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High Inflammation 4.67 (hsCRP)

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Eduard, May 26, 2018.

  1. Eduard

    Eduard New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I would really appreciate your help with some issues that I seem to experience.

    Here are some items from my panel (that are out of bounds):

    red cells (erythrocyte): 6.67 ml/L (interval is 4.20-6)
    average red cells volume: 61 fl (interval is 80-99)
    erythrocyte hemoglobin: 20.40 pg (interval is 27-33.50)
    distribution width: 15.70 % (interval is 10-15.50)
    lymphocytes: 48.80 % (interval is 20-44)
    neutrophils: 41.80 % (interval is 42-77)

    Ionic Calcium: 3.76 mg/dl (interval is 4-5)
    LDL: 116.30 mg.dl (should be smaller than 100)

    transaminases (ASAT/AST): 56 U/l (interval is 0-50)

    high sensitive CRP: 4.67 (should be less than 1)
    dhea: waiting for results..

    The doctor says about the erythrocyte mismatches is genetic.

    Other from that, I am concerned about the high inflammation. My symptoms are lack of energy, sometime I feel is hard to breath - and feel somehow that my body is acid or dry.
    Also a pain in the middle of my back and some problems with digestion especially when I eat wheat products (or/and lactose). And for some years I experience some hair fall out.
    I am also a bit underweight and I eat a high fat diet. My age is 33yo.

    Do you have any suggestion for any other analysis to conduct to see the reason of the high inflammation? Or any suggestion? I am suspecting the liver or an allergy.. (apart from that started CT, and fixing some of the env issues).

    Thank you for your help
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Labs tell you very little. Your environment is what you react too. You have not even mentioned it, which I think on this site is ironic but likely where your problem lies.

    I've been telling people the same story over and over again in different ways to get at deeper and deeper levels of understanding on this site. We are now at the most fundamental levels in blogs and on the forum, in using light frequency to get the message through to you. There is no deeper or smaller level to head too beyond this level. The metabolic trap door was and has been in the eye. The skin, gut, and lung surface must get the same light signal the eye does or you get ill and inflammation rises. I have been telling you the truth a long time, but too few ever really listen well. You have to learn to observe to learn why things happen. Inflammation is all about a proton disorder. Inflammation is the collateral damage of cellular chaos. Inflammation is related to pH. pH is a log scale of protons. Optimal health is an environmental decision and choice, it’s not a genetic lottery. The genome story is an idea from people printing money from half-truths.

    Why is change difficult for humans? With the eyes of a mole we see and judge our own dogmatic views and faults - with the eye of an eagle we judge the opinions of others. In this way, accept our persistent mediocrity we allow for ourself and dismiss ideas that might elevate us.

    Your environment makes you ill.........it is that simple.

    Now get learning about that.
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Sun, Sunlight, Circadian Rhythm
    Post your
    4x/saliva cortisol test
    Vit D level
    BUN/Createnine ratio

    do not eat anything containing wheat
    drink lots of Lugols (not Nascent)

  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Eduard .....Have you listened to Jack's two Vermont talks? Nourish Vermont 2016 and 2017.......and we will be getting another one soon!

    Do you listen to Jack's podcasts? they are a faster way to get a lot of this information as you plough thru the blogs and webinars.
  5. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Environment is everything you see, but more importantly everything you don't see but your cells sense.
    UV, IR, other EMF both non native and native, magnetism, air quality, water quality (we can't see how high something is in deuterium), food quality.

    You may not get enough balanced UV and IR (=sunlight) on your body surface. At night your body may not even realize it's night due to lack of connection to the earth and artificial lights, your body may not be able to handle the water and food you eat properly because of this. Could be a lot of reasons why inflammation is high.

    Check jackkruse.com for the Epi Paleo Rx and Redox Rx. If you got sick in the environment you currently live in, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to get better.
    drezy likes this.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Most think of sunlight as energy and as something that we can see.
    Sunlight is also information (and it speaks in language that our body understand)

    Artificial light=foreign language
    Artificial frequencies=foreign language


    photon --- speed of light
    information tells photons where to go ----- faster than light

  7. Eduard

    Eduard New Member

    everyone, thanks for your input

    @Jack Kruse yes, it is my environment.
    - at work my office is near an automatic door that pulses around 20-30mW/sqm (I became very sensitive (react) on the nn emf)
    - I have a tendency to stress myself out of small thing (this puts stress on my system)
    Above this, I'm a computer programmer, so I have a years of bad information (from light)
    So I have a couple of items to resolve. And yes, it is advisable to become conscious about our own selves

    @JanSz will have those analysis done soon, thanks

    @caroline will listen to those talks, of course, thank you

    @Walter will look into regulating my circadian rythm
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  8. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I'd go as far as to say Artificial light + nnemf = jackhammer noise
  9. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Someone here at work said that we hear in analog we can't detect digital so they have to change digital to analog to hear song/words. Is he right?
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  10. Eduard

    Eduard New Member

    So I did a few more tests:

    1,25 vitamin D is 40,70 pg/mL (interval is 19,90 - 79,30)
    25 Vitamin D is 40,5 μg/L (should be larger than 30)
    CO2 is 26 mmol/L (interval is 22-29)
    new test for hsCRP at other testing center 0,639 mg/dL (should be smaller than 0,500 - high cardiovascular risk)
    homocysteine is 4,87 μmol/L (should be smaller than 10)

    Urea Serum is 23,8 mg/dL (interval is 16,6 - 48,5)
    Creatinine Serum is 0,92 mg/dL (interval is 0,67 - 1,17)
    => If I understood corectly the formula BUN/creatinine should be around 12 - which yield dehydration?

    TT3 is 1,32 ng/mL (interval is 0,8-2,0)
    FT3 is 3,52 pg/mL (interval is 2-4,40)
    TSH is 1,9800 μUI/mL (interval is 0,2700-4,2000)
    ESR is 16mm/h (interval is 2-30)

    I tested also allergen panels with 40 elements, nothing yield any issue.
    I tested for hepatic virus and it was negative (which is good).

    So apart of the high inflammation which is still kind of a constant, what should I investigate more?


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