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Hi from sacred Sedona

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by earthwalker, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    I am about 17 years into an intense healing journey. I am 49 years old. Began showing symptoms of Crohn's (chronic diarrhea) at age 12. In mid '90's I inhaled a vaporized mercury thermometer and had severe mercury poisoning. In 1998 I was in an outdoor fire at a garbage dump in Mexico during a photography workshop. A month later my health collapsed and I have been in an uphill battle since. I was also in NYC for 9/11 which threw me into PTSD immediately. My NYC apartment became mold infested around 2005. I have moved around the country in search of bearable living environments since 2007 as I became severely environmentally intolerant. At my worst, I was a universal reactor and had severe reactivity to chemicals, natural substances (essential oils, carbon, baking soda, organic cotton, etc.), fabrics (bedding and clothing), EMFs, vibration, sound, the sun, people's energy, etc. I lived a very isolated existence in Arizona for 5 years, unable to wear much clothing or tolerate any bedding. I slept on a hard wood or tile floor and used a glass bottle with boiled water for heat. I recovered enough from environmental sensitivities using brain retraining programs like the Gupta program and DNRS (see http://limbicretraining.com for more on those) coupled with EFT and FasterEFT. I moved to Sedona 2 years ago but the inflammation in my body from the Crohn's exploded (or imploded) around that time and I developed what was then diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was destroying my hands, wrists, ribs, knees and spreading to my elbows and feet/toes. The doctors later said it was Crohn's related arthritis. I am now in mostly remission from the arthritis due to intensive myofascial release therapy which saved my life and my joints. I still have symptoms depending on what I eat. My gut is still terrible. I have had daily diarrhea for 11 years straight now. My gut is bloated.

    In 2001 I did oral chelation with low dose DMPS and ALA (per Andy Cutler protocol) for 2 years for the mercury and arsenic poisoning. I had my 8 amalgams replaced prior to starting chelation. I had my one root canal tooth removed in 2008 (with no clear health improvements). I did a strict SCD diet for 6 years. I overhauled my lifestyle and lived completely chemical free for many years. However I was on my computer up to 18 hours a day as a coping mechanism for my severely restricted lifestyle and symptoms. I started a few websites to help others, as well, so I focused all my energy there for 8 years straight.

    I have the liver detox polymorphisms and poor genetics for mold illness and post lyme disease. I test positive for lyme disease. I have taken methlyfolate and B12 in the past but it never seems to make a difference. I took a liver detox profile test many years ago and it showed low glutathione, high glycine conjugation, low glucurondiation, and normal sulfation. Plasma cysteine was very elevated so I have avoided NAC and anything that increases cysteine. Plasma sulfate was normal.

    Taking antibacterials and anything that causes me to detox causes unbearable migraines and emotional lability fairly quickly. I can tolerate a lot of deep massage and body work though. 10-15 mins on the biomat causes a detox migraine.

    I did all the Shoemaker biotoxin illness testing in 2005 after the toxic mold exposure. I no longer have my test results but from memory, I had very high MMP-9 at the time, low MSH, low leptin. I did 6 weeks of Cholestyramine at the time which helped my MCS a lot. I am unsure if I should be doing the leptin resistance protocol since my leptin results were opposite what most with biotoxin illness had.

    I have been very anemic for years, typical for Crohn's. Low vitamin D-3 (around 30). I sometimes get severe foot/toe cramps but adding magnesium or potassium makes it worse. What helps with the cramps immediately are Emergen-C packs.

    I am doing much better now with regards to environmental illness but the Crohn's is the last to go. I started doing 20-30 mins of sun exposure on my chest every morning. I am going to start taking organic sulfur daily. I am now able to do Hot Yoga which I am so happy about. I am increasing to 5x a week the next few months. I recently started drinking Jun (probiotic drink) which has started to form small bowel movements. I have tried a ton of things over the years to address gut health and inflammation. Nothing has helped long enough to make a difference.

    Anyone have suggestions on what else to do to get this inflammation down?
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi ...and welcome. Are you reading Dr. K.'s blogs?

    dr. Kruse is/was doing Skype consults for members this month

    nnEMF? C/T?? blue blockers????
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    One more weekend of consults left..........
  4. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    It is difficult for me to read the dense articles - cognitively challenged after the mercury poisoning. Unfortunately, I don't have funds left for membership or consults. If anyone can just tell me if the leptin resistance protocol is appropriate for low leptin? Thank you!
  5. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    What is nnEMF and C/T??? I did order blue blockers. Thanks!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    non native EMF .....do you limit all electronics? artificial lites?

    C/T = cold thermogenisis ....there is a C/T protocol blog - this could be a game changer for you

    Do you have Dr. K's book? The Epi-Paleo RX ..... available on amazon. It is the first couple of years of the blog and much easier to get thru.

    Do you get outside as much as possible with as little clothes as possible?

    What water are you drinking?

    is there a smart meter where you live? what is your sleeping environment like?

    Please give Dr. K. more health history..... your Mom, grandma? siblings? children?

    Are you eating seafood as much as possible?

    Have you read about fecal transplants?
  7. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    I have a history of severe EMF sensitivity. I do not use a cell phone except in emergencies. My main phone is a landline. I use hardwired DSL not WiFi. No smart meter. I use natural light except at night. Have lived this way for about 15 years. I just ordered blue blocker glasses.

    For 5 years I could barely wear clothing and lived in northern AZ where temps could drop -20 deg in winter. My body adapted to the cold weather and I was able to tolerate much colder weather with barely any clothing than anyone I knew. I've been able to wear clothes and use bedding and heat for past 2 years but I suspect my body still has some of that adaptation in place.

    I just started getting 20 minutes of sunlight when I wake up with just a tube top and underwear on.

    I drink Living Springs hydrogen activated water. It is amazing. Much better than RO or spring.

    Sleeping environment is all organic bedding. Battery operated children's clock. Earthing sheet.

    I eat sardines, wild salmon, wild salmon roe.

    I have read about fecal implants.

    I ordered Epi-Paleo and am waiting for it to arrive.

    I sometimes turn on the cold water at the end of a shower and immerse my body in it. I will look at C/T protocol again.

    Dad had colon cancer but recovered after surgery. Dad had ulcer, high blood pressure.
    Dad's brothers died of heart attack.
    Mom takes statin meds, has Hashimoto's.
    Brother and sister okay as far as I know.
    Maternal grandmother died at 96 with advanced Alzheimer's.

    I was not breast-fed.

    THANK YOU!!!
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    EMF sensitivities was the focus of the August 2015 webinar.......you might have a listen.
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  9. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

  10. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    Thank you so much. Did not expect you to be commenting here. Very generous of your time. xx
  11. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

  12. earthwalker

    earthwalker New Member

    Hi Dr. Kruse,
    Can you tell me if I show low leptin on tests and am underweight if I still need to do the Leptin Resistance protocol? Is there anything on your website that addresses low leptin?
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2015

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