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How do you know your Leptin is reset? And how about relapse?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by Petra, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Continuum Fitness

    Continuum Fitness New Member

    This is great stuff Dan! Simple markers to use. I believe in getting the eating right before you spend money on labs. Your markers are great indicators. I would say if you are not hitting 75% of your markers by 12 weeks get labs done.
  2. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    As someone who didn't get labs for three months ... I don't think one should wait. I can't believe the stuff we saw on my labs ... so many things I tweaked to really start reversing some stuff and getting healthy. I wish I would have done it straight out of the gate; I feel like I lost time needlessly, and reversing things takes months, so it was important time.

    Just my two cents. :)
  3. ginastarke

    ginastarke New Member

    So how do I know when I'm ready for post-leptin reset ? By the signs, until my labs are at the right numbers, or should I just stay on leptin reset until I'm no longer obese (for me that would be another 30 pounds). I don't crave carbs, since I've been either low-carb, primal, or paleo for a couple of years, but no berries or avocados indefinitely would be kind of a bummer.

  4. +1

    I waited eight weeks and wish I had done it from the start. Loss of time in being able to fix what is broken is most disappointing. Many here will tell you the same thing: GET THE LABS DONE ASAP!!!
  5. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Try drinking more water. A lot more water. I have no issues with keto breath, but I drink over a gallon per day.

    Also, Dr. Kruse has mentioned in his comments many times that CT causes your fat cells to release stored estrogens and toxins which can make you hungrier for a time.

    PEOPLE, PLEASE FREAKING READ THE ARTICLES AND COMMENTS. This is like the 12th post I've read where people OBVIOUSLY have NOT DONE SO!!!

    And I mean that in a loving way, because you NEED TO READ and UNDERSTAND to help yourselves. For the love of god.
  6. Petra

    Petra New Member

    Thanks Dan for your check list.

    As I look at it and put it to the test this week, I feel confident leptin is working for me.

    Then there was this reply of Croak"

    It's not looking for comfort, it's your body saying:


    Makes sense right?

    Then there comes CT-7 in which I read that the fat burned during CT releases that much leptin, that cravings and hunger should be reduced.

    So before I release too much cortisol. I think I will leave it like that. I really like the cold showers and working in cold/cool environments. My eating habits and cravings, ok, I can deal with it... We get triggered many times a day to eat or drink. I just hoped it would all go away, and my mind would get more clear. Instead of thinking about food all the time.

    Great community we are guys, Thanks,

  7. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Petra, try African Mango. It seems to really help me with my appetite. And its fairly cheap...
  8. claudia rowe

    claudia rowe New Member

    I'm wondering how long it takes, also. I'm at the end of week 8, have stuck to the Leptin Rx plan religiously and my serum leptin levels are the worst they've ever been. Actually, all my bloods are out of whack including free T3, rT3, DHEA and cortisol. Actually, these are the worst bloods I've had in 8 years except that my lupus antibodies are slightly lower. Even my cholesterol, normally pretty low, is higher than usual.

    The MS related neck tremor is significantly better, almost completely gone.

    I'm frankly a little concerned. After 8 weeks strict paleo, supplements, water, CT and only eating BAB and then coconut oil for afternoon tea, I've gained 4kg and my bloods have seemingly gone backwards.

    I'm mystified!!
  9. Cody

    Cody New Member

    You are seeing physical improvements in disease symptoms and are worried about some numbers on a piece of paper???
  10. David

    David Silver

    I agree, everyone should read all past posts AND the related comments. I have found some genuine gems there. But there are SO VERY MANY items to read! I am wading through all past Blog posts and comments and making some notes for myself, but it is very tiring and time-consuming.

    A digest of important/relevant points would help a great deal, but the forthcoming book is ESSENTIAL. (Not so subtle hint):rolleyes:
  11. Cody

    Cody New Member

    I hear you. And most of the blog articles require multiple readings. Good thing to do while you are CTing. :)

  12. Have you had your sex steroid hormones tested? When you are gaining weight and having cravings it's usually a sign that your hormones are out of whack. I did great the first six weeks. Then started CT and the cravings and hunger started and then the weight came on. I gained 6# back. Then I got tested and sure enough my hormones were WAY out of whack. It sounds like there are a lot of good things going on for you so there are other issues still present in the body. Check hormones!
  13. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Dr. Kruse has said many times that at the beginning of CT, you're going to have out of whack hormones. They should settle down with time. Patience, people. How many years did it take you to get all messed up???
  14. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I agree, we all need to grow patience. There are so many differences about us! There is no simple solution right away. We need to keep encouraging each other and share our individual experiences since it might help somebody here.

    I was super frustrated last week when I ended up at the same weight after starting with all of this 5 months ago. I gained back by doing CT and I was crushed. Then, I started counting my blessings. Due to all of this I found out that my hormones were out of balance. I also was able to lower my fasting blood sugar, etc.

    I am probably on a long journey to a better health but at least I am.

  15. Yes, but he also said you can get your hormones tested and not wait for the CT to fix your hormones. CT will do other great things. If they are seriously out of whack like mine are there are other complications that can take place. He specifically told me that I need to treat my hormone issues aggressively. Waiting only intensifies the imbalance. Patience is a great asset and of the utmost importance but anyone who has waited to get things tested, too long know their patience in this particular case didn't pay off.
  16. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    You are right, I am for testing! When I did it, I found out my problems. On the other hand, you still need a lot of patience to work on the problems. It is so hard not to compare your results against the results of others. Sometimes, it seems that almost everybody is doing better than you do.

  17. Hey I was doing great in the beginning. Lost weight, more energy than I'd had in years, and just plain felt happy and good. Then I tested. I found out that the CT was causing release of the estrogen and I was hugely estro dominant. My level is higher than the highest point in the range for a pregnant woman. Definitely very bad for a non-pregnant woman. So I am with ya on the patience for sure. At this point I have to be and it will take a few months to get this squared away. But I think the patience comes when you know what you are going to be working on. That is why Dr. K always tests himself every 3 mo or more. If you don't test you may or may not know where you need to start.

    Destiny try not to compare as everyone is in a different stage than another. I try to learn and get excited from those who have preceded me in the process. Don't forget some of the folks on this board have been working on this for 6-8 months. I've only been at it for 3 which puts me in the infancy stage compared to others. We will all get there through perseverance, hard work, testing, and patience.
  18. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    You are right, Patty C, we are lucky to be able to share this journey!

    I started this 5 months ago but I still feel like a novice. I have the opposite problem of yours! My estrogen is very low, not good or pleasant either.
  19. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Destiny and Pattycakes...

    Thanks for the discussion and encouragement...I'm new and full of questions like yours and more. I'm on the reset and loving it, but haven't tested and am just shooting in the dark. Really wanna lose weight and sleep better. I think if I start sleeping like a baby I'll be home free.....

  20. You can have some of mine!

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