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Hi from Seattle

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Toni1675, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Toni1675

    Toni1675 New Member

    My name is Toni and I've lived in Seattle now for 7 years orignally from sunny CA. For 6 years when winter has rolled around here I find reasons to try and get back to Ca except for this year....

    My story is I was a athlete all through school and once that stopped the eating didn't and neither did the weight gain. At my largest I was 330lbs in 2003. I never noticed how big I had gotten until I was at a ride at Disneyland and I couldn't fit. Then and there I actually sat back and counted my daily calorie intake. It came to an astounding 12000 calories a day....holy crap! I went to the Dr. for help and they actually told me I should have gastric bypass surgery. I told them to go to hell!! I thought to myself..I'm an athlete I can do this on my own, so I did. I dropped my calorie intake to 2000 a day but kept all my favorite foods like pizza, burger, and fries but dropped my weight to 240 in 9 months. I'm 6'1" female that carries 240lbs pretty good so I was happy but because I didn't know anything about types of food being bad I started to gain weight back. By 2005 I was 280...for the next 5 years it bobbed between 240-285 no matter how much I ran or excersiced. I was also diagnosed with on set of diabetes so I was now taking 2000 mg of Metformin and I had to eat every 2 hours.

    I was miserable...until June of 2010 Paleo entered my life. The first 2 weeks were pure HELL for me. I went through withdrawals so bad because of my bread addiction and my soda addiction. After that I felt amazing! I started running more and more triathlons and then crossfit. Oh how I loved crossfit! My weight was down to 210 and I was feeling stronger and stronger so I started going to CF 6 days a week. I lasted that way until May of 2011 when something happened...I started getting more injuries and just feeling like crap.

    I stopped CF in June 2011 and just started lifting heavy and was feeling ok so I bought a rower for those rainy Seattle days but nothing was helping it was getting worse. In Dec 2011 I entered a 100k rowing challenge and made it to 45000k until I hit my wall in mid Dec. I just stopped everything all I wanted to do was sleep, which was crappy sleep and eat.

    I was not happy cause I was entering winter months in Seattle and I knew I wouldn't see the sun for awhile so depression was kinda setting in until I decided to try snowboarding again. I know this sounds crazy but it changed my whole mindset. Before I hated being in the cold, wet conditions but now I craved it!! I went every weekend and some week days too. I didn't understand it but I didn't care I was happy again and eating good and was feeling better as days went by.

    On the way home one Sunday of snowboarding at Mt Baker my partner was listening to a podcast and Dr Jack Kruse was on. I liked what this guy had to say it was very interesting to me how he spoke and made things very simple. I was already Paleo but I couldn't for the life of me loose my belly fat and no one else could help me either. The next day at work I found his website and became obsessed.

    I am now 2 1/2 weeks into the Leptin RX and things are changing. My waist line is getting leaner and I have absolutely NO cravings...its kinda nuts!! Oh did I mention I'm also 2 1/2 weeks in to CT with bath water temps at 50 degrees I have worked up to an hour. It feels amazing. My skin is changing and my energy is through the roof!! Thank you so much Dr. Kruse for giving everyone this amazing information!! You are changing lives everyday!!!

    I will keep you all updated as I have new changes. But for the first time in 7 years I love living in Seattle because its not cold anymore to me. I can wear shorts and t shirt on 40 degree days and feel great!!

    Good luck to everyone

  2. Birdy

    Birdy New Member


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