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How long before the CT-mayhem ends?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Glamorama, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Actually - now that you ask - I got hives on my tummy [ not painful or itchy at all] I was in an ice bath. I don't know how cold because I don't have a thermometer - but I have never got hives from spot icing. I usually do icepacks over a compression shirt for 1 hour and then on my skin for 1 hour. Does anyone think that the compression shirts will help a lot to move everything out faster? I am thinking of getting a tank style and just wearing it all day. Apparently when you have liposuction you have to wear compression garments after. I know it is for the swelling but maybe it helps move everything along? I think Dr. K. briefly mentioned something like that when he said he was wearing quite a tight one. I would give anything to have all this blubber gone!!!
  2. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I tepid to you in my success story on page 4 I think?

    I did 3 baths in a row and by the 3rd time I knew I was cold adapted. It felt that different. Then I got my TOM so now waiting for that to pass so I can bath again. Doing spot-CT for now.
  3. Riversedge

    Riversedge New Member

    Well, the weaher tomorrow will be 80 degrees here in Boston 85 Thursday. The water is at 45. I have been doing showers in the 40's so do I dare hit the beach and better yet get in the water?

    Stay Frosty Friends
  4. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I would totally go to the ocean, how cool is that as an option?! Much better than chlorine-y, dead tap water!

    GLam, once again you fast-tracked a hack. 3 baths and you're adapted! BTW, I don't know if this is an individual difference or what, but I've always noticed little or no bleeding when in water during TOTM. Maybe it's a less-gravity + water pressure thing, IDK, but I had no trouble in the bath, even on the heavy days.
  5. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    doing the CT baths actually helped me deal w/the horrible cramps I had this TOTM....
  6. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    That sounds pretty good. Craving CT seems beyond my comprehension even though I've been doing it for a few weeks. I am having problems. Hives are back as of last night on my tummy and that's from very little time with a gel ice pack on my tummy and two layers of clothes between it. I just don't understand why I would have so many problems. I've been paleo/keto for 2 years, actually a little per 2 years, and WAP-style of eating for 7-8 years before that. I've taking krill oil, cod liver oil, fish oil for years and years. I eat salmon every week and grass-fed beef, those are my main go-to foods, eggs, coconut oil, butter, raw cacao, drink tea. I was told I had some estrogen dominance. I see you write excess estrogen. Is that what you mean?

    Are you doing the Leptin reset at the same time? What do you eat? Just trying to get a handle on your success with CT and how I can be successful, too. Thanks.
  7. JoanneA

    JoanneA New Member

    Had my first CT bath last night, only about 10 mins, it was not as bad as the shower.......... Next day after CT i feel less moody....... Only been 4 days, i really hope i can escape CT Mayhem..... Im a pmdd sufferer as is, i prob get only 1-2 good weeks out of a month, im hoping to reverse that.
  8. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I am so glad I am not the only one who craves the CB! I had a crazy morning with taking a car into be repaired, getting kids to school and trying to get to work on time but I took an extra fast cold shower and then got in the cold tub for at least 15 minutes. I just have a better day when I do a CB. I had to travel for a couple of weekend earlier this month and really missed them. We leave for Mexico on Sunday for a week and I am sure the tap water at the hotel will very warm and the ocean and pool will be warm. I hope I don't lose all my cold adaptation during the week. I do plan on getting my Vit D levels up while on the beach though! :cool:
  9. quelsen

    quelsen New Member

    Well then you must roll out the stats. has a month passed so quick, what are your achievements?
  10. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Thank to you guys, I have had some success the past two days! I did the "croak soak" the past two nights with good luck.

    I started out 3 weeks ago getting in to a full bathtub of water. Big mistake. I would completely freeze and the water was only 82. Did that twice and was completely miserable both times.

    Then switched to icing which was okay, but a bit of a PITA.

    Then two nights ago, I filled the bath with an inch of water. The temp was probably 85. Then I got in and turned on only the cold water. I was sitting up with my legs crossed (indian-style. . . or is it native-american-style these days??). I put in only about 6 inches of water. Enough to cover my full legs when straightening them out in front of me. The water was 72 degrees this way. Yay! Not miserable in the least.

    Last night, I went further. Knocked the temp down 10 degrees and increased the water level 4-6 inches so now the water is up to the middle of my stomach. Again, not miserable. Although, I should say that I am not able to move because if the water splashes on my upper-body, I am then freezing cold with goosebumps! HA!

    I also make sure I have a very compelling book in hand that keeps my attention.

