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How did Eukaryotes form? Key point about Schumann must be made in EMF 3

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Biologist look at evolutionary trees to try to make sense of where life came from. They have a term called, LUCA, which stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor of all life. Whatever LUCA did, meant that is how the rest of life had to go. Bill Miller did experiments that showed LUCA could not have fermented in an evolutionary time span. Life has 3 domains. Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryotes. Eukaryotes are a combination of Archaea and Bacteria that occurred when a process of endosymbiosis happened. Endosymbiosis is when two prokaryotes fused to become one, where the engulfed bacteria became the forerunner of our modern day mitochondria. It has never happened before or after this one time on our planet. From this joining of two primitive life forms, all complex multicellular life came from it. In fact, we are products of this set of circumstances. This fusion event required lots of energy to happen.

    This was a fusion event for life. I like to think about it like a nuclear explosion. Some amazing amount of energy had to occur to these two primitive forms to cause them to fuse. I believe the event was a coronal mass ejection from the Sun occured before our atmosphere was protective as it is today from the sun’s electromagnetic debris. This amount of energy would have been massive and would have dissipated to levels these primitive cells could have tolerated by the oceans depths. The Schumann Resonance actually controls when these coronal mass ejections occur too. We will get to that too, soon enough.

    Photosynthesis is found in cyanobacteria, algae, and plants. The last two use chloroplasts to make ATP. Archaea never use photosynthesis. This was a major clue to Bill Miller. If fermentation was the primordial path to ATP it should have been used in both forerunners, to the eukaryotes. Both Bacteria and Archaea ferment, but they use different enzymes to catalyze the steps in the pathway. This meant by definition, LUCA could not ferment. This also meant that Mitchell’s ideas of energy production had to be correct because chemiosmosis is present in both and identical. This implied LUCA also used chemiosmosis.

    The first cell of life therefore had to use protons to set up a gradient across a membrane, driven by electron flow. Both Bacteria and Archea do this. Moreover, both share an identical ATPase and respiratory chains too. Respiration is not complex. It was easy to form at the hydrothermal vents because of the amount of electrons, protons and reducing chemicals they constantly supplied.

    But there was another part of the equation to think about, the long term coherent Schumann resonance effect. In 1974, Dr. Cole and Dr. Graf of New Orleans completed a theoretical analysis of the Pre Cambrian Earth’s magnetic field that fit the model I am sharing with you perfectly. They reasoned since the atmosphere was much larger back then, it must have pushed the ionosphere much further out into space. Today this would be where we would see the Van Allen Belts. This meant that the Earth would have had an electromagnetic resonator (Larger Schumann) of two concentric spheres consisting of the upper and atmosphere and the surface. This implied that in the Pre Cambrian Era, the fluctuations of current in the Van Allen Belts would have generated huge currents in the ionosphere compared to today. This would have provided a massive energy boost and it would have also would be coupled to large coronal mass ejections. Since the Earth’s core is an excellent conductor, the ionosphere currents would have coupled to this energy producing an enormous and constant electrical discharge through the atmosphere and into the Earth.

    Since the distance around the core was equal to 1 wavelength of EMF at 10 cycles per second throughout the resonant cavity, roughly 18,000 miles, the discharge would have pulsed at 10 Hz throughout the atmosphere and the surface of the planet dramatically increasing electron flow. This would have produced massive heat, UV radiation to oxidize the oceans, and created infrasound pressure waves. All these forms of energy would have increase the energy in the Earth’s crust to generate massive chemical activity to foster the origin of life. Moreover, such a supercharged ionosphere would favored spiraling vectors in the electromagnetic field depending upon whether the reactions occurred in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. This difference would have been found in the formation of organic chemicals with an L or D iso-form.

    AMAZING TRUTH BOMB: If this sounds crazy to you, consider what is going on right now in the Great Red spot on Jupiter. This is precisely what is happening daily in this great electrical hurricane on Jupiter today. If this was correct, it would predict all life forms on Earth formed within the 10 Hz discharge, and all their descendants would also resonate at the same frequency. Moreover, they would show an extreme sensitivity to that frequency even if the original power source was disconnected from it. This is precisely what life shows today on Earth.

    This is why the Schumann resonance is the gate keeper to EEG’s in all animals. It also means it is the cipher to reset circadian cycles in all animals when they are cut off from from the normal magnetic fields on Earth.

    As the ionosphere gradually descended and disconnected from the Van Allen Belts, the ionosphere currents would have become too small to couple to the Earth’s core. The atmospheric cavity would have been too small to resonate at the core’s prescribed frequency. The plug would have been pulled on life’s formation but all it needed was its initial jump start. And this is how I believe it happened. Today’s remnant Schumann resonant frequency is proof of that initial energy burst.

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