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Hope Rising....

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Hope, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hope

    Hope Gold

    What a day.....at the end I hit my head at a bathroom door at the mall nearby, oh well. I think I was too tired, LOL.

    I am starting to wonder if I am not eating enough BF. I am not doing the BAB right now bc 50g protein is a lot........but then I wonder, maybe I do need more....than I am doing lately since the move. Either 3 eggs or a can of sardines w my usual fixings but today I was so tired in the morning......until I had my lunch, which was also simple again...ground beef with lots of herbs and a nice amount of mushrooms. I felt much better after that lunch, and even more after my chiro/massage appointment. it was hard to believe......truly. must experiment....
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Hope, I am BPC kind of girl in the morning. For the past week I logged my foods into Fitday and realized I need to up my protein more. I am heaviest on fat in my daily choices.

    So I am making a concentrated effort to add a protein in at breakfast (along with the BPC).
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  3. Hope

    Hope Gold

    What kind of coffee do you like - may I ask? I have not done coffee...but I wonder.....i know Dave Asprey swears by it.
  4. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Home I have single origin organic beans. At work it is Community coffee.

    I use a stick blender and combine 1 tbl ghee, 1 tbl coconut oil, 1 tbl MCT oil, two squares 90% Lindt chocolate, two egg yolks, 1 tbl cream and 1/2 tbl coconut sugar. It is very good and holds me well for 6 hours or so.
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  5. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    Wow Fitness that is some brew, a meal in itself :)!
  6. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I can't take credit for it. The recipe was posted on here by Dali dula. I substitute 2 squares of Lindt 90% for the cocoa powder he uses. It tastes great too.
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  7. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Wow that is amazing!! I think I could try it.....with the cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing here :)

    I can't believe it holds you for 6 hours? Whoa!
  8. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Just mix it altogther with a cup of hot coffee or just hot water if you are not a coffee drinker.
  9. Hope

    Hope Gold

    I shall :) Or tea :)
  10. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Just a quick update...had a lovely day here in my new area.....there is a farm tour weekend and how lovely to go and search for farms with organic seedlings.....happy animals...healthy food. Except for the burger we had for lunch that was supposedly grass fed, and maybe it was but it was also stale, old, and definitely defrosted after being frozen for who knows how long. Yuck. And a good lesson.

    But how awesome to drive through pretty COUNTRY side.....though there were some cell towers, much less and lots of beauty and trees. I drove and so I could take advantage of my grounding strap which totally makes a difference. In the afternoon I went alone to a yoga class....with the best local teacher, back closer to the city but still worth it to stretch my legs and help my hip flexor...psoas muscles.....hamstrings etc. I felt so good afterwards.

    Tomorrow I'm going to put some of my seedlings in pots. I picked some up from a farm the farthest away from anywhere.....oh how I wanted to lay in the grass with the pigs there, like Inger with her lambs. Actually I wanted to stop and stay in so many places this morning. It just feels amazing to be out there. I so want to live there.....and so at least I want to some day have a cottage and some land to at least escape to on weekends. No question.

    I do also feel like my brain is getting less inflamed or something every day......I may not be able to feel it but I feel like my brain is less clogged or fogged, and my body as a whole is less heavy. It just feels a little lighter each day.

    The only bummer - and I don't know why i notice it now...maybe because I sleep less lately or wake up before my husband (which never happened in the old home, I think all of me was like...a log. Or something), but he snores, sometimes loudly, and on a couple hot nights (80 degrees in the bedroom bc the AC broke) when I woke up in the middle of the night it was so loud I couldn't go back to sleep...and this morning I felt like I could hear him stop breathing and do the typical OSA stuff...yet I can't get him to get tested :( so far and this was not the first time of course. Such a stubborn man.

    I am So thankful we are a bit further out of the city.....still not great, but making baby steps....energy is increasing bc despite all the work I have been able to go out and do fun stuff the last three weekends......which is unusual for me the past couple years. And if nothing else....I feel happy in my nearby environment and seeing lots of trees...and space....versus how I felt before, is so so nice. And that helps me have happier thoughts...

    I hope to find some spots along the Potomac and maybe closer ponds to do even a little CT nearby as I did in the old place, so we shall see :)
  11. Hope

    Hope Gold

    OMG...I was away 2 nights..and DH consumed 10 ice-cream sandwiches. WOW. I am in shock. He is rebelling.... That's what the gut says......

