asking me those 'obvious' questions like 'did you remove it', has it occurred to you that the answers are actually available if you look DEEPER?

    So, my thoughts concur with yours. "BETTER START ASKING QUEST-IONS" :D

    But since you asked, the answer is No, I did not remove it. I have no administrative authority to remove something posted by another member. If you had spent 5 more minutes and explored the issue, like trying to delete a comment or photo not posted by you, you would not have found the answer yourself.

    I like what you are trying to do here. But to make your contributions more meaningful, you have to first stop wasting other people's valuable time.
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  5. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Do you have the picture from post 80? Because it is very important to us. You don't know how important. And as you see i am no moderator.
    Ok, if i start questions will you answer them?
    We need to know if you are on our side. Better raise the dopamine.
  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Not knowing I'll ask: Do you have a personal stake in that picture?

    The internet isn't quite as stable as we all imagine, family members(in a picture) could have asked it to be removed, or any number of things. The bottom line is that it just doesn't effect my redox. Does it effect your redox? I'm mainly focused on understanding how to boost my redox and lay out a plan for a few others.

    I'm not sure what your reference to "our side" is. Sounds pretty dramatic and nobody told me. Just my luck as usual. Without any cryptic video references I'd truly like to know in plain english what that means.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Peter you're treading on thin ice..........stick to the topic the picture is immaterial.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Back to sound:Sound healing or illness is a matter of environmental context and quantized dosing. How so you ask? Light collides with proteins in our cells to become electromechnanical waves like sound/phonons/solitons; and this means that sound is quantized in ways we cannot fathom yetin biology. We keep making observations in nature that sound can heal and hurt but we are not asking why its happening by studying it more carefully. Here is a paper that allows us to peek behind the curtain. The proof is found in heat Induced sound waves that drive turbulence in plasma. This is exactly how sunlight acts in blood plasma with RBC's platelets, and WBC to do ththings our mitochondria in cells need them to do. Life is a non equillibrium system and sunlight plasma keeps a cell far from any equillibrium by design to create a turbulence in our blood. Non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jets are a promising mode of treating a variety of afflictions. However, unpredictable turbulence in the plasma has hindered the consistent application of this therapy in the clinic. In a recent study, scientists have revealed the cause of turbulence in the plasma, paving the way for the consistent application of this approach in the clinic. http://www.sci-news.com/physics/heat-induced-sound-waves-turbulence-plasma-therapy-05214.html
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is "yesterday's post on sound:
    How can sound cause disease? Can sound alter free radical signaling using quantum effects? Yep and I've been warning people that the coming 5G network or the Tetrahertz networks used in capital in nations can do this. The US embassy in Cuba is very close to their major 5G tetra hertz network and Rex Tillerson just acts like he is unaware of the military's own use of this here in the USA and in the ocean to harm cetaceans and dophins. Wake up people. Sound or acoustic phonons are a wave form also known as a soliton in physics. Solitons have specific quantum abilities with respect to carrying information and energy to anf fro. In fact sound waves in mammals are stongly linked to estrogen levels in tissues which means they are deeply linked to magnetic flux by way of their mitochondria. Why? As melatonin drops in tissues from harmful sound waves estrogen levels climb, and this causes heteroplasmy to develop in that tissue. So let's dive in deep for this quantum lesson. Every cell with a mitochondria that uses oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor: Why? Oxygen is a paramagnetic and is drawn to magnetic fields naturally. The same is true of calcium and magnesium. The ATPase is the 5th cytochrome that has a spinning nano-rotatory motor that generates a magnetic field because it spins under the influence of both electric and magnetic fields. When light waves hit proteins they become electro-mechanical waves. Sound is such a potential wave. So can governments in capital use light waves to become acoustic phonons to cause problems that seem to perplex people in a embassy? You bet your ass they can. This was proven by the use of MEG over ten years ago in research but Tillerson and the government won't make this easy for you to understand because the same weapons are being unleashed on us every time a 5G antenna is installed on your street or the your child's school. The inner mitochondrial membrane has a 30 million volt charge which generates an orthogonal magnetic field itself. The electrons and protons affect the ATPase and its head spins. Anything that spins creates a magnetic field too.
    Humans are eutherian mammals and have an ancestral biologic heritage to grounding because our deep ancestros 65 million years ago were hibernators that live for 6 months without food or sunlight by using magnetic flux as their energy source. We us the inverse Hall spin effect to turn magnetic flux into a DC electric current. Both plants and animals use this physical mechanism to make energy via grounding. All animals and plants use the DC electric current to regenerate their cells in case you did not realize this. Becker talked about the Hall effect in the Electric Body, but what he described in Burr's plant data and in his salamander data was in fact the inverse Hall spin effect which has now been found to exist by modern physics.
    All cells have a Tensegrity system designed to sense solitons/acoustic phonons in cell membranes and in the exclusion zone of water. Physicists then found out several years ago at Ohio State University physics dept. that all acoustic phonons are controlled by magnetic fields. The heart creates massive amounts of acoustic phonons because it has the second most mitochondria of any tissue. Women have massive amounts of mitochondria and all humans get their mitochondria from our maternal lineage. So women will be less effected by this than men will. Guess who was more effected in CUBA? Men. The heart has a magnetic field that extends 22 feet from the chest as examined by MEG data. This links the control of heart sounds to its mitochondrial density. Heart Rate Variability data has used this magnetic flux data for a quite sometime. When this process is on going you should also expect rises in blood glucose and up regualtion of AMPk and elevated triglycerides in the blood.
    Magnetic fields have massive effects on free radicals because of their unpaired electrons. Everyone who is not brain dead knows that all mitochondria are built to make specific free radicals that couple to light frequencies of the cytochrome proteins and the geometry change of the respiratory proteins. That is the focus on my newly published Time 19 blog. Have a read of that blog. It is obvious why this is happening. Our allies and enemies are weaponizing nnEMF because no one can see it. But our mitochondria can sense it. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/08/sonic-attacks/537714/
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  11. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Do you have a personal stake in that picture? Yes for me a big one.
    Does it effect your redox? It is a door for a connection.
    I'm not sure what your reference to "our side" is. >>>Left side? ;) Sounds pretty dramatic and nobody told me.(yes it is Go Hard or Go Home) Just my luck as usual. Is it luck? or randomness?
  12. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Sorry, Dr Jack Kruse
    But IMHO whe have to step up and be all in.
    If whe have the same goal?
  13. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    I am King arthur, listen watch and feel what i am trying to share:

