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Hi from Sydney

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Tara Beath, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Tara Beath

    Tara Beath New Member

    Hi everyone! I’m very new to all of this and am feeling slightly overwhelmed with all of the information but so impressed. I don’t yet understand it all but I 100% believe it!
    We are Sydney based, I have 3 girls, one has autism, which is what originally led me to exploring diet and other alternative health options. Since becoming a member I’ve been reading through various blogs and listened to some podcasts - I haven’t even scratched the surface but I’m slowly implementing changes to our lifestyle. We’ve started drinking Icelandic, eating more seafood, have blue light blocking glasses, red night bulbs for night time, and purchased some blueshield emf protector products (not sure how effective these are). I’ve just ordered a MitoHQ EMF reader so will be interested in what it reveals about our house.
    One thing that’s always on my mind is a potential relocation out of Sydney. While I’m drawn to the south coast (anywhere from Bulli near Wollongong to Gerringong) I know my family would benefit from the higher temperatures in the north. But a move north that would mean we have to leave all family and friends and our stable jobs and perhaps make us more stressed.
    Would love to hear from others who have relocated from a major city in Oz.
    Am so grateful to have found this space. Most of the people I talk to about the dangers of blue light, 5g, cellphones etc look at me rather blankly which drives me insane so and look forward to connecting with like minded people ☺️
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  2. wildperoxin

    wildperoxin New Member

  3. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 New Member

    Hey Tara, welcome! I'm also from Sydney. After reading the above, I believe you need to do what's best for your family. Sydney is getting worse in terms of emf pollution and really is becoming a cesspool. Are you willing to stay for your family and friends then, when you and your family's health further declines?
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Tara and welcome.......

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. some health history and your Mom's and gran's as well.

    Be very careful about naval bases and airports up and down the coast. We moved from the Wollongong area to the northern rivers.......but ......

    5G is coming everywhere....soon. We go to some classes in Maclean which is a very small town and my iPhone tells me I am hooked up to a 5G network even tho everyone swears it isn't here yet.

    I am really healthy - but around 5G I totally fall apart. I get serious brain fog and totally fatigued and can't function well at all.
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  5. Tara Beath

    Tara Beath New Member

    Thank you for the replies and sorry for the delayed response! I broke my wrist a few weeks ago and have been struggling to do everything I need to.

    Thanks for the advice. Yep agree Sydney is getting out of hand, traffic, noise, pollution, EMFs, all not great for the body.

    Caroline I will start a health diary! When you mention the airports how far away do you think you need to be to be safe? North is not really possible for us with but I’m hoping we can find a safe pocket down south where we can access the beach, sunrises, CT and generally be closer to nature ☀️
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We looked around for a long time up and down the south coast. There is a naval base at Eden and we think there is an underground munitions depot somewhere there and munitions are moved up and down the coast.

    Shipping lanes are a big problem and so are airports etc. etc.

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