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Hey all!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Eric Waldron, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Eric Waldron

    Eric Waldron New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I found out about Jack Kruse through Adam Lowrey's podcast about a year or so ago (thank goodness for that), and have been putting some of his protocol into application slowly but surely ever since.
    Finding out about inheriting our mitochondria from our Mom's side left me awestruck two months ago when I heard that for the first time. The reason being is because my Mom has suffered from MS since she was 23 (about two years after giving birth to me) and has been declining ever since. My Grandma (Mom's mom) has had her fair share of problematic health issues. I'm currently working in a bank under a lot of LED lighting, and, of course, looking at a laptop screen without any sort of protection/blue blockers what so ever. I get out in the sun on my lunch breaks and earth with my shirt and tie off, which helps, but certainly doesn't feel like enough. I also sun gaze in the morning and have implemented the keto diet to the fullest within the past two or so months. My wife is Peruvian and we already purchased flight tickets to stay in Peru during the holidays through Februrary, before coming back to then move to Arizona for lots of sunshine all year around. This decision was greatly propelled by the work Doc JK has put forth. We don't have all of the money in the world, but we have been saving our pennies for a while now in order to make this move happen. We will be getting lots of sun in Peru, even heading up to the Amazon during our two month stint. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I'm currently here. I lived over four years in South America with sun everyday of the year for the most part. Last winter was my first one back in Philly, meaning a season without sun. And boy did I feel the effects of it, but didn't know why until really digging further into Jack's work.

    I'm not sure as to what else to share here. I get lots of water in throughout the day, lots of sleep, blue blockers at night, trying to limit cpu time, keto diet with lots of seafood (more in a week than I would have eaten before in months), lots of sun and earthing on my off days and in the mornings/lunch breaks, etc. My next year plans are to move to AZ where it's nice and sunny and look for work that aligns with getting away from artificial lighting for the most part. Getting out of the city/suburban living after that.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Eric and welcome.......please start a journal in the optimal journal section. It is great for keeping track of your progress.

    Do you get morning sun? watch the sunrise?

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  3. Eric Waldron

    Eric Waldron New Member

    Hi Caroline,
    Thank you! I will look into the journal. I know I keep one in my notebook via pen and paper here at home.
    I have been starting to watch the sunrise for about the past two weeks. I also have been getting on all fours like the "sphinx", which really seems to help me so far. With regards to C/T, I take cold showers and have been for three years or so. I haven't officially measured the temperature of the water, but would estimate it being well within the 50-55 range that JK talks about.

    I'm super interested in working with red lighting during the evening. Any good bulbs/devices at an economical price?

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