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High CRP + Labs

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by AmyJ, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    Hi everyone,

    I could really use some help with the inflammation!! 51yo female, total hysterectomy 2008, no hormones then. Hashimotos. Gluten intolerant/not Celiac. 5'3.5" 173lb. Started Leptin Rx mid December and lost 15lbs which is phenomenal for me, I've never been able to lose more than 3-4lbs and would always gain it back + more. Cholesterol was 300 a year ago, too, 50mcg of Synthroid knocked it down to 230 in 5 months but I started going hyper. Dropped to 25mcg and up the cholesterol went again. At the time of the tests below I started on 60mg Armour and .5MG/.25MG E2/E3 and 50MG Progesterone, both sublingual. The original prescription was double but it made me very depressed/moody. I eat mostly keto, GF beef, shellfish, pastured pork, sometimes chicken. Not fond of veggies, no fruit, only dairy is GF ghee and occasional hard cheese. Once in a while a nightshade will slip in, as will a grain. I was traveling when that happened, just before the tests. Haven't had them in a while again. I've been spot CTing because it feels so good. I've been waking up between 2-3am with what feels like a surge of adrenalin, otherwise sleep ok. A 24 hr cortisol test will be coming up.

    What is the most effective and quickest way to reduce the high CRP? How long will it take to get it down and are there other tests I should have? I'm not sure what's causing it but it's probably stress. I live in an area that was devastated by a wildfire last Labor Day weekend. I'm working on the mental aspects of the situation but I'm not quite where I should be.


    Total LDL-D Direct 212 (=40 md/dL)

    Total VLDL-C Direct 21 (
  2. Your ratio of rT3 is too low (should be >20). This means some of your T4 that should be converting to T3 is actually getting converted to rT3. The FT3 should be in the top part of the range and yours is in the bottom part. The FT4 should be middle to highish in the range and it's in the bottom. All this tells you that

    1) you have some underlying issue that is causing your rT3 and leaving you leptin resistant in the brain (might want to check your cortisol ...wake up times for cortisol surges are usually between 2-4am and get a full iron panel as your ferritin is super low.

    2) you are probably not on enough thyroid meds. 60 mg is a very low dose in the scheme of Hashis. You need CT for sure!

    The HA1c of 5.8 puts you at the pre-diabetic stage. CT will help this tremendously according to Dr. K. This number is the average of 90 days of your insulin so one time is not going to affect this. Something that you are eating is causing an insulin response. It may be the lactose in the cheese???? Maybe re-examine all the foods you eat from this perspective.

    I'm not sure but I think both the Hashis and pre-diabetes can trigger a high CRP. Someone correct me if this is not right. Sorry can't help with hormones or cholesterol.
  3. shilohman

    shilohman New Member

    AmyJ, you also need your omega 6/3 ratio tested. With your LDL at 212, this indicates as you suspected a lot of inflammation. Until you get your omega 6/3 ratio tested, try supplementing with krill oil. But you are on the right track. Be careful of meat that is labeled grass fed, but is fattened up before going to market with grains. I know this mostly is what Whole Foods sells, so you might be getting a lot of

    omega 6/ low omega 3s with out knowing it. Just something to verify.
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Shilohman, I hadn't heard this about Whole Food's GF beef. Disappointing.

    Well, I didn't like the fact that they only sell lean GF beef..
  5. I don't think you did the rt3 ratio correctly. Google stop the thyroid madness calculator.
  6. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    Patty Cakes: I’m due to have my next thyroid labs done. These will reflect the Armour. I didn’t realize the ferritin is low. I switched to all cast iron and started eating lots of beef after that one, does that help with that? That test was in early December.

    I’m confused by the A1c. I was checking my blood sugar when I first started the LR but then quit after a few weeks because it was always so low. I’m not sure I trust that test. At any rate, I’ve quite eating cheese again.

    Shiloman: the 6/3 ratio is on my wish list. I got the bill from Quest today. $209. The insurance paid 14.00. Whoopee!! I’m hoping part of that was deductible. Gosh, is it really 262.00 for an RT3? Crazy.

