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How I got to here

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Eliza, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Sorry Jack...avatar pic now up...this is Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, a magnificent place!

    Do you have any words of wisdom to help me on my way? Many thanks for all the blogging and advice you give. Medicine would be a far more ignorant place without you. I am only grateful that I have a veterinary type background, otherwise I'm sure some of the geek content would give me an even worse headache!
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Vets are often better than MD's with hormones. Animals can't talk. Dogs but specially cats often need lots of hormonal support.
    If your cat would got script for DHEA (or other hormones) would it cost as much as your script?

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2015
  3. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Not sure Jansz... good question though! I'm not technically a vet either, I'm in a closely related field.

    My Dr had some basic thyroid labs run again and I just got the results back...

    FT4: 17.4pmol/L (8.2 - 22.0)
    TSH: 2.7 mU/L (0.50 - 4.4)
    FT3: 3.4 pmol/L (2.0 - 7.0)

    From memory my FT4 hasn't been this high before. Wish I had some more recent RT3 labs!
  4. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Actually.... I think I'd started the Lugol's protocol you suggested Jansz. Maybe that explains the jump in numbers.
  5. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Hi everyone

    It's been an interesting few months since I last posted. In August, I had an FMT (faecal microbial transplant) done, as my gut flora was quite simplified. I'd had a huge intake of antibiotics as a child, and the opportunity came up through a gastroenterologist in Australia, so I took it! I feel like that's really kicked off some improvements in my health, but I'm still not there yet. I have, however, lost 3-4kg body fat, which is a positive start (still around 43%, way too high though I'm not noticeably obese looking)

    In November, I had some more labs done to see where my progress was at. I'm posting them here, so feel free to make any comments and as always, any advice is appreciated.

    Cholesterol: 7.7 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.5)
    Trigs: 0.82 mmol/L (0.50 - 2.00)
    Urea: 4.5 mmol/L (2.5-6.5)
    Creatinine: 65 umol/L (45-85) - I think that makes my BUN:creatinine around 15, which is an improvement from over 20 some time ago
    Fasting glucose: 4.9 mmol/L (3.6 - 6.0)
    Insulin (fasting): 4.4 mU/L (<14)
    Iron: 15 umol/L (5-30)
    Transferrin 2.1 g/L (2-3.6)
    Saturation: 28% (10-45)
    Ferritin: 100 ug/L (15-200)
    HbA1c: 4.7% (4.3-6.4)
    HbA1c mmol/mol: 28 mmol/mol (23-46)

    Antithyroglobulin Ab: <10 IU/mL (<116)
    Anti-thyroid peroxidase Ab: 7 IU/mL (:love:5)

    Vitamin B12: 282 pmol/L (>170)
    Active B12: 102 pmol/L (>35)

    Hormone Assays (day 2 of cycle)
    FSH: 8 IU/L (2-23)
    Progesterone: 2.3 nmol/L (<1)
    Oestradiol: 202 pmol/L (80-920)
    Testosterone: 2.6 nmol/L (<4.6)
    SHBG: 127 nmol/L (20-155)
    Calc free testosterone: 18 pmol/L (3-37)
    FAI: 2 (0.5 -5)
    DHEAS: 3.3 umol/L (1.7-11.5)
    Free T4: 17.6 pmol/L (8.2 - 22)
    TSH: 1.5 mU/L (0.5-4.4)
    Free T3: 4.4 pmol/L (2-7)
    Reverse T3: 521 pmol/L (140-540)
    HSCRP: 2.3 mg/L (0-5)
    Vitamin D: 90nmol/L (51-140) - hadn't been supplementing for months to give some context

    Following these results, my Dr put me on 10mcg T3 to try to clear the high reverse T3. We also decided to retest my hormones on day 21.