    I should be thankful I guess bc it's not a drug or alcohol addiction but.....sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. I know it's only 10% food but still.....
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why is this even in your house?
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  13. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Yeah, that's the thing!! He WENT and got it!!! While I was away...he knows - and thankfully has honored - my desire not to have ice-cream in the house (too tempting for me lol).....he's also been great at NOT drinking OJ in the morning...and just do a large glass of RO water and then his coffee. But even there.....I come home and bam, bottle of OJ there.

    He gets it when I'm away for just TWO nights. I found the ice cream sandwich box in the trash.....and tonight is trash night so that's why I found it and asked......did you eat this in 2 days (which is nights since he's at work during the day)? He says yes. :(

    Crazy stuff. Ugh.
  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hope,look at it another way. He indulged and made sure there was no temptation left for you. It is kind of supportive in a "I will not acknowledge this openly" kind of way ;)
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  15. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Yeah...maybe.....I am thinking he feels limited. Sad he can't see the other side. I know he's far from optimal anyway....

    In some ways I shouldn't be surprised. He grew up in a quite strict household......so he had to listen to a band he loved, Kansas, behind his parents' back.

    Yet I dream of him coming on board more...not so far.
  16. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    As much as I talk about my hubby and how supportive he is he doesnt do all that I do. But he supports me in what I do. He nods as I ramble and then goes and enjoys a beer. I dont really care. He eats lunch with his work buddies all the time...and while he generally orders salads with meat or fish, he still goes to chipotle and moby dick and his favorite thai place. I dont fault him. He is healthier than I am, his body can take it and he looks great (which totally pisses me off..lol).

    The fact that your hubby binged on his treats when you were not around instead of licking the ice cream sandwich off his fingers in front of you speaks volumes....in a really good way.

    My guy respects me and my version of being/becoming well. I have to respect that he knows what his body can and cant handle. Our N=1 is very different, but I figure once I surpass him we'll see whose right ;)
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I learn from my wife all the time when I listen to her. We only have what we give. So many words get lost when they leave the mouth and lose their courage. She reminds me have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say. There's a lot of difference between listening and hearing...............
  18. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Christi you are one amazing wife. I wish I had that strength. My Dh LOOKS amazing....but he has issues....and bad heart family history...grandpa died at 61, dad had a massive stroke at 79, lingered for three years - and he worked at it since his father died when he was in his early 30s. What he does now sets him up for later. He does Chipotle etc. and I can live with it but sugar.....or mountains of it is hard for me. I care too much. I want him around at 85 - while being able to walk and talk too, not like his dad.

    Of course what he did speaks volumes....it's proof he doesn't care, and he always says it too...and in his mind, sugar does not matter. For anything. EMF doesn't matter either. I personally think his brain is too fried and he is self-medicating somehow. We just moved and though he did only a fraction of the work and organizing, it's still a ton of stress and running around in addition to working.

    It is excruciating to see him do all he does. I need to become rock star healthy and make back all the money we invested into my health over the years - which I will, but it will take time.....maybe then he'll listen. So far, no go....even though I tell him every day how much I love our new space and area...and we have done a lot more fun things in the few weeks we've lived here. I know I need to let go......but it's hard.
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  19. Hope

    Hope Gold

    You and Sandy are super blessed w each other!

    My DH barely talks. He speaks most of his words at work. Not much left for me....so I watch his actions.....and his face. And I can read/see/hear a lot. He often laughs when I share what I see because he can't believe I can read him so well. lol
  20. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Quick update...after 2 failed attempts, Quest finally did the 3rd run of an updated c4a again...and it's now in acceptable levels....from 4500ish down to 2098. 2800 is the upper limit and I want to bring it down more, but I am so thankful....after about 6 weeks out of toxic mold and CSM, I am making progress on that front. MSH is still low I am sure.....

    So now I just have to keep getting outside and in the water, even the pool LOL, and get some rest, once the 13 hour days of cleaning, organizing, sorting etc can finally wind and slow down indeed. Thankfully all the cleaning has to be done outside......and thankfully the weather has been unreal-ly amazing here for late June. And the other great news is, I have decluttered so much, outside of our tables (kitchen, coffee) and king bed, all our belongings fit into a one car garage, if we had to do so. It is so amazing to have less stuff....and just focus on what I like and actually use.

    I have just started to meditate again little by little.....

    I must say it is amazing, how wonderful it is to walk into your home and not be greeted by a large whiff of mold. Yaye.....
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