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How to access your doctor's knowledge of methylation:

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I second to that, Patty! It is bookmarked when my results arrive!
  2. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Okay,  analyzing my DNA is appealing to me from a nerd perspective.  But,  I wonder if something like the metametrix organix testing is a better way to approach to choosing the right foods and supplements for these methylation issues.  DNA analysis can maybe shed light on the hurdles to overcome,  but the organix testing shows the result of how one's diet (including supplements), dna, and lifestyle (including toxin load/exposure) are actually working together.  It's testing that could be repeated to see if one's chosen interventions are working for one's cells and then be able to tweak one's own protocol for maximum effectiveness....   it seems.

    Hmmm...  I would love to see someone who has done both the DNA analysis and Organix testing to see if the recommendations that come from both are similar. 

    Here's what the organix testing shows: http://www.metametrix.com/files/test-menu/interpretive-guides/Organix-IG.pdf

    Any thoughts?  Am I over simplifying this? 
  3. My opinion on the 23andme test is that it tells you much more than methylation issues. I learn new things monthly from the company about more research they have done and what that means to my DNA. With that said I am a little fascinated by the Organix test.  There seems to be a lot in there and would help with checking for success with treatments.  I'm curious to hear from folks who have had that testing done too!
  4. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I didn't have this test, but did have the Genova Diagnostics NutrEval FMV. What it showed was that my body was not utilizing B vitamins even though I was supplementing with a high potency B complex. Confirmation that I need the methyl Bs...currently taking Thorne Research Methyl-Guard. It also showed me I need more work on my gut (probiotics and pancreatic enzymes), bacterial dysbosis, fatty acid metabolism, and detoxification. Let's just say I have plenty of work left to do.

    Scheduling an appt in January with Tim Jackson after I complete the Metametrix GI Effects test. Will forward scans of all my recent testing (last six months), 23andme, and family history info to him for review. Hope to have a "plan" in place soon after to begin to help my body function more efficiently.

    I think every body is unique and testing helps pinpoint which direction to head in our quest for optimal.
  5. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver


    I was on the SpectraCell website today and saw an announcement for a webinar on the Clinical Applications of MTHFR Genomic Testing.

    It is scheduled for January 17, 2013, from 7-8 p.m. I have signed up for it...and hope it isn't too much over my head [​IMG]
  6. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I found out he's in my hometown of Charlotte. I should get my 23andme test any day now. In the meantime, I've been reading all I can about MTHFR and would also like a reference from you, Doc. I emailed him today and a nod from you would be some icing. Thanks!
  7. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hey riv, I just finished Dr Stewart's five-part youtube lecture and I'm starting to absorb some of this MTHR stuff. I'm so grateful to you for pointing it out to me some months back. I would like to know about the same questions you're asking here. Maybe soon we will!
  8. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Hey, if anyone happens to get to the link at the Spectracell site for the webinar please post it here - I can't find it. Thanks, fitness@home for the heads up.... I really look forward to hearing how your journey goes.

    Patty, Now.... at $99.... the 23andme is a no-brainer.

    Martin, I did that? Must have been my smarter alter-ego....
  9. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Here you go RiverNeighbor:


  10. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  12. Thor

    Thor Banned


    So far the only "main" stream Doctor to step forward into the public has been Dr Kendal Stewart, MD - I can only image what other Doctors think of him.  I'm sure at some point the Texas Medical Board will try to yank his License & put him out of business.  After more than 30 years of fighting - Texas medical board lost their lawsuit against Dr Burzynski.  I can only guess the millions in legal fees fighting it. 


    Epi-genetics should be taught and understood by anyone practicing medicine.   SNP's should be common knowledge. 
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For all of you who are interested in you FOLR SNPs (reduced folate) and GAD1, 2 mutations (glutamate/GABA issues) here you go. 
    Methylation defects and what they can be found with.