    I've just received the following results.
    Day 21 hormone tests:
    FSH: 4IU/L (11-30)
    Progesterone: 114 nmol/L (3.7-45)
    Oestradiol: 537pmol/L (80-1150)
    Testosterone: <0.5 nmol/L (<4.6)
    SHBG: 180 nmol/L (20-155)
    Calc free testosterone: <2 pmol/L (3-37)
    FAI <0.3 (0.5-5)
    DHEAS: 2.1 umol/L (1.7 - 11.5)

    Reverse T3: 290 pmol/L (140-540)
    Free T4: 11pmol/L (8.2-22)
    TSH: 0.67 mU/L (0.5-4.4)
    Free T3: 7.2 pmol/L (2-7)

    It seems positive that my reverse T3 has dropped so quickly on less than 2 weeks of a low dose of T3. My Pg:E2 also seems really high, around 200. Is this good, or too high? It was taken in blood. To give some context I have a 4% progesterone cream in the 2nd half of my cycle. My SHBG seems too high (a result of the T3? but was still highish in the reference range in previous tests) and I'm still not happy that my DHEAS are very low (I'm on 25mg/day 7-keto DHEA).

    Any thoughts? I'm still eating epi-paleo most of the time, I haven't ct'd for a few months unfortunately. I have an office job surrounded by emf but limit my exposure at home and especially at night. I limit light after dark and pay attention to circadian rhythms. I have a normal cortisol pattern (though in the past it has been a bit highish in the morning).
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Eliza, if you have a high nnEMF job you really need to CT, do grounding and lots of sunshine / UV light
    and be really strict with your environment at home and your diet need to be really optimal... just my thoughts :)
  7. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Thanks Inger, I'm sure you're absolutely right. I need to do more of all of those things!
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    28 year old female from Australia
    In August, I had an FMT (faecal microbial transplant) done,
    In November, I had some more labs done
    (day 2 of cycle)
    DHEAS: 3.3 umol/L (1.7-11.5)

    Day 21 hormone tests:
    DHEAS: 2.1 umol/L (1.7 - 11.5)
    I'm still not happy that my DHEAS are very low (I'm on 25mg/day 7-keto DHEA).
    7ketoDHEA should improve your thyroid work, but it will not increase your DHEAs.
    Use enough DHEA pills to get your DHEAs real close to the top range.

    Check your cortisol, either blood
    or better in saliva four or more points during day

    Check homocysteine level.

  9. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Thanks Jansz. So you think DHEA rather than 7-keto?

    Will also get my cortisol and homocysteine checked.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Hi everyone

    It's been some time since I posted on here, but as always, I've been reading all of Jack's blog posts with fascination. I've made a number of changes in the last few years, but I felt until I had an opportunity to change my environment, then I may not see huge improvements to my health, so I've kept away from pestering anyone for a while. Since I last posted on here:
    - I have had a faecal transplant via a gastroenterologist in Melbourne. This has helped my gut health massively!
    - As of 5 months ago, I have moved to a rural area where I can work from home, allowing me to spend at least 1-2 hrs in AM sunlight per day and away from all the Wi-Fi in a high-rise office building. I know I need to get out more now we're coming out of winter in Australia.
    - We've gotten rid of wifi in the house, though we may get one weak signal from the neighbours occasionally.
    - The gym where I go to has an ice bath set at 14c, allowing me to CT most days for about 25 mins (sadly in nasty water, but I felt the benefits outweighed the negatives).
    - I have a core magnetico coming on Monday!
    - I'm doing the leptin reset again for about the last 3-4 months (salmon sashimi BAB - admittedly farmed), with butter mostly as the winter fat.

    So, with high hopes, I went and had some labs done a few weeks ago, and had any illusions I might have about my improved health shattered a bit.

    I have some thoughts about what my problems are, but I'd be grateful for any advice on my labs, and corrections on where my thinking isn't right!!

