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Hi from an airline pilot in Philly

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by EDI AVDIC, Sep 21, 2021.


    EDI AVDIC New Member

    My name is Edi and I just joined the Optimal Klub after taking some 7 years to digest all the free blogs by JK, Twice. I know that would be a nasty proposal when it comes to any other food, but not with this sn2 electron laden snack.
    I grew up in a quaint European mountain village and as a consequence of a war that occurred when I was 7 years old me and my family eventually by the time I was 16 made it over here into the US of A as refugees. With zero English and money in our name we started off where most never do, at zero. My parents never quite "Made It" in this new land and I've always been here for them to keep them going, hopefully forward.
    I was always sickly and never quite right when it comes to health. Food seemed to help but with limitation until I deep dove into JK's free blogs. Then it really took off for me. I can honestly say I would never have gotten into the airline business if it wasn't for JK and his free blogs.
    Currently I work as a airline pilot and study contract law and quantum bio dynamics as a hobby.
    Looking for ways to optimize my health, life and wallet and those around me as well.
    Thanks again.

    MY BIOHACKS. Here is a list of my biohacks: How do I recover fastest after flying? I use cold behind my neck and stick my feet in cold spring water in a foot tub. If I'm laying outdoors in the sun (I notice sitting or standing is less energizing for me so I lay in the sun with my feet grounded and turned towards the sun) at the end of the day I would stick my head into a cold spring water foot tub filled with ice and keep it under ice cold water 3 minutes. I use the quantlet every morning at sleep setting (just red flickering) together with a in ear red light device. The in ear device calms my day and I stay focused. Love to comb my hair in the morning and it feels really good rest of that day. I think better after combing for about 5 minutes putting pressure on the sculp. Supplement multivitamins, methylated folate, cyticholine, and on tough work days micro dose pregnenolone (I noticed better bowel movement in the mornings, and my mornings are anywhere between 3am to 7am wakeup time) and potassium. Morning smoothie is teaspoon maca and teaspoon coconut oil, night smoothie is mixed salad with olive oil and a teaspoon of a powder mix I make myself out of: lions mane, reishi, magnesium malate, magnesium glycinate, mucuna, black sesame seeds, and a pinch of cilantro. Also add a teaspoon of cod liver oil. At home also use one Brazil nut with night smoothie and noticed I feel worse if use the Brazil nut at work so I dont. I make my own kvass (fermented beet juice) and bring it to work as well because I noticed I feel much better when I have a glass every night. I make my own bone broth and drink it at home and buy powdered Alaskan fish bone broth powder for work. I eat dinner most nights 3-4 hours before sleep and dont drink any water (that's my only liquid, no juice, no alcohol, no coffee, etc) within 30 minutes per and post eating food. At work I stay connected to aircraft metal when inflight and to the hotel grounding port thru power perfect box when sleep in in a Mercola Silvershield emf tent.
    I have setup my own air flow fan (battery powered) in the tent because I need fresh air during sleep at home and at work. Nothing beats fresh air for great sleep. At night I never use the hotel lights and carry on my head a red led lamp which can last many weeks per charge. I always sleep in pitch dark and I always measure with a trimester my hotel rooms (and if any of the 3 is high I change rooms). I watch sunrise most mornings although after moving to Delaware the trees are covering the sun until 10am. Love to do HIIT outdoors in my Kinickinick shorts in sunlight and like to get overheated as much as possible. I usually exercise best when its hottest and most uv. When at home 3-4 days a week) I spend 1-3 hours outdoors. At work anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours daily (usually 1 hour). When I get inside I put on my ice west straight from the freezer. I prefer to keep the oils on my skin therefore I don’t use water cold thermogenesis much. I do coffee enema weekly and noticed slight onset of depression if I skip a week. At home I use eye lights 15 minutes on left hemisphere and 15 on right brain hemisphere daily. I have a Shuman resonance device on a timer and it turns on at sleep time off at wakeup time and a BluShield running all the times. At work I bring a Kemp Electronics Schuman resonance device (after trying many portables I settled on this one because its intensity is adjustable and it uses a sine wave). No Wi-Fi all wired computers at home. My phone is always on airplane mode only wife’s is on cellular but behind a single sided faraday shield at a distal part of the house pointing away from us. We turn off electricity to bedroom nightly and only have red led lights in the house at night. We have a mercury vapor lamp in the kitchen on a timer and it comes on during high uv parts of the day. My TV has a blue shield physical filter (Lee Filters CTO) in addition to f.lux running on the computer used on the TV.
    When sun gazing at work I expose my wrists to direct sunlight along with my eyes seems to irradiate the blood best.
    I use monthly a organic vaping liquid with the highest nicotine content they have. I noticed my thoughts are able go places I wasn't able to before. I use "orange tinted" glasses at altitude and at night since the cockpit is extremely blue light toxic and also covering the front of my neck seems to feel really good. At the beach I don’t wash off the oils off my skin before going into the sun and noticed better energy with skin oils on me. If I go swimming I do it at the end of the beach day when I wont go back into the sun unless it's late day and the sun is weak. Made my own sauna from 3 250 Wat light bulbs for $20 for winter use. I also noticed that I wake up with more energy if I micro dose tryptophan with gaba with goat colostrum under the tongue just before sleep. At work I use only Fiji water with a drop of ormus gold in it, anything else and I feel sloppy. I eat mostly canned sardines in olive oil on the work mornings and at dinner if no time to cook my own and some days sweet peas which I cook when working. Some days ground beef. Popcorn every other day with lots of olive oil and turmeric feels really good. Avocado one day at most because two consecutive days lower my energy. Same with cashews or other nuts. No fruits while working because energy drops huge. Eating most other foods at work gives me gas and lack of energy. I noticed a huge difference in energy levels after sunbathing with vs without a laptop even though it is sufficiently separated from me to eliminate nnemf and using a wired Ethernet cable. Also my eyes don’t feel the best and I don’t get such a big energy benefit after sunbathing, with laptop even though iris is installed. I noticed it takes a few minutes in sunlight for my eyes to stop squinting and watering and "get going" sun gazing but if I use a laptop this continues. Therefore sunbathing without tech is essential. If I don’t intermittent fast (if I eat in between breakfast and dinner, or eat a solid breakfast) I start bloating.


