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How do you deal with disagreement? Differing political opinions?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Tfreeman, Jan 6, 2022.

  1. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    I have dealt with anxiety my whole adult life.

    One form it comes in is when I have a disagreement or read something I disagree with — my body rejects me.

    How do you deal with differing political opinions and keep a straight head and body?

    How do you deal with the anxiety (and bouts of depression) of illness?
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  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I just got a baby bunny - it has completely changed my house from a silent cold war into a happy joyful place:) I also keep a dozen chickens - they are a riot to watch - it helps to swim in the ocean - even a 30 second cold end of shower experience is mood altering in a positive way - I just listened to this podcast:


    The crib notes version:

    It's down a ways past all the WHO comment section - with Peter Mcullough, Robert Malone and a psychologist talking about "mass formation" - not usually a huge fan of psychologists, but this interview blew me away - did you know 60% of people have no one at home... it leads them to wanting to join some group - any group - and the last thing they want is to go back to the "old normal" - because that is all computers and no human contact... if you want to know how all the smart people in your life can fall for this B.S. - this interview will explain it to you -

    When I was young, I had an epiphany of how to make myself happy: 1) make someone laugh 2)help someone else out - you must have a purpose, a meaning a raison d'etre - some reason to get out of bed in the morning - there are so many people out there living the same day over and over again without purpose - volunteering might help you - connect with some kind of group of people you can relate to -
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2022
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  3. Have you read authors who you found inspiring?

    My daily sunrise therapy is a practice of graduate.

    I typically, fully exposure myself towards the sunrise. I stand with feet on the moisture on the ground or grass connected to Earth's voltage. I'm positively charged; the Earth's negative charge. Our human myelin sheaths begin in our feet and travel throughout our body into our head(s). These myelin sheaths conduct not just electrical potential but photons. I allow the light to enter my eyes, looking up, then down, and to either side. Spending time in each eye location, allowing the light to hit different aspects of the back of my eyes. I love the feel of the chill of the morning over my body, allowing the chill to move up my spine and into my head. With my palms relaxed at my sides, turned towards the sun, I take a deep breathe through a partially open mouth, then exhale gently. My chest is high, my shoulders rolled back behind me, my feet are hip width apart, my knees slightly bent, my hips directly under me, my lower lumbar is in a natural curve. I typically take 30 strong deep breathes through a partially opened mouth, exhaling naturally. When I've completed 30 breaths or so, I take a powerful inhale and hold it, squeeze the muscles in my pelvic floor, drawing in my belly bottom towards the spine, I move & feel "energy" move up my spine, pushing it up into my head. My focused attention is in the middle of my head while squeezing. When my body's had enough, I let go, gently exhale, allow the "energy" I've pushed into your head to flow up out the top of my head, breathing in deeply and exhaling gently. I then bring my attention to my hands and fingers, then arms, hands and finger, feeling them in the light, then I bring my attention to my feet and toes, then legs, feet and toes -> feeling all the space my body occupies. I allow myself to feel grateful for each breath. Grateful I can see and hear. I pay attention to the morning sounds. Then I move my attention to those in my life whom I am grateful for; my goal is to feel gratitude <- this is healing. It is the Energy-In-Motion (emotion) that has the power to restore. As I inhale, I imagine I'm pulling up through my feet - Earth's energy into my body; when I exhale, I imagine I'm returning this energy back deeper and deeper into the Earth; allowing it to completely fill the Earth. <- I am connected.​
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  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    This breathing practice stopped me going under .... at the beginning I was having to do physiological sighs multiple times a day, but it worked.

    Now its part of my sunrise practice, outside. Its also an avoiding covid strategy. I also do it just before going into a supermarket without a mask, it makes me feel mentally stronger about not complying. Physically I move forward into the supermarket with more confidence.

    At one point I was withstanding pressure about vaccination, moved away from my family trying not to have a full on falling out, faced a bullying landlord, and credit this practice with helping me become mentally stronger.

  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Great advice.
  6. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    Taking action. Being constructive, working on goals, putting one foot in front of the other, learning something new (many new things) each day. Resting, recreating, being outdoors. Smiling, laughing, being there for others.
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