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How do you do raw?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by cantweight, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Well ... it's just that "cheap" isn't always what you want to look for when it comes to food.

    Most of us spend quite a lot on all sorts of things, but when it comes to what we're putting in our mouthes we want to buy cheap. Could you imagine that in France or Italy? Doesn't this tweet from the Caveman Doctor say it all about Anglo-American attitudes? :rolleyes:


    As for eating things raw ... it seems that all traditional cultures from the Eskimos to the French have some raw foods in their diet. But there's no known isolated healthy group of people that's eaten all-raw -- just as there's none that's eaten all-vegetarian. (Weston Price looked for the latter out of interest and could find none. Price eventually found a location where animal foods were hard-to-come-by: the people there supplemented their vegetable diet with cannibalism. :eek: ...)

    And when eating raw foods one needs to exercise some caution. Part of that is knowing all about the quality of your meat and how it's been raised. The WAPF, and now some paleo people, go as far as saying, "Get to know the farmer, look around the farm, and talk to him."

    Inger is a country girl and does actually live on a farm. She eats a lot of game -- which is wild anyway. Other meat is either from her grandparents' farm or will come from a farmer she knows and whose animal husbandry she knows about and approves of. (She has talked about such things on the board before.) If it's fish … well, that comes from the sea, and, heck, the fishermen have probably just been flirting with her. Wouldn't you? :D

    Inger knows about food and she knows about sources and supply chains.

    People on the board will say try a farmers' market. The operative word there is farmers not market. By the latter Sheffield City Council merely means sales taking place not on permanent premises. The point of farmers' markets is to put housewives in direct touch with food producers. It's all about supply chains.
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  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    hehe... Gangrad I have to disappoint you now.. this is not really a farm.. just my parents have chickens and a few sheep.. lol Neighbors are around too, but not close enough to get any wifi signal, thanks God!
    and I have eaten all sort of foods raw.. supermarket vacuum packed stuff... farmed fish... old fish... I am totally not paranoid about what I put in my mouth... lol as long as it is living thing ;)
    but that is what I do, and that is my own risk. For others, I always say, try to find best quality! And educate yourself about parasites........

    And sure, I do all I can to get best quality! No need to get hormones and antibioticts etc. in my body. But I am not too scared to eat such stuff a few times in my lifetime, raw. But for regular consumption, no!
    It is not the raw aspect I fear, bacterias or stuff, it is the other poison in it that stays when cooked too. And if I have to eat the same stuff cooked or raw I prefer raw.... because it makes me feel way better :)

    IDK how much people cooked long ago, and I could not care less... lol I just care what is my own N=1 and that is... when I do all raw it feels very very amazing :) :) :)

    the more challenges I have the clearer it makes me see - that is my impression.
    But - I could be totally wrong and just make it up in my head... o_O I know that. So I lay back, continue to do what I think works for me.. and see where this all goes ;) and if I get convinced I need to cook part of my food, I sure will change my habits!
    I do eat something cooked like pre cooked mussels once in a while tho, so I get the cooked part anyways even if most days not
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  3. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    That's quite a let-down, Inger. ;)
  4. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    Sure, how many will be attending?

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