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Hi From Singers Glen, VA

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Thora Pomicter, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi Martha!

    Come on out to Sugar Hollow and dip in the mountain streams with us :) They are COLD.

    We, too, are looking at what we can do for migration....we used to live in Nelson and were MUCH MUCH healthier! I have tested recently for geopathic stress toxins (maybe radon?) and my primary problem is nnEMF even though I try not to be on any device as much as possible. I think for sure our issues are related to location, maybe too near the airport too???

    Our problem is that our kids are attached to this location, soccer teams, friends, etc. Although they are willing to move, we aren't really sure where to go and keep a community :) C'ville is pretty special!
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  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I'm south of Santa Barbara about 30 miles and north of L.A. by about 60-90 miles - L.A. is very large:) It's bucolic here with a lot of lemon and avocado trees - with strawberries everywhere -
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  3. Martha Barger

    Martha Barger New Member

    Ha had to look up bucolic -- I can see it now....
    My former employer lives in Southern CA and I always loved visiting out there. I also had many family trips to CA when I was a teen. Love visiting but I do not like the idea of dealing with earthquakes.. you stay safe on solid bucolic ground Penny.
  4. Martha Barger

    Martha Barger New Member

    You must live nearer to White Hall I don't think of Crozet being close to the airport.
    We live in Willow Lake near Piedmont Virginia Community College. Great view of Carter's Mountain to our south east and the western mountain range on our West. We looked at a property at 2104 Saddle Hollow Rd, Crozet, VA Totally awesome but my husband does not like heights. That was last winter and I was only considering getting a tiny bit closer to the National Quiet Zone.....not sure if that is at all worthwhile unless you move to Green Bank West, VA which is pretty isolated to say the least. We go to Whole Foods almost every day.. hate that new cell tower right accross the street from them.. In fact, I hate seeing those cell tower eyesores everywhere we travel.

    Thank goodness we had a little break from the heat recently. By Aug we should take you up on a stream dip. When I first moved here I used to fish at Mint Springs Park near Crozet, That might be cool too? We drove by it last weekend when we went for a 2nd look at that Saddle Hollow Rd property. I had forgotten they have a beach and swimming area there.... perhaps I can sun there some.

    I hope we can stay in touch... I feel isolated sometimes and enjoy like minded health enthusiasts... don't suppose you have found any good Integrative alternative health practitioners here...I've been in need since MD Marty Albert moved away and then closed working even remotely. I love Physical Therapist Rick Moore with Encompass Therapy in Ivy... great help to to me. I go to Downtown Family Health some but of the other nine doctors I like none of them are a perfect fit for us and none of them take our insurance. I go to Lowell B. Weiner DDS, a Holistic Dentist in DC.. a Dr. Bronson here on Berkmar I liked and but his main practice is also in DC and he is here very little like one day a month and he eems to specialize in children's care. So much for my Dr. woes... I sure do love what I know about Dr. Jack Kruse!

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