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How did I know infection and sepsis were coming to an ICU near you?

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So many do not know why sepsis and tech are linked. Some of us do and we teach our clients why it happens. It seems that hospitals should consider removing WiFi from ICUs and ORs to manage infections. http://europepmc.org/article/PMC/6820025
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  2. @Jack Kruse

    When we look at endothelial cell dysfunction and their various inflammatory mediations, their mitocondria are unable to signal (discharge) enough UV light to its endothelial cell because of "loss" of voltage. So can IR-A therapeutically administered (perhaps IV) help? Or is it a matter of "death by a thousand cuts" -> nnEMF, nnBlue light, etc.

    My question: How is the calcium channel of the endothelial cell "open" or "get excited" when the potential of hyper-charged IR enriched blood cells push up (sheer stress) against the endothelium wall? I'm looking for the machanizm of action - please.

    Grandpa John
  3. KathleenRWH

    KathleenRWH New Member

    Jack, I’m a new member and seeking to get educated quickly. My brother got the flu 2 December 29 while attending meeting in Phoenix 3 days later and a plane ride home to Spokane WA, collapsed, taken to ER admitted to ACU w sepsis 3 days later he’s in ICU confirmed meningitis on a ventilator. It’s been 17 days and kidneys shutting down and now dialysis. He’s a WiFi computer cell phone addict. Now visiting him daily I am seeing things happening all around me. I’m a naturopath doc but used to be ICU nurse. The difference in the unit from 20 years ago is unrecognizable EVERYTHING WiFi or electronic and the lighting! Ugh. My brother has been on IV antibiotics for 17 days and brain still infected. He was average busy guy 3 weeks ago. This has not been a happy new year and it’s headed for a lot more of our families.

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