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How do MTHFR snp's effect redox potential

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Aerose91, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. NADme

    NADme New Member

    I was having Mountain Valley delivered at $3.65 a gallon fully loaded price. Big 65 lb super thick glass 5 gals. I conducted a fair amount of research before subscribing. The water is supposedly derived from a 3,000 year old spring and has a supposedly naturally occurring Ca load that buffers to a 7pH. The Ca, whether as additive or naturally occurring was too much and since I have to take Ca channel blocks and wanted to isolate it out when I started NAD infusions due to the homestatis effect that NAD has on intracellular Ca via three ribose expressions. I current have an equivalent RO brought in that you cited.

    I have a problem with using DUTCH. HAN's has a good opinion about one of the tests he offers. However, it was shared with me that the owner on more than one assay sought outside validation that was denied. Validation here is used in more than a passive capacity and has a more elevated importance that the common use of the word, emphasis added. I do know that on one particular antiandrogen his assay was at a ratio that was over 6 times more than mine from Rhein. Frank is a major asset, very knowledgeable and personable and the go to whenever I can use his services.

    Thanks for the C24 and DDR reference.
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  2. Tom Win

    Tom Win New Member

    Great topic! ANYONE knows how to make dr Kruse pictures to work? Its deleted?

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