    I get my beef from Slankers or a local cattle company. Grass finished. Thanks for the reminder. I'll look at everything more closely.

    Thank you both!

  7. It's best to ask if the cows were "grass fed AND finished". I learned my lesson on that one too!
  8. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    I did use the calculator for the ratio on the STTM site. I just did it again, this time actually reading the directions :eek: same thing.
  9. shilohman

    shilohman New Member

    Since funds are limited, I personally would only get the omega 6/3 test and the HS-CRP. These are the two that Dr. K seems to refer to the most.
  11. shilohman

    shilohman New Member

  12. Just as a reference point: my Omega 6:3 is 2.96:1 and my CRP is high at 2.8. Something other than the O6:3 ratio is triggering that. However, the CRP has gone down from 3.6. I too have Hashis and not sure why I'm trying to hack my labs to get this down further.
  13. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    Thanks for your ideas. I'll re-read the blogs that came up with an "inflammation" search. The hormones 101 I've read at least 10 times. Not retaining much due to the brain fog. I think I have a plan, though. Seriously...thanks. :)
  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    FWIW you can have a low hsCRP :.18mg/dl (it was .65mg/dl last august); however my HbA1C increase to 5.6! (was 5.3) and my insulin was 5.5 uIU/ml (it was 4.5uIU/mL)

    I had a CIMT done in Feb - and it showed MASSIVE Inflammation in my carotid arteries, and indicated my arterial age was 51!!! I'm 38, soon to be 39! I've been paleo for a yr & 1/2!!
  15. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    Shinjin, I'm confused. How can you have massive inflammation in your carotid arteries with a hsCRP so low? I thought that is what hsCRP was reflecting? I'm going to ask for the CIMT when I go back at the end of the month. We can certainly justify it to the insurance co. with a cholesterol of 300 and hsCRP of 5.4. The problem is, if they find it's bad, I''m probably not willing to take whatever drugs they want to push at me. I might, but not blindly.

    Being overweight is not helping the inflammation, I'm sure. I'm wondering if I should try HCG to get it down quicker. Anybody have personal experience with HCG & inflammation? Back to read that blog...damn, I wish I could remember things! It's a miracle I still have a job. The fact that it's intuitive in large part helps a lot.
  16. Interesting stats! Thanks Shinjin as I was unsure if there was a connection between hsCRP and HA1c.
  17. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    From what I understand the hsCRP is a tool that can identify potential cardiac disease - due to the levels of CRP protein in your blood. It isn't a true measure of inflammation, its just 1 piece of the puzzle. my CIMT showed inflammation but no plaque. inflammation can be a sign of rapid aging of the body - ie shortening telemores. Inflammation can be the result of what your eating, it can be influenced by environmental, and what epigenetic switches have been turned on.

    Amy I've had great success just doing the LR from June to January - by then I had seen a reversal of leptin resistance - toward Leptin Sensitivity. In Feb I began CTing...and In March I added BHRT - btwn the 13 of March and this past monday I 've seen a drop in at least 7lbs & I'm mostly migraine free (not counting my stupidity from last night- causing one) I'd give the LR and CT a chance. if your doc's push statins and such - push back. Ask them to show you the journal articles where Statins are BENEFICIAL to WOMEN. (They can't show you any b/c there aren't any) Continue to push on diet/exercise and follow the LR - and discuss closer monitoring, Tell them You know that diet/exercise/weightloss will turn things around but its not something that's going to happen over night... tell them you're shooting for small slow weightloss - that in the end will result in HUGE POSITIVE GAINS in health. Figure how every long you been at weight X - it will take at least that long to get to a normal weight. Remember your doctor works for you, the recommend a treatment - but they CAN'T make you follow said treatment. IF you don't do what they recommend - what's the worst that can happen - they "Fire"

    you as a patient - if so good - find a better doc, willing to work w/you. The best outcome - they work w/you , and you change their perspective on how they interact w/patients, and how they treat patients... and you become the starfish....
  18. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    Thank you! :)

    Press on, I will.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    WF's ground beef is 100 percent grass - fed. They got into trouble mislabeling food before and they are more caustious now.
  20. Destiny

    Destiny New Member


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