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Hormone Creams / Oils

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by tellmisty, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Hey everyone,

    I'm exploring some resources that we might start recommending to the Optimal Living community, and was wondering if any of you had tried the Young Living essential oils, specifically Prenolone + (pregnenolone + DHEA cream) and / or Progessence Plus (progesterone in essential oils).

    Would love hearing any feedback from members who are watching their labs and who'd tried these products.

  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I use bio-identical hormones that I get w/a prescription from a compounding pharmacy
  3. Glamazon

    Glamazon Gold

    It's a MLM company. Not sure if I want to buy from that kind of organization. They do have some weird science claims going on.

  4. endless

    endless New Member

    My doctor is involved with Young Living, but she doesn't push the products on anyone. I think they are a great company with quality products...I've used their essential oils for years. I have no experience with the products you've mentioned but I would try them, considering the quality of the products I have tried.
  5. BJK77

    BJK77 New Member

    I haven't used the specific product you mentioned, but I do have several Young Living essential oils that I've been very happy with. I think their products are of a very high quality and they seem to be a great company. From what I gather, it's not a typical MLM.
  6. Glamazon

    Glamazon Gold

    I use essential oils myself. It is their off practices that concern me especially the promotion of rain drop therapy to cure scoliosis. To put it shortly the tissue is not becoming inflamed because there are toxins or viruses moving out of the body with application of oils (their claim), it is that they are adding skin irritants to the skin that causes the redness and heat. http://www.naturesgift.com/RDT.htm Here is a peer review:
    [TABLE="width: 80%"]
    [TD="width: 1%"][/TD]
    [TD="width: 83%"] A white paper presented by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, detailing why responsible members of the Aromatherapy Community are appalled by the risks and dangers inherent in the practice of so called "Raindrop Therapy"[/TD]

    This, to me, makes claims for their other products suspect.
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have a new friend who is into aromatherpy and massage. She loves the line - doTERRA. She has given me a couple - orange and peppermint and I just love them. I will ask her for more info. Does anyone know that line? Headquarters is Salt Lake City I think.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What is an MLM company?
  9. endless

    endless New Member

    I don't know about the controversy, but I've experienced raindrop therapy and don't think it's a scam or anything to be 'appalled' about. The link is rather alarmist...reminds me of any CW-type organization being against something they don't believe in. I suppose I understand their concern about inadequately trained people, but just like other supplements, essential oils can be used in much larger doses than is are considered safe by the mainstream. Who's to say for sure that treatment does not work?

    I have a friend who has treated her son's scoliosis with it. Haven't spoken to her in awhile to see what she thinks about it's effectiveness. Now I'll have to give her a call and see...
  10. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I have heard of doTerra. Supposed to be a great company.

    I'm not sure if we can accuse many people of "weird science claims." ;-) I mean, I'm obviously all-in on Dr Kruse's stuff, but there are "weird science" accusations to go around. That's why I asked if anyone had actually used the products with success.

    Last night in the Optimal Reset Q&A, Dr Kruse mentioned a DHEA cream that he'd tried with some luck ... I feel like we should be building a "library" of sorts of resources and products that our members have had success with to help others in getting optimal. Researching this stuff is so time consuming, and I just feel like we can work smart and "raise the boats" with some intention.

    So call me Ms. Make-Jack's-Philosophy-Practical. I'm the one responsible for putting the 90-Day Optimal Reset together (with Jack's blessing, of course) that, while a work in progress, I'm hoping will ultimately be a great way for the community to come together to try the protocols out, get some momentum and support, and hopefully start turning things around in their own life. Same with bringing in the EMF Environmental Engineer to do an extended webinar series: let's make these ideas as actionable as possible!

    If anyone has had success with hormone therapy or products without a doctor's prescription, I'd be interested in hearing out them so we can do our own due diligence, see if they'd be something we could recommend to the community. :)
  11. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver


    I use Twist DHEA Cream and it has raised my DHEA levels significantly. I think this is the one he mentioned last night. I find the best price on Amazon for it.
  12. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Love your approach, Misty! Great idea! And there's Maca.....I take one everyday, but how do I know its working? Going by claims....
  13. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I believe it stands for Multilevel Marketing, Caroline. Something like Amway in Canada.
  14. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I had a good experience with the following progesterone gel.

    Natural Progesterone Gel

    Supplement Spot's Natural Progesterone Gel provides a revolutionary delivery system. A unique gel formula that delivers progesterone in a 99.9% water-based gel formula, leaving practically nothing on your skin but the active progesterone.The progesterone is suspended in the gel and will not settle to the bottom of the bottle. When mixed with water, the compound TEA forms a gel that is 99.9% water. When the water evaporates, you are left with little else besides the active ingredient. It absorbs immediately into the skin without the waxy residue characteristic of creams, making it ideal for men and women with oily skin. You can buy a 4oz pump that contains 2,000 mg USP of micronized progesterone.

    The pricing is reasonable as well:

    $23.95 each for 1 bottle
    $22.95 each for 2 bottles
    $21.95 each for 3 bottles
    $18.95 each for 4 bottles
    $17.95 each for 5 bottles
    $16.95 each for 6 bottles and more
  15. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Do you know what the dose is for this per pump? I'm so scared to try progesterone again. I was prescribed a compounded cream by my doc. My progesterone is low but not terribly low. She prescribed 200mg cream and I had the most awful side effects, including 5-lb weight gain in a week period. That weight didn't just drop off either. I had the worst brain fog and was unable to function while using the cream for a week. My period came 3 days early, when it is usually like clockwork on day 28. I had headaches and depression and was so horribly tired and miserable. And I know a few other women personally who had similar experiences to this. I actually tried again the next cycle with this cream but used about 1/4 of the dose so instead of 200mg progesterone I was getting more like 50mg. I had the same effects starting to happen and I discontinued it after 3 days.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have been using - Natural Progeste cream by Metabolic Maintenance. I bought it from iherb I think and it was around $30.00. I have no idea how it is working really - how would you know? Right now I am on 200mg oral Pg and 100mg vaginal Pg and this Pg cream. I will retest at the end of next week.
    Before that I had a compounded cream but it was around $100.00 so needed to find something cheaper. My last testing my Pg did come up some but not nearly good enough yet.

    I buy Prometrium without a script from - Drugstore4save - on line. I can't get that here in Oz. As Dr. K said last nite - it can be used either orally or vaginally. I am presently using a troche [vaginal] and I hate it. It takes a long time to dissolve and a lot seems to run out even tho I am laying down.

    Presently I am using a compounded DHEA cream + 50mg caps
  17. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    It has 17 mg per pump. I started slow and was building it up with the time. I am generally sensitive to supplements and have to go really slow.
  18. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Was it bioidentical progesterone or synthetic, Claudia? I wonder if that affects things.

    Caroline - I'd guess you'd know how it was working by testing. :)
  19. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I just ordered that cream ... off Amazon! Last night, after the call. I'm going to try to the Young Living pregnenolone (which makes all our hormones--mine are so tanked ... only one ovary and haven't focused on hormones yet because I was working on leaky gut / thyroid) and progesterone, too. I have an appt with a GYN in a month. I'm going to try these for a month and then test before I let them put me on BHRT to see how these are working ... I feel like we need to find some resources for women who are having a hard time getting support from the medical community.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is a reasonable assumption - but I have upped everything so there is no way to know specifically!

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