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How do I find a Cell tower map?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Inger, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So I used to use the opensignal / antennasearch and other sites to check the cell towers/coverage, but they do not work anymore?

    Can anyone help me with a link to a website that cover at least Europe and USA?

    I do not understand if the issue is with my computer or if the sites are shut down....
  2. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Just checked antennasearch.com and the site is working as expected. Perhaps you experienced a momentary network hiccup.
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    so weird. I just tried now, and the same happens.. it takes so long to open and then it just says, sorry, it does not respond. Maybe I need to clean my cache.. but iirc. I have tried that too and since months, it does not open.
    Really odd.
    Are there any other similar sites, if it just want work?
  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    I suspect the problem is either at your web browser or your network provider (ISP). A browser Internet error message that just says 'Sorry' and fails to connect to web site is something I haven't encountered.

    You might want to check other websites you frequent to see if they have a similar problem. If so, you know the problem is at your end (browser or ISP).

    Good luck.
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  5. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)


    Works (disturbingly) for me.


    This is much different than just maybe a year ago...:eek::tears:
  6. Bic

    Bic New Member

    Connection times out from Switzerland as well. Maybe they have Europe blocked.
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes. That is why I want to check regularly anew. You never know if something has changed!
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    That is what I think is happening!

    Do you or anybody else have any other similar site/link that works from Europe?

    I wonder why they have blocked Europe.
  9. Bic

    Bic New Member

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  10. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That's what I suspect.
  11. Solkysset

    Solkysset New Member

    There's an app in F-Droid store called Tower Collector which is supposed to allow you to add towers automoatically to the database. The phone must be on though.
  12. John Saf

    John Saf New Member

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  13. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

  14. John Saf

    John Saf New Member

  15. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I´m not sure if it´s comprehensive...check first with your meters!!!
    John Saf likes this.
  16. John Saf

    John Saf New Member

    I will bring my meters . I also bring my thick alufoil, and tools so i can kill some circuits if needed
  17. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    Antennasearch.com btw is most definitely not comprehensive. I have personally seen a number of cellphone antennas with my own eyes (and RF meter) that are not in the database. Be careful and always measure. Radio-locator.com (U.S. only) and I forget name of T.V. antennae site have also been useful.
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