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How do you use your quantlet?

Discussion in 'The Quantlet' started by Patrick K, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Patrick K

    Patrick K New Member

    Just got my device back.
    It works great now.

    I was wondering how one would use the quantlet in canada?

    Once a day before working out on p30 or 60?

    Red in the am for better sleep?

    Wellness in the early pm?

    Lets share what works for us so far for this quantum device.

    Happy new year
  2. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Im in ontario. I use p60 after CT or during workout if there is no sun. Using wellness in early afternoon or sleep in later afternoon closer to sundown.
  3. Lucien Burke

    Lucien Burke New Member

    I use it to put red light on my balls at night. 10 min red/IR at 100 hz
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I use it to teach other docs now.
  5. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Nice Im gonna try that. Any thoughts on why night would be better? I would have gone for the morning intuativley as sex steroids are activated.
  6. River

    River Gold

    I'm using mine with excellent results to restore homeostasis. My go-to routine is P30 in the morning with 1.5mg MB and 2mg of Nic., and the Sleep/Wellness setting about an hour before bed along with Jasmine Absolute (knocks me right out and I sleep like a baby after several years of waking every 2 hours). I feel awesome. I have two Quantlets that have worked perfectly for 10 months or more, I rotate them so hopefully they'll last a long time.
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  7. Lucien Burke

    Lucien Burke New Member

    I use IR for regeneration in the first couple hours after sunset. I get full spectrum light on the junk first thing in the AM
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