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Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    WHY DOES THE ENVIRONMENT DICTATE HOW A MITOCHONDRIA ACTS? Do you think sound waves have no effect on water chemistry at a biophysical level? If not, you are no Black Swan. Nature chose water to be important for living things for this very reason. It breaks the symmetry you would expect. Sound waves or acoustic phonons are controlled by magnetic fields. Speakers that make sound emit both electric and magnetic fields. Things dissolved in water, like oxygen also respond to magnetic fields. Consider oxygen: Oxygen is paramagnetic. this means it is drawn to thinks that create a magnetic field. This is why oxygen heads toward mitochondria.

    The spinning FO head of the ATPase creates a magnetic field at the subatomic level. Inside a cell, water also has a magnetic dipole effect (negative and positive ends) because of the hydrogen and oxygen that make water up. Hydrogen is + charged, and the oxygen is - charged. This creates a bar magnet effect. These physical features are what helps water networks respond to electromagnetism and waves of light.

    The addition of deuterium to water changes the magnetic effects possible in water because deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that has a different magnetic moment than hydrogen does. This means water is not homogenous as you are lead to believe. If deuterium is subtracted out water becomes more magnetic and interacts with light in different ways. This will cause the water to react differently than if we used seawater with 155ppm of deuterium. Matter in all things, including water, fundamentally is just slowed light waves. When light slows down it becomes matter. because of Einstein's mass equivalence equation E=mc-squared, where 'C' is the speed of light. It’s all right there.

    Energy and frequency are the only predeterminants nature needs to change water's behavior in your cells.

    As the environments frequencies and power density changes so does the reaction of water in you. When you begin to realize how sunlight changes in different latitudes on Earth and in different cities because of 1G-5G footprints it should begin to make sense to you why you perform differently in differently in differing locations. Water is made at cytochrome 4 called CCO. What if that process is disrupted by the environment? Is the fidelity of the signal destroyed? Will the oscillation pattern of the inner mitochondrial membrane also change? Is this why we lose the ability to fat burn with the 100Hz oscillation needed for beta-oxidation in alien environments?

    If so......does this affect how much water is made and how that water reacts within the metabolic cycles of the cell? You bet your ass it does. This is how nnEMF is operating to make you ill way below your ability to perceive it. This video also shows you how music and sound can be used to affect your health.

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