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Hot flashes/menopause/inclined bed therapy

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Inger, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi everybody else that are entering this interesting stage in life :) :) :)

    I am so curious if some of you have tried the inclined bed therapy and felt any difference in the hot flashes, or night sweats etc?

    Well, I am peri-menopause and I have had some minor hot flashes here and there, not really anything that bothers me much though. Still I sometimes get really hot at night especially when I have been eating too much - which can happen especially when I have lots of stress and working long hard days.
    I did notice that any type of negative stress, be it work pressure or psychological stress from bad relationships etc, makes them more present/worse.
    I do notice that lots of sun and tanning makes all issues disappear and this summer I really did not have much of the flashes at all. Now winter is on its way again.... and I have been trying out a new thing, inclined bed therapy (IBT).

    I did not think about doing it for menopause issues at all, just wanted to try it to see if I feel anything different, as curious as I am ;)

    Okay, so what I have noticed is, I have zero hot flashes after staring sleeping inclined?! Also I do not get hot in the night at all, even if I have overeat?!
    And I have been working some long and late nights too this week, some wine in the evening, too much meat and fat... and still slept so well...
    It is a little mysterious to me!

    I then started reading a lot of testimonials from people that have been doing the IBT, and several people are telling how it took all their hot flashes and menopause issues away. As a surprise bonus :) in addition to really improving their sleep, and also mood!

    I just do not understand how it works??

    How can something this simple, works so effectively? How comes women go and take synthetic hormones because they suffer so badly, hormones that increase cancer risk etc. when they could just incline their bed 5 degree and all issues would disappear?
    Now I did not have much issues at all, very mild symptoms. Maybe one or two minor flashes a day or so. It did not really bother me much. Just sometimes it was annoying when I woke up in the night and I was too hot.
    Why does IBT eliminates the "too hot in the night" issue?

    Also, never go to pee in the night since doing IBT, even if I drink herbal tea in the evening. That was something that used to send me to a trip to the bathroom in the early morning. Not anymore. Really, I do not even feel much like going to the bathroom at all when I wake up at dawn. So I can just lay there a little longer in bed and watch the sky.....

    This is so ridiculous.....:D almost like a joke. And I guess that is why many never even try it out. But now I am so glad I did :) :) :)

    Also it seems to deepen sleep even further. I have a magnetico, and I sleep really well on it, but now my sleep is getting even deeper.

    I would wish someone else would try it out too and tell me if they notice anything different....
    Please, let me know if you do. I am so curious if this is really such a great healing tool like it seems to be.
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  2. Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer New Member

    Hi Inger!
    Glad you posted, although I can not solve your mystery about IBT. We have used it for years for anyone with GERD gastroesophageal reflux (otherwise known as heartburn) It takes some pressure off the diaphragm which may explain why you sleep better even if you have had a large meal.

    Truth about menopause that no one told me and my friends... it sucks, night sweats and hot flashes are just the things people are ok talking about. The vaginal dryness that makes sex painful along with the fact that you have no sex drive is a joy kill. Your body composition goes to pot literally as in "pot belly" and the weight pours on even though you try all of the things that used to work.

    Two of best friends had breast cancer (50s) both perimenopausal so I was very afraid of hormones on an emotional level. It took me years of hell before I tried hormones-estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. I reviewed the research and feel comfortable that I am ok to stay this course until age 60 when I will reevaluate.

    I chose traditional hormones as I have had more than a few nurse practitioners tell me that many of the companies just prescribe everyone the same thing regardless. (They left those jobs) I have been looking here for more information about bioidentical hormones and the cost versus risk.

    My worst symptoms are gone-with that said-I began CT and some other non-hormonal therapies that are probably facilitating the hormones and making them more effective.

    Would I try it IBT yes because I have learned NOT to judge anything that works for an N=1. I need to give hubby time to get used to other changes I have made first so it may be a few more months.
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Oh Carol, that sounds like not so fun, the issues you describe :(
    I hope I will not experience those. I do have a really high sex drive - it has not gone anywhere. Maybe because I tan nude a ton?
    And eat oysters on a regular basis, lots of them.
    I also do other things that I feel does my hormones really good, like being in silence and darkness in the evenings, with only a candle.. and I always make sure to get morning light on my eyes/face/body
    I do some CT too, like dipping in my rainbarrel every day. And I use my IR lamp every day too.

    Oh yes please see if you can test the IBT with your hubby :) :) Start slow and raise a few cm each week or so, so he and you have time to adapt, that way you will not notice much at all :)
    I am so curious if it helps you too!
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  4. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Dr. Anna Cabeca has a couple of good books on these topics. She has a web site and does some podcasts. Anna is really lovely and discusses very frankly all the things you have asked about.