    1. My mother, born in 1967, had a neck surgery in 2007 and they installed a metal piece . She had the surgery because of chronic shoulder pain. Now, 14 years later she seems to have asymmetric rib cage after visiting a chiropractor 5 years ago and she is loosing a lot of weight. She has dizzy spells and has to hold onto someone when it comes or she will fall down. I've been able to get her to take vitamins and bone broth powder and iodine. She refuses to quit making food with brominated white non organic flour. Eats lots of that, and is a smoker. She tried quitting a bunch of times always unsuccessfully. Dad is a truck driver. He has chronic itching ears and nothing he tried ever worked. I once used his ear drops and since then I have chronic itching ears too. He refuses to block blue light at night and put iris on his phone. He does eat sardines after i mentioned it to him. They both use their phones heavily and refuse to change. I have an automated text message sent to them daily instructing them to watch the sunrise, sunset, block blue at night, do fasting, etc. How can I help my mom and dad?

    2. I always eat at lot when I do eat. Intermittent fast every day. The only time I eat less and don’t really feel the need to eat is when I have sore throat or a sniffle. Why?

    3. After urination it drips a bit before stopping. I don’t seem to have full control since starting airline pilot job and exercising HIIT and started using Christal energy (silica) one drop per liter of water to drink at night only ( I noticed I don’t like this at daytime, but don’t feel great next day if I don’t include one drop in my night water). Also the urine control issue gets worse if I eat fruits and sweet things (although I eat only the least sweet fruits such as sour apples, non-ripe cantaloupes, etc, and never chocolate or any other junk foods). Urinate at least once some nights twice per night.

    4. I noticed that adding one drop of ormus gold per 1 liter of filtered water gives me a lot of constant energy thru the day. Don’t need coffee at all. Why?

    5. My wife had a dark spot on her skin appear in college and it never disappeared. Why? She said it was stress but I'm still trying to figure out exactly why.

    6. What does Newark DE look like quantum yield wise?

    9. I didn't feel well on the hydro health ddw water until I removed the added minerals from it?

    10. Are we transitioning from a Petrol dollar to a vaccine dollar and to a gen mod economy?


    12. What do you know about ORMUS elements and their supplementation?

    13. Jack, You said once that Germany is the 51st state. What about area 51?

    15. Are we on the verge of becoming "giants" due to too much deuterium and a low quantum yield environment and are the mandated Enoch-ulations playing a part?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. You cannot help anyone who does not want the help. Mitochondriac credo.
    2. Fasting improves immune function via autophagy
    3. Low Testosterone and or benign prostate hypertrophy. Screw more.
    4. Gold is a red light mirror. Improves signaling.
    5. Not uncommon = likely due to melanosis issues on skin = topologic effect
    6. Not good
    9. OK....
    10. I think so
    11. Yep
    12. I know they are good market via Bernays 1928 book.
    13. It is a place where the gov't gets to lie.
    15. No
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Low Testosterone is a big deal.
    Do not take it lightly.
    You may end up with BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) and that is not fun. May prevent you from flying (making living).
    I am not even mentioning clogged arteries and some others.
    If the info below does not help,
    If other actions do not help
    Consider testosterone supplementation. (In my case I tried a variety of testosterones.
    For me, Androgel 1.62% is what works.
    You need at least 700ng/dL (naturally), 1100ng/dL better
    Think of screwing not as a fun activity, just a sign of health. If you cannot screw, that is an important sign (you are given)(act on it).

    There is a good chance that you are low on potassium.
    Potassium affects many things in the body and our diets are notoriously low in potassium.
    Potassium affects the pituitary hormone LH.
    Higher LH tells testicles to make more testosterone.
    Low potassium ---->low LH----> Low Total Testosterone.

    Total Testosterone
    Potassium RBC

    Buy these tests here:
    or here:

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