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Hormones linked to depression and anxiety?

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Darleen, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Hi All, I have just started reading Dr.K's book. He states that hormonal depletion is linked to things such as depression and OCD, that after 30 years of age hormones naturally decline especially on a SAD. He believes it is not genetic. My question is if this is correct, how would a child have anxiety, depression. Could it be that a child can have decreased hormones? If not genetics, then does the mothers state of hormones possibly determine the child's?
    Thank you for any input. I've had anxiety and depression since at least 8 years old, (as far back as I can remember) I do not feel like anxiety meds are the answer.
    Cheers to good health!
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hormones are energy, Darleen. A child could have decreased hormones if the mother also was energy depleted.
    Anxiety meds are also energy, but if the body cannot direct that energy, chaos can ensue.
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  3. Darleen

    Darleen New Member

    Ah ok. I think I'm getting it. :rolleyes: My mother was in fact energy depleted. It's all coming together. Thanks nonchalant!

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