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How do MTHFR snp's effect redox potential

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Aerose91, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    This thread reminds me of one when I decided to leave London with my family. You don't have to go to the equator, just somewhere which isn't extremely built up and has Sun and lots of it. I picked the south coast of Spain, in the hills of Malaga 30 mins from the coast (which is built up), we have Sun here ALL YEAR, not UVB all year, but UVA and IR none the less.

    If money is no issue then the Maldives (Embuhdu was a good choice 7 yrs ago - as was basic too) or Cape Verde would be good - its your call just don't get too neurotic about being in the UK - that too has negative effects.
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  2. Paul Keenan

    Paul Keenan New Member

    To be an arrogant prick or not..............

    You have made your decision.
  3. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma New Member

    Hi @dantothep we are moving to Nerja in September. I know it's pretty built up but it's a start. We were thinking of Frigliana as it's further up the mountains away from people. Are you in the other direction?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Bye Paul. Enjoy your life.
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  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    <Sigh> Now I have to share a personal story and have to be mindful of what I reveal to the public. As a video game designer for the past 22 years, the issue of 'subjectivity' enters the picture on a daily basis. When AAA+ titles are on the line with a massive budget, you have have do what is best for the masses... a general form of appeasement and throw away personal desires. However, some of the 'radical' viewpoints in design are typically the most risky that begs the question, "Will the masses like this game or totally hate it?" Big business guys typically shy away from anything risky and go with a formula that works for them to continue to appease the masses. Ultimately, the mass of humanity playing the same type of game over and over say, "I've seen this before in the last 6 games I've played. It's nothing new. It's an old type of design. I'm done. Goodbye." But those few designers that take the risk to express something totally radical and new often end up on the top of the mountain of $mula$ because they had vision, and didn't hold anything back. They used their subjectivity to make a game that was most liked with all of the CONNECTIONS integrated within the mind before the first data point of code was ever put onto the screen.

    Making a game is a completely subjective process because each individual believes he or she is correct in their ANALysis because the rules can be changed on a whim in one's personal life with outlook and opinions. More times that not, people lose sight of *why* another person advocates a position, set or rules, opinions or systems in a certain way or manner. To be closer to the definition of "open-minded" and to have acquired wisdom to make insightful judgments, attaining a thicker skin is required in the formula if a person can handle the knocks of life. In the past, I could get angered and really pissed off at other people until I realized I was creating the stress internally and not correctly EXTRACTING THE INFORMATION that I desired for my own self-improvement and benefit. I realized I had been focusing on emotional impact rather than content of the message in the first place. For these reasons when I make a game today, I do not exclude any source of information or any person's POV, ever. I view everyone as an "information trough" filled with some detail I might be lacking. I could CARE LESS about how the world perceives that person because I view that person as a brother or sister in this world. Because of the thick-skin I've acquired, there's very little a person can do to me to throw me any type of emotional wrench anymore... only those that are very close to me of course could push a button, but it's up to me to be mindful of my buttons to be a better person. I actually love it when a person stands out from the norm and ruffles the feathers of other people... that's a sign of wisdom in my book, especially when it's clear the ruffling is a STRATEGY. Perception is usually narrative, and narrative is usually a fictional story. Perceptional judgement based on narrative shows a greater need for wisdom and self-reflection. We all take different paths, and we all have the ability to fill up that gas tank of wisdom.

    What happens in our real lives is not the loose canvas within video game design. Scientific observations tell us more about the Laws of Nature that are highly detailed and quirky also. To get closer to the truth about what's happening in this area, feathers will be ruffled, especially living in a world where a good slice of the scientific observation has been omitted on purpose or buried. It's up to the Sherlock Holmes and citizen scientists of the world to help show what is already known, but even more important, to have the mental faculties to make the connections (the design ideas from my video game perspective) where others simply could not see how the connection is being made in the first place. Often times, even with knowledge and details, the potential applications do not register in the minds of the well-learned. Ironically, the biophysics in play, for good or ill, is often influencing that person's world to acquire knowledge without seeing how many amazing ways the knowledge can be applied.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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