    My goal is to keep increasing the water line until I get my stomach covered. Once I can do that successfully and feel comfortable, I'm going to go for total submersion. That's my plan today anyways!

    For those of you who are having success, how much of your body do you submerge in the water?

    I am struggling getting my shoulders in the water. I get so cold when I do that.

    Last thing, I am finding that I sleep much more when I am CT'ing (not good). I am like clockwork. I sleep almost exactly 9 hours a night (although I wish I slept 6-7 hours!). The past two nights, though, I am sleeping 10-11 hours a night.

    So happy this thread is here! It makes me feel better!

    Final warning: on Friday night, I was icing and got frostbite on my abdomen. I was using ziploc gallon-size freezer bags filled with water that had been frozen. I was having success on my stomach, but the bag slipped down to my abdomen and I didn't notice. It did burn for a few minutes and I thought I adjusted it because the pain stopped. Really, I think I just went numb. 10-15 later, I removed the bag and felt my abdomen/stomach. I had this 2"x4" patch that felt like a piece of paper that someone had poured glue over and it dried. I had no sensation there either. It was the weirdest thing and totally made me FREAK OUT. Good news is that feeling came back within 60 seconds . Today, 5 days later, this area is red, stings a bit, and is itchy. That's it. It did make me give up icing though!

    Now, looking back, I realize I was doing icing hoping it would make my transition to the bath easier. I have found, though, that the method I am doing now (with the baths) has been the easiest out of anything (cold showers - horrendous!, icing, face dunks).
  11. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    What is the surface temperature of the ice pack? I'm wondering if it is too cold? I was using a freezer bag full of water (mixed with alcohol) and it was far colder than the 55-degree CT bath. My guess is you are going too cold too fast?
  12. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    DO IT!! You might draw a gawking crowd! :)
  13. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    You are my hero!!!
  14. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Sounds like cold urticaria (hives), which is what has been happening with me but only with ice and not with cold showers or baths. I am not fully submerged in the cold water, my tub is too shallow, I have to keep moving to make sure I have enough water on me and no my shoulders are not in and my arms are holding the book (just started a new book and it's not compelling enough to hold my attention)...tap water is about 55 degrees now and I would like to get it colder but scared of using ice. I agree the cold baths are easiest for me, too, but not pleasant at all.

    I have a new area on my tummy of red, sore hives from a gel pack I tried for maybe 5 minutes, maybe 10, 2 days ago. Back to cold baths.
  15. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Yes, probably. I'm not sure what the temp is of the gel pack. The last time I got hives it was from ice cubes in a ziplock bag and I had ice cube hives...the outline of the cube on my skin. I guess the freezer bag mixed with water and alcohol won't be a good idea for me. I will stick to baths. I am in NY and I live near the beach and I"m wondering about going swimming. I love to swim and do it all summer and a little in the fall, too. I don't know the temp of the water but I might check it...it's gotta be much colder than 50 though right now. I am looking at some spring bathing, though, for sure. I love to swim and miss it normally, but it will be strange to be all alone in the water.
  16. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I'm close to not being able to get the water colder. Probably about 50 is going to be as low as I can go, so ice is definitely in my near future. For the ice, I say, don't be scared. Just start slow. And remember, you can get out any time you want. You get to make up all the rules!

    Love the idea of going out for a swim though! I am not a strong swimmer, so I would be too shy to go right now. Maybe about a few months of this?? (although then we'll be in the dead of summer!)
  17. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Okay, being new to ALLLLLL of this, this may be a stupid question, but I just have to ask. . .

    I consider this CT stuff to be a bit like running a marathon. We are making our bodies work HARD! And when I used to diet and exercise hard, my weight would completely stall because I was pushing myself into starvation mode. Does starvation mode apply when you're doing Paleo/Leptin Reset??? Could it be that we are not eating enough for such a rigorous workout??
  18. Evo Mama

    Evo Mama New Member

    Are you staying at a hotel? Maybe they'll have an ice machine. It might take some effort, but I bet you could get a CB together that way.
  19. Evo Mama

    Evo Mama New Member

    I think the answer to this question is in the CT blog series. I would suggest reading the series again. I just finished reading the series for a 2nd time, and I learned so much more. I'm sure I'll learn even more reading it a third time. I printed them out, and I now read the CT series while soaking in the cold tub.

    My take is that since we are working with an entirely different metabolic pathway, all bets are off regarding how we used to think about and experience weightloss and energy balance.
  20. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Thanks! I feel better now about going slow. Just came back from the beach and the water temp is the same as my tap water, just under 55 degrees. Yahoo!

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