    hs-crp - 1.07 (ref: <4.91)
    BUN: Creatinine ratio (25:1) - terrible!!
    Sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarb, anion gap, urea, creatinine, eGFR, urate, bilirubin, AST, ALT, GGT, Alkaline phosphatase, protein, albumin, globulin, calcium, corrected calcium and phosphate all within reference ranges.
    Serum iron: 15umol/L (10-30)
    Transferrin: 31 umol/L (32-48)
    Transferrin saturation - 25% (13-45)
    Serum ferritin - 163 ug/L (30-165)
    TSH: 2.7mIU/L (0.5-4.0)
    FT4: 16 pmol/L (10-20)
    FT3: 4.2 pmol/L (3.5-6) - unfortunately I didn't get RT3 tested - but I supplement 10mg T3 daily
    Day 4 hormone tests:
    FSH: 8 IU/L (2-12)
    E2: 199 (100-530)
    Progesterone: 1 (0.5-4.5) - despite 4% cream used on days 14-28 of my cycle
    Total T: 0.7 nmol/L (0.5-2.2)
    SHBG: 94nmol/L (20-118)
    DHEA-S: 1.9 umol/L (2.2-7.9) - yuck, despite daily supplementation of 20mg DHEA per day (didn't take it on morning tested).

    Calculated Free T: 5.8pmol/L (2.7-35)
    25-OH Vit D: 75 nmol/L (51-200) - bit more pleased about this, as we're in winter here, and I've brought it up from in winter with just sunlight
    Total Cholesterol: 13 mmol/L (3.6-5.2)
    Triglycerides: 0.9 mmol/L (0.5-1.7)
    HDL: 2.1 mmol/L (1-2)
    LDL: 10.2 mmol/L (1.5-3.4)
    Non-HDL cholesterol: 10.6 mmol/L (:love:.4)
    Cholesterol/HDL-C ratio: 6 (<4.5)

    Hb, platelets and WBC all within reference ranges
    HBA1C - NGSP 4.9% (4.0-6.0)
    HBA1C - IFCC - 30 mmol/mol (20-42)
    Vitamin B12:421 pmol/L (301-740)
    Serum folate: 46.4 nmol/L (>9)
    The thing is, prior to starting the leptin reset again, I had been eating mostly epi-paleo but moderate carbs, and my labs (especially hormones) still weren't impressive at all, but weren't as bad as what's above.
    For example, in August 2016, I had the following results: (Day 21 of cycle)
    FSH : 8 IU/L (2-23)
    Progesterone: 0.9 nmol/L (3.7-45)
    E2: 317 pmol/L (80-1150)
    Testosterone: 1.5 nmol/L (<4.6)
    SHBG: 130 nmol/L (20-155)
    calc. free T3: 10 pmol/L (3-37)
    FAI: 1.2 (0.5-6)
    DHEA-S: 9.1 umol/L (1.7-11.5)
    Cholesterol: 6.1 mmol/L (3.5-5.5)
    HDL: 1.7 mmol/L (>0.8)
    LDL: 4 mmol/L (:love:.5)
    Trigs: 0.83 mmol/L (0.5-2)
    Tot/HDL 3.6 mmol/L (<5.1)
    HS-CRP: 0.6 mg/L (0-5)
    Free T4: 11 pmol/L (8.2-22)
    TSH: 0.67 mU/L (0.5-4.4)
    Free T3: 4.9 pmol/L (2-7)

    My LDL cholesterol now seems to have gone crazy (which I get isn't necessarily a bad thing), but in this context, to me, it looks like my thyroid has stopped working (or is creating a lot of RT3). Is it just because it's winter? I have been CT'ing most days for around 20-30 mins. I have been trying to get as much AM sun as possible to help heal my hormones, but my DHEA has suddenly dropped in the last few months. Maybe due to inflammation? My ferritin levels and HS-CRP also point to inflammation.

    But the cholesterol and hormone results always seem to be worse when I'm eating very low carb (a la leptin reset).

    I have lost a little weight in the past few months doing the leptin reset (I weigh about 60kg, but still have a high body fat %), so perhaps some of that would increase the cholesterol?
    Am I doing the wrong thing with CT and eating with the leptin reset? Or should I just be supplementing more DHEA, T3 and progesterone until the levels are better and then my leptin resistance will improve? I just don't seem to need quite the amount of supplementation when not eating as low carb.

    I feel like in the first few weeks of the leptin reset + CT, I felt hot after most meals and was starting to feel really good. In the last few weeks, not so much, and my sleep has worsened a bit. I put it down to the time of the month, but given these last results I'm not surprised I'm not feeling great!

    Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance!!

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