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How I got to here

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Eliza, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Hi Sooperb,

    I'm glad to hear that your anxiety has dropped. Mum does have her bed around 6 inches high at the top. lol, yeah it might not be a great idea to try it with a waterbed!

    Mum has GERD all the time. The only thing that controls it is permanent prescription medication. If she does have a severe 'attack' it is usually at night though.
  2. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I think weight loss would help your mum but I completely understand how difficult that can be. Her pain sounds horrific and I feel sad that she is having to endure it. Does she take any form of probiotic, (not Activia or Yakult or any of that over sweetened rubbish) live organic yoghurt, fermented veg. or even in capsule form? The antacids are going to mess with her gut flora which is very important for her overall health, as Dr. Jack has said, the gut is the starting place for everything that goes on in your body, if you treat it properly it will impact on everything else. If it doesn't get what it needs then it can't function properly and health suffers.

    There are a lot of blogs, the brain-gut connection series where Dr. Jack explains it all. I've never realised just how much biochemistry reactions and connections there are involved in keeping you healthy, it's both frightening and fascinating. Is she up for doing a bit of reading so she gets a better understanding of the issues involved? I hope you can convince her :)
  3. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Thanks Sooperb. She does sometimes take a probiotic capsule but I will try to encourage her to be more consistent about it. I agree that gut health is so important :)

    I will try to get her to do a bit more reading. Thanks again for your kind words and advice :)
  4. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    I've been on the leptin reset about 9 weeks now. So far, no weight loss, and I don't think I've reset yet. More worryingly, my period is either quite late or I've missed it (I'm 28). My hormones weren't great to start with (key ones below, more comprehensive tests in the first part of my journal) but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this on the leptin reset? If I just continue with the leptin reset, since leptin is the master hormone, will I eventually reset? Or am I likely to need hormonal supplementation?

    Some more context - I'm also doing CT (though the water isn't super cold in Australia right now), reducing my emf exposure and paying attention to light cycles.

    Vitamin D: 65nM/L (currently on supplementation 10,000iu/day) (ref: 51-140)
    Free T4: 14.4pmol/L (ref: 8.2 - 22.0)
    TSH: 1.8 mU/L (ref: 0.50 - 4.4)
    Free T3: 3.2 pmol/L (ref: 2.0 -7.0)
    Testosterone: <0.5nmol/L
    17-OH Progesterone: 3.2nmol/L (ref: Follicular <6, Luteal <10)
    FSH: 3 IU/L (ref: 2-23 basal, 11-30 midcycle peak, 21-175 post menopause)
    LH: 3 IU/L (2-14 basal, 14-110 midcycle, 15-97 post menopause)
    Oestradiol: 96pmol/L (ref: <120 prepuberty, 90-1150 early follicular, 170 - 3000 preovulatory, 90-1440 luteal, <120 post menopause)
    SHBG: 93 nmol/L (ref: 20-155)
    Free testosterone: <0.5 nmol/L (ref: <4.6)
    Androstenione: 7.1 nmol/L (ref: <13)
    FAI: <0.5L (ref: 0.5 - 5)
    DHEAS: 4umol/L (ref: 1.7 - 11.5 premenopause, 0.8-6.6 post menopause)
    ESR: 16mm/hr (ref: <21)
    hsCRP: 2.8 (ref: <5.1)
  5. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I can only sympathise, I've tried it for weeks and at one point acquired more weight. It stuck for several weeks and then suddenly it dropped about 4lbs, but it's moving upward again. I still think there's a bit missing in the weight loss equation; Dr. Jack has come closer than anyone in debunking the eat less, move more mantra but there are quite a few members here who stick religiously to the formula he has laid out and still aren't shifting the weight. I'm hoping he'll find the answer one day soon.
  6. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Hi Eliza,

    Most of us are here because our hormones are screwed up. My N=1, my hormones are crap and after listening to Jack for a while, Leptin reset and CT are not enough to totally fix them. Right now, my main focus is getting my gut fixed as I think that is a huge issue for me and why I cannot lose any weight.

    How is your gut? Dr. Tim said that most people have gut issues and that is one of the main internal things to work on. Do you have some extra funds to do a consult with him? I think it would be worth it. You do have an extra challenge living in Australia but there are many other members here who can help with that.

  7. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    How do we know if we have gut problems, is the info in one of the blogs? There seem to be quite a few brain/gut blogs?
  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Check out the brain-gut series. I know I have had gut issues for 10 years now. Bloating, significant constipation or diarrhea, weight gain, inflammation among others.

    From Brain Gut 9 " Non Geeks: Our gut bacteria makes humans fat.