    FOLR3 rs7925545 +G/-A reduced folate carrier

    FOLR3 rs7926875 +C/-A reduced folate carrier

    FOLR3 rs7926987 +G/-C reduced folate carrier

    GAD1 rs11542313 +C/-T heroin addiction

    GAD1 rs12185692 +A/-C anxiety, depression, neuroticism

    GAD1 rs2058725 +C/-T heroin and alcohol dependence/ oral cleft

    GAD1 rs2241165 +C/-T panic disorder, neuoticism, bipolar disorder, heroin and alcohol dependence

    GAD1 rs3749034 +A/-G schizophrenia, panic disorder, oral clefts, heroin dependence

    GAD1 rs3762555 +C/-G panic disorder

    GAD1 rs3791850 +A/-G anxiety, depression, neuroticism, alcohol and heroin addiction

    GAD1 rs3791851 +C/-T anxiety, depression, neuroticism

    GAD1 rs3791878 +T/-G schizophrenia, post traumatic seizures, alcohol and heroin dependence

    GAD1 rs3828275 +T/-C post traumatic seizures, alcohol dependence

    GAD1 rs769390 +C/-A decreased GABA levels by GAD1 and COMT

    GAD1 rs769391 +A/-G post traumatic seizures

    GAD1 rs769407 +C/-G anxiety, depression, neuroticism, heroin dependence

    GAD2 rs1805398 +G/-T alcohol dependence

  14. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Looks like I am homozygous for one of the Folr3 genes and also I should consider staying away from alcohol and heroin!  I have been working on the glutamate/gaba balance. 

    From Yasko book:

    If glutamate is not converted to GABA, the elevated levels of glutamate can cause
    seizures and cell death, and elevated levels of glutamate also make even low doses of mercury more toxic.

    Decreased GABA levels also increase anxiety, something that many of the chil-
    dren, their parents, and even the practitioners working with them tend to experi-
    ence. Dealing with autism creates tremendous stress.
    Low GABA levels can also increase aggressive behavior, as well as decrease
    social behavior. Low GABA leads to decreased eye contact and difficulties in
    focusing. With some children, due to low levels of GABA, both eyes focus in-
    ward toward the nose, while other children may experience horizontal or verti-
    cal wavering of the eyes. Low GABA levels lead to decreased bowel function.
    It may seem counterintuitive that a calming neurotransmitter helps stimulate
    bowel activity, but GABA does indeed help the bowel to contract. In addition,
    GABA release may help to reduce the triggering of transient lower esophageal
    relaxations, decreasing gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). GABA is essential for
    proper intestinal motility.
  15. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    "Looks like I am homozygous for one of the Folr3 genes and also I should consider staying away from alcohol and heroin!  I have been working on the glutamate/gaba balance."

    I did my comparison yesterday and came up +/+ for one of the FOLR3 and two of the GAD2 genes.  Was +/- for three of the GAD1 genes. 

     Finally have my eldest daughter (a nurse) on board with getting a 23andme test done. The other two aren't interested yet. 

    Time to start a spreadsheet for my personal reference [​IMG] I appear to be turning into a geek where this subject is concerned.
  16. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    fitness@home,  Thanks for posting those links.  Hoping to check out both presentations.  

    Re: GABA....    we need a good Omega 3 level in the brain for this to really do us good,  right?  Or am I pulling that memory from my arse rather than my brain?
  17. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    For Christmas I gave a 23 and me test to my oldest daughter and my husband, they are both looking forward to their results....I found it very helpful and useful and I still am working through the raw data. Thanks Dr. Kruse for the new list of folate and Gaba snps.
  18. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Can't wait to look up those folate receptor genes...  

    So if one eats a lot of high folate containing foods and has either one of those polymorphisms and/or the folate receptor antibody what happens with that folate?
  19. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Just saw on MTHFR FB page that Sterling says there is an update to one of the Folate gene

    Update: FOLR3 rs7926875 +C/-A reduced folate carrier
    It should be +A/-C ~~Sterling
  20. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    I have the MTHFR gene mutation C677T, homozygous. My doc who did the testing prescribed Metanx. I went my own way because I didn't like Metanx with it's artificial colors and preservatives (like that's at all a good idea when you have methylation issues). I am using Pure Encapsulations for methylfolate and TMG, as well as active b6. I am injecting myself with methylcobalamin once per week. I recently got back a blood test and my b12 levels were very high but I think that may have been the day of the injection. Is it bad to be too high in b12?

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