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Hmm…I seem to be losing muscle and fat. Help!

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by codys182, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. codys182

    codys182 New Member

    So I started CT about 2 weeks ago. I did the face dunks, ice packs, and just did my first bath yesterday. The weight is falling off. However, while working out today I felt and looked much weaker, and my performance had decreased. I am pretty strict keto and following the leptin reset protocol. I know my calories had dropped quite a bit during the past few weeks as I have lost most of my hunger. They are not too low, though…and probably close to 2,000 cals a day.

    My workouts are pretty low intensity - lift heavy for about 30 minutes, using mostly compound lifts. I have only been doing this 2-3 days a week. I am about 5'10, 185 lbs, and about 15% body fat.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or run into this issue? Should I possibly add in some carbs? Or just make an effort to eat more?
  2. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I would focus on upping protein. I lost strength after a week of CT but it returned massively with increases in week 3! I haven't lost hunger though, I eat well... Lots of fat and protein. Try that and see how you go this week.
  3. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    Ps! Fat loss releases estrogen into your system which often leads to lack of strength and libido in men. It's part of detox. Get B12 and B6.
  4. codys182

    codys182 New Member

    Thanks! Will do…definitely feeling as though my testosterone is taking a major hit.
  5. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium and zinc too!!!

    I've only had muscle gain with CT and the Leptin Reset. Gained 8 freaking pounds! But my waist is getting smaller.

    Lift heavier, that tells your body to hold onto your muscle. 5 reps, last one should be FREAKING HARD!
  6. edance83@yahoo.com

    edance83@yahoo.com New Member

    Another thing to consider is that it's just from being keto. I don't know if you were previously and didn't have issues, but if not you may just be noticing that. I haven't been doing any exercise while doing my reset and ct for the last 8 wks. BUT, before this I did go keto at various times and I noticed a MASSIVE difference in being able to do any exercise. I know that many lifters do as well. Dr. K says that you will get weaker at first and then have massive gains, but that it can take 3 months - 2 yrs! This is why most paleo lifters seem to prefer more carbs. But, I believe Dr. K that it isn't the best plan and will shorten telemeres, but I don't care if I have weakness for even a couple years as I don't compete or anything like that. My experience though has been added strength since doing CT, but I still can tell a difference in endurance. My muscles literally feel weaker and I can't do even half of what I normally can in endurance when I'm keto. But, it has been getting better with the CT for me.
  7. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Great point Lovelife!!!

    More strength for me doing CT as well.

    Keto will definitely make you feel weaker short term.

    I've been keto off and on for over five years, so I didn't experience any strength loss from the Leptin Reset.
  8. Adria

    Adria New Member

    Yes this is what happened to me, at first I was weaker but as the months of keto progressed I got stronger and now lift more than ever before. I've been keto since 2009 and weightlifting 20+yrs. Then I started CT last month and noticed I'm a little weaker with my weights but expect greater results in the long run.
  9. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    How do you know if you need zinc? I know if it's really bad then you get a metallic taste in your mouth, which I don't have. Do you know if it's OK to take a zinc or just leave it?
  10. Glamorama

    Glamorama New Member

    I did a taste-test with my naturopath. I was very deficient, the solution tasted like water to me. I supplemented daily for 14 weeks, and byt that point I started feeling sick after taking zinc, so the doc told me I probably had my storage full, and could stop taking it altogether. Now I take it every 2nd night again, without any side-effects.
  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

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