    Geek Alert: The FIAF is made by our liver, muscles, and our small bowel wall when food sources are in short supply. This is the signal to stop storing fat in our fat cells when food is scarce. What is not well appreciated by many is that the FIAF in our intestinal wall is controlled 100% by our gut flora. When we have a simplified gut flora it favors fat cell creation. When our gut flora is complex and healthy, it has 100 trillion cells with 250 species. We tend not to make fat in this instance either! Moreover, when the bacteria are active metabolically due to the presence of simple sugars, production of FIAF ceases, and fat creation is signaled. This implies that our gut flora is directly tied to fat creation in humans. The gut flora’s action is directly signaled to the brain via the afferent nerve fibers in the vagus nerve. In those newly created fat cells, a protein called leptin is also produced, and acts as a score keeper for the brain of how much fat is stored in the body."

    When I started having gut issues, the weight lose that I was able to do on my own stopped and I have never regained it yet.
    I am still waiting to get my GI Metametrix test back to see exactly what is going on.
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  9. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Thanks Sooperb and Nicole, I agree that my gut is probably a big factor in this too. I think me suffering from bouts of reflux suggests all is not well in my gut. I listened to Dr Tim's webinar and it made a huge amount of sense. I went to a gp yesterday to ask him to refer me for the Metametrix GI effects test and he said that only a gastroenterologist can order these tests? I'm really not sure if that's true but I'll ring up a lab on Monday and double check.

    Does anyone know can Dr Tim order pathology for Australians? I'd be happy to pay for the consults, but I haven't yet found a supportive gp who will help me look for gut issues. And without someone willing to order labs for me, it gets quite hard. He looked at me pretty strangely yesterday, very disappointing since I came armed with so much information and tried to work through scientifically the process I'm trying to go through.
  10. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    That is I listened to Dr Tim's community wide webinar, but I haven't signed up for the bootcamp. I was wondering whether to do that first, or save the money and just order a consult with Dr Tim straightaway.
  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Which bootcamp? The Optimal Bootcamp is free and I think that Misty said that there might be another bootcamp with Dr. Tim in the future.

    Not sure if he can order the tests. I know that I was able to order the test without a GI doc ordering it but that was through Acessa Labs in the US and not sure if they do overseas orders. Reflux is a definite sign that you have gut issues.

    I would do a consult, he will give you a plan just for you rather than trying to figure stuff out on your own.
  12. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Sorry nicld, I meant the 'Heal your hormones' bootcamp. I'm thinking a consult with him is a good idea, and I'm looking for another integrative gp in Sydney that is a bit more open-minded about all of this stuff. If I could just find a gp who treats according to Dr Kruse's protocols that would be perfect, but I guess that would be too easy!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes .. Dr. Tim has an account with a lab in Sydney .....

    If you go to a compounding Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist what Docs are writing scripts for BHRT .... they will give you names.......
  14. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    Thanks Nicole, I think I have some reading to do :)
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Nicole is exactly right .... it is all about the brain/gut axis.....
    that is why Dr. Tim starts with the gut...
  16. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I know I need to read it but how does the leptin reset fit in with the gut issues, should one try to heal the gut and then do the reset or do the two go hand in hand?
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The leptin reset is all about resetting you circadian clock..... that is huge - that is why all the timing. Dr. K. is always very, very specific and everything is very calculated.
    so - yes .... hand in hand. It is all a puzzle that fits together - if you are missing a piece...........

    You can't fix your hormones without fixing your gut ... and vice versa. That is Why Dr. Tim always start with gut - I think he says 98% of people have gut issues - so he starts there - he doesn't even worry about testing to start with.

    But ... I think you need to be working on your redox too........so we are right back to the three legged stool!
    water, magnetism and the photoelectric effect.

    and .... if you are in EMF hell - you are screwed! .... in my opinion of course!

    Soo - you are sleeping on a waterbed which has high EMF ....... you are dehydrated and your battery is leaking...and you can't hold a charge.
  18. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I am still on the waterbed, I'm not sure why that would be high EMF, it only has a small heating element in it but there are lots of sites on google saying it is so. Just tried to discuss with OH, he still won't accept that EMFs are dangerous. I guess I need to put a convincing argument together.
  19. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Thanks Caroline - I did go to a compounding pharmacy yesterday and got the name of 2 gps here who prescribe BHRT. I wonder how they are with gut health? I have been trying to heal my gut but maybe not hard enough. I looked on Dr Tim's website and there's a few practitioners in Australia listed- but they are a naturopath and a nutritionist. While I have a lot of time for naturopaths, ideally I'd like a gp who can help treat with Dr Tim's protocol, because they can prescribe things as well. I might send Dr Tim an email and see if he has any suggestions.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    just sleep naked in the spare room .....that should get his attention........

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