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How long before the CT-mayhem ends?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Glamorama, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    It was recommended to me when diagnosed with estrogen dominance but I never got it. Is it really good to try?
  2. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I throw the entire icemaker full of ice in every time, but they melt right away. Our water is just WARM this time of year. I think I'm going to have to find some 1L and/or 1G containers and freeze them with water, something that will melt somewhat quickly, but put in a lot more volume than the icemaker.
  3. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    Ask the doc about Estrofactor Supplement. Rosemary is also good for liver-cleaning.

    My weight-distribution is typical for a person with ED and insulin-resistance (which I had before the reset). I have a belly, big boobs and bigger upper arms. Also decent hips/thighs. I know from my case, my liver wasn't able to clear all the estrogen that was released from fatty tissues because it was fatty. It became that way thanks to a diet high in sugar and carbs. As for my estrogen, I think thats partly genetics, and partly the food I ate growing up. My soy-loving tofu-eating decade of being a vegetarian surely didn't help either.
  4. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I put 6-7 big ice bricks in my bath. That helps as they don't melt straight away like cubes do.
  5. Coriander

    Coriander Silver

    I dump a 5kg bag of ice in the bath and get in with the cold tap running. By the time the water covers my legs it's 9C, and all the ice melts by the time the bath is full. Then it's about 14-15C.
  6. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    I wonder about this too. If I'm combining CT with the addition of new BHRT how do I know which one is working? I would think we should be monitoring it very closely with testing to check for any significant changes as it sounds like CT can really do a lot very quickly in some people, but not all of us can afford to test as often as Dr. K did.
  7. I don't have any major symptoms yet but I am realizing that I have a lot of warm adapting to un-do. I have lived most of my life in snowy cold climate but from the ages of 11-14 we lived in Alabama. Whenever anyone asks me if I ski or if I like the snow, I always tell them that living in Alabama for three years ruined me for the cold. Little did I know how true that is. I also am very frugal (I work for a non-profit and have to be) and keep my heat very low (55-60) but to make up for it, I bundle up and have used an electric blanket at night for years. I noticed that every year, I turn the blanket up higher and higher and always thought they kept “wearing out.” My parents were visiting and I let them use the blanket and my mom told me it was very warm, which I thought was weird because it seemed to barely heat up for me. Well, after reading CT 7, I realized that the electric blanket has NOT been good at all…all these years trying to get warm, I have in effect made myself colder! It seems like lately I keep finding out I’ve been doing everything backward – cutting out fat to lose weight, using heat to stay warm when I needed to eat fat to lose weight and get cold to be warm!

    So, I keep going with spot CT in the morning and cold baths at night. Last night I could feel the cold coming off my skin and hitting my clothing and was so chilly even though the air in my room is warm. I just can’t wait until I start radiating heat (this summer I’ll probably eat those words-LOL).
  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Ok... so I thought I wasnt cold adapted yet...but I just might be IDK... yesterday afternoon I was playing w/the kids... and my dd kept yelling at me - mommy stop hugging me - your tooo Hot!!! then last night when I went to bed - I went to bed in my usual night clothes... woke up at 1am miserably HOT!... had to change into cotton panties and a tank top... didn't use covers all night

    fwiw... I've slowly been making bath time for the kids cold water.... start 'em early!!!
  9. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    Forgive me if I've missed this, but feeling hot all the time and hotter to everyone else is a sign of being cold adapted? I've seen that several people are experiencing this now. All I can think of is when I was on BC pills a couple of years ago and perimenopausal - I was hotter than everyone all the time and didn't even know what cold adapted was. But this being hot is one of the signs (provided a person is doing CT of course)?
  10. KetoWarrior

    KetoWarrior New Member

    It's just a guess, but what I think is happening is we are producing more heat in response to alpha-andrenergic stimulation (adrenaline) as our BAT and BRITE are coming on-line. At work the other day after dealing with a tense situation I noticed I got so hot that I wanted to stick my head in a freezer. It wasn't like I was sweating-hot either. It was different. Rather it felt like I was cooking in the hot sun even though I was indoors in 72 degrees F. I'm a male and at 39 slightly too young for andropause.
  11. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    Thanks for this info and your perspective on it. I'm looking forward to cold adaptation, but not looking forward to the 99+ degrees temps and 100 percent humidity prone to this area starting in about 2 months.
  12. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I do take DIM. Testing I did in December showed I have low levels of estrogens (E1, E2, E3) but high levels of 4-hydroxyestrone which means I am converting too much E1. I am also taking methylation products because of poor conversion of 4-hydroxestrone to a less harmful metabolite. I am still having hot flashes but when I checked with the doc, was told it could take 6 months for things to stabilize.
  13. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    How much DIM are you taking? I've just purchased some and the instructions indicate 1 to 4 tablets daily with no other guidelines. Was curious what dosage others are using.
  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    you're on your way...you're also probably starting to see some LS signs as well....
  15. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Sounds like me. I never had a belly before the babies, but I do know, and big boobs and I have fat on my arms and hips and thighs. I am only about 8-10 lbs overweight. Interesting. I was never a vegetarian, but yeah, that wouldn't help at all. We've banned soy for the last 10 years, but did go through some tofu and soy milk experimentation before we knew better.
  16. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    How do you make the ice bricks? Do you have a special mold?
  17. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    I still have hives on my tummy. I took a cold bath last night for 25 minutes but not fully submerged so my belly was not in the cold water at all and it was only 59 degrees. It was so easy compared to 53 degrees and more submerged. Should I keep going or take it even slower because of the hives not being gone? I tend to push through things too fast sometimes because I can take the pain (after going through childbirth, hives are nothing).
  18. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Doc recommended I take 150 mg twice per day. YMMV of course. I take it (and almost all supplements) in the AM just in case they have any energizing effect that might worsen my sleep. Only exceptions are B complex, progesterone & magnesium at bedtime.
  19. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Just came on this thread to post my experience today and I see you guys are already talking about it! We are just wanting to turn our air conditioner on, but something is wrong with it, so DH turned on several fans in the house and I have been DYING! This morning was the worst. He was leaving and he said "Oh do you want me to turn the fan off?" And I was like "HECK NO, I am boiling!! Aren't you??" And he looked at me crazy and said "No, I'm fine." Then I checked the thermometer and it was 73!!!! Normally, I would be cool at 73 but today I was sweating! Not looking forward to summer with being cold-adapted.
  20. Lexi

    Lexi New Member

    someone somewhere said they started gaining on progesterone.... i thought prog. was supposed to keep estrogen in check and estrogen is the stuff making us fat.... confused.... and i just started on prog so would really like to know. thanks.

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