    Two edged sword? What if both sides have the same result? The thruth?
  14. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

  15. Jake Tassell

    Jake Tassell New Member

    An 'active' relationship with music produces far different results to a 'passive' one. Having been a hardcore Northern Soul dancer for a large part of my young-ish life, no matter how many different views of Worthing I've been offered by music theorists, music therapists, solfeggio enthusiasts, fibonacci freaks, sonic-types-of-one-sort-or-another, and no matter how hard I've tried to engage, accommodate and communicate with regard to these matters, I very rarely escape the perspective that I'm dealing with landlubbers/unmarried-marriage-guidance-counsellors. LOL.

    OK-ish Northern Soul documentary....

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  16. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

    What if I do?
    Who is 'us'?
    You can ask away, until you are censored.
    Why is it important?

    There are ultimately no sides, Jesop. Only truth. My dopamine is high enough. I need more serotonin. LOL.

    Yes, I read everything. Surprised? And I even go read some more elsewhere.........even more surprised?

    Then it wouldn't be a double edged sword. LOL.

    Here's a present for you.

    or if you prefer the predigested version:
  17. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Lolhahaaaaa.. for some reason that was too funny.
  18. becca

    becca Silver

    it would interesting to discover when some of your favorite composers were inspired (or compelled) to write this music...some of them wrote this music during the last solar minimum, which created a mini ice age...perhaps the cold environs provided a nested knowing, a going within, with a "verving" , a refreshment of their mitochondria, with the music being called out of them....Part of the Renaissance (1300-1700)and the beginning of exploring across the pond happened during the Maunder Minimum...it is exciting to me to see that our SunStar is beginning to become sleepy again, less sunspots, more cosmic rays showering us, perhaps providing nourishment towards more inspiration...and also volcanism and some earth quaking...our Earth may need a bit of "shake it off, shake it off!"
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  19. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I believe it does simply because of the amount of area on the tape to store data with analog recordings. Now we try and cram it into tiny mp3 files which I believe are just a fingerprint of the original. Just my opinion, not conclusive.`
  20. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Speaking of chills. My emotional response can be so strong that I start to cry because of music. Literally tears are Rolling like a waterfall. I dont know why it happens. Right Chord Progression, volume...Something. i would have this Feeling in my Teens when i was playing trumpet in a classical Orchestra. But IT still comes Up here and there

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