    She also has a product called Julva. Jack has talked about this product on the forum.

    Suzanne Somers has excellent books on these topics as well.

    Lots and lots of morning sun and being outside as much as possible and C/T has helped me more than anything.

    I did start off using BHRT [recommended by Jack - for my situation] My PG was extremely low.

    Have you done a Hormone saliva test?

    BTW .....I use nothing now and I am really well and thriving.

    Have you listened to the sex webinar? and the follow up Q&A?
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  6. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    Inclined bed therapy
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My California King size bed is really two xl twins, adjustable beds, side by side.
    They have single thick foam on top.
    Each bed can be adjusted every which way. There are some limits but mostly each person can adjust their part to their liking.
    Over the years there were minor problems with bed sheets falling off.
    Last year I found at Costco (very cheap) and very comfortable to the touch, bed sheets, extremely stretchable. No more problems.
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Jan, an adjustable bed is not the same as inclined bed.

    The bed needs to be STRAIGHT, and ONLY the head side must be raised about 15 cm/5 degree, nothing else. You need to lie straight. Adjustable beds does not do it.

    Often adjustable beds have metal in them and even electricity. Not a good idea at all if you ask me. I would not sleep in one.

    I do not think you can use a magnetico mattress either in a adjustable bed, at least not if you adjust it much, into different positions. With inclined bed a magnetico works great.
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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    What is an adjustable bed
    You may have heard people talking about a zero -gravity bed or electric bed. This refers to an electric adjustable bed which in simple terms means a bed whose base can be elevated and fixed by means of powered controls so that you reach the preferred position.

    Normally, you can choose to elevate either the upper or lower areas of the platform, or even lift both concurrently, which creates a zero-gravity effect. These all are usually controlled by an electric powered hydraulic motor :eek: which helps control these moves and adjust the bed to your needs.


    This is an inclined bed;

  10. Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer New Member

    I think each person is affected differently so with all the great things you are doing already, you may skip all the bad stuff.
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  11. Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer New Member

    I will check all of this out! Thank you so much! I have not done a saliva test mainly because I am on the lowest dose and along with the CT and sunshine, my symptoms are gone. After doing more reading, I may decide to get one but only if I think it will alter my therapy.
  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    my older sister that loves CT too, says when she goes ice dipping her menopause issues go away :)
    I told her about IBT and I really hope she want to try it out she just divorced her sociopath(this is for real) husband.
    She is now free to try whatever she wants, yay :) :) :) my dear sister did it!!! I am so so proud of her :) :) :love:
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  13. Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer New Member

    glad to hear she is doing well! I am trying to get my sister into CT
  14. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Jack always tells us that the best Doctor is the one in our head ....trust your instincts!

    It may be good to have a saliva test one of these days .....as a baseline.

    But ...on the other hand - why waste the money!

    One of Suzanne Somers book is really good .....she describes all the hormones and what they do.

    Really though ...everything we need is right here ......somewhere!
  15. caroline

    caroline New Member

    and ...... a test is only a moment in time. Definitely go by how you are feeling.
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  16. drezy

    drezy New Member

    My wife says the same thing as well as CT melting away most nervousness.
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  17. Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer New Member

    Hello All,
    IBT-I am writing directly from the post from Optimal Circadian Health. Love these guys BTW!
    When you put the head of your bed a few inches higher it improves your circulation. That seems counter-intuitive because you need to understand how fluid flows through the body. Fluid is heavier (more viscous) near your head and lighter (less viscous) near your feet. What happens is that the heavier fluid from above then pushes the lighter fluid at the bottom to create a loop of fluid movement.
    At the same time, your heart is pumping to add energy to this fluid movement. Thus, when you are at a slight incline at night, you have enhanced blood flow.
    Heres the freaky part...
    when you have more blood flow, then you have more magnetic flux in your blood. (explained in Optimal Circadian Health blog)
    More magnetic flux in your blood = more pineal gland activation = more melatonin
    they recommended 6 inches
  18. Anna Vargo

    Anna Vargo New Member

    I would like to try this and wondering if you have had any success with it. I wake up 1-2 times a night to use the restroom. If it is after 2 AM, I sometimes have a hard time falling back to sleep. :confused: Thank you!
  19. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    Liked your post, Inger, thanks ... but don't think there is any possibility of eating "too much meat and fat." Meat and fat are awesome!!! :)
    High fat carnivore diet changed my life ... in a big and positive way. Dr. Ken Berry info is wonderful.
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