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Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by JMO, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Looking for more ways to get DHA from raw foods that I can tolerate...not too fishy. Tried sardines and too fishy for me. Eating a lot of oysters but tried some blue hill bay herring in dill and was surprisely good. There's carbs in it but thinking abt trying to pickle my own to get rid of carbs. I crock pickles in summer with raw vinegar and sea salt so may try a version of this. Anyone tried this or have more ideas for raw fish? Ceviche is good too.
  2. JMO

    JMO Gold

  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That looks delicious .... I love ceviche - so easy!
  4. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    And BTW, don't need to obsess over raw vs cooked. So long as you're not using super high heat methods of cooking like deep frying, you'll still be getting lots of DHA (thanks to iodine for protecting it). Quantity would trump quality in many cases.

    I'd think eating 200g of cooked mackerel would still deliver more DHA over 100g raw. (though my favourite method of cooking is definitely briefly seared on the outside while leaving the inside raw).
  5. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Didn't Inger share her pickled herring recipe? I think she did.....this is separate from the MHS
  6. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Followed a link over the weekend that took me to a Q&A on DHA ...it stated that 40% of DHA was lost if it was frozen. I thgt it also had some cooking methods also lost DHA. Does anyone know the link....can't find it now?
  7. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    This paper shows that pan frying salmon to 70C :eek: reduced the DHA content by 40% -- http://www.researchgate.net/publica..._EPA_and_DHA_loss/file/9fcfd50046720d9a70.pdf

    Specifically, the DHA concentration dropped from 581mg/100g when raw, to 351mg/100g when pan fried (to 70C/158F).

    Firstly, salmon is better raw anyway :), and even if you cook it thoroughly, I doubt you would want to cook it to 70C anyway (tastes lousy). Even most paranoid people would only cook it to 60-62C (145F). Or you can do a salmon aburi, and only sear the outside while leaving the inside raw, creating a tasty yet mostly raw piece of fish.

    The C-O covalent bond between the glycerol backbone an the fatty acid is pretty strong, and is not likely to dissociate by cooking your fish to 70C. This just means that DHA that is in the sn-2 position stays in that position despite cooking.

    So if you could only stomach 100g raw, but 200g cooked, you'll be getting more DHA by going the cooked route. (at least with salmon)


    As for freezing, you shouldn't freeze fish for that long, but I wouldn't be too concerned if you keep the freezing period at 3 months or under.

    See this paper on Caspian white fish fillets being frozen at -18C -- http://www.davidpublishing.com/davidpublishing/Upfile/5/8/2012/2012050812006534.pdf . This species of fish is pretty low fat, so that may skew the results, but still, with an original 15.07g/100g fat of DHA content in the fresh fillets, we see that drop to 14.73g/100g fat in 1 month, and then 14.05g/100g fat at 3 months, and then 6.58g/100g fat at 6 months. Even at 3 months freezing, the fish had only lost 8% of its DHA.

    Another similar study from caspian sea fish being frozen at -24C -- http://en.journals.sid.ir/ViewPaper.aspx?ID=179943 . We see that the rate of DHA loss differs based on the fish. Pike lost 21% of its DHA in 3 months, and Kilka lost 22% of its DHA in 3 months.

    Another study on refrigeration of Caspian Kutum roe, which has a very high concentration of DHA -- http://www.idosi.org/wjfms/wjfms4(5)12/19.pdf . Vacuum seal + refrigeration => 7.26g of DHA at 5 days, 5.81g of DHA at 120days (4 months). So in 4 months, the DHA content decreased by 20%.

    Again, I don't view this as significant. If being able to buy in bulk and easily access twice the amount of fish, you are ahead in the DHA game. Just eat as much as you can :D
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  8. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    You could always invest in a fishing rod???

    Here herring are known as tommy ruffs... and they are awesome fresh, but dont freeze well. Vacuum Sealing them does make them last significantly longer.
  9. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Thanks Yew!
  10. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    can't get bloom county out of my head whenever herring comes up

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  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    cool information here! I did not know cooking diminishes the DHA content... yay for me liking my herring raw :)
    I get a box full of fresh roe now every thursday too, for free! I eat it raw too.... man it is good... my skin is like velvet, really! Must be all that DHA :)
    I wonder if I should smear some roe on my face in the evening? I cannot tell the boyfriend tho... he get the crisis when I tell I drink fish heads... he cannot stomach that... but I can keep secrets
    I will try some face masks with roe. Tonight! Maybe I wake up prettier tomorrow :)
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  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I make my herring like this
    slice the herring, put in a bowl. Slice onion, thin, add. Grate fresh ginger, salt, ACV, brown pepper, garlic... and if doing carbs... a tiny bit of raw honey... just a touch.
    Mix it all and let stay over night. Just made a huge bowl of it... I eat from the bowl several days in a row. So convenient and yummy! I never get tired of it :)
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  13. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    @Inger I've been hearing you talk about raw fish for Years now! and I've always liked sashimi and smoked fish my whole life. But I never put your plan to work for me until last week. Absolute genius, Inger! Cooked fish is self limiting. Its just not tasty enough to eat it at every meal. Land mammal meat/organs are more appealing than a second or third meal of the day of cooked fish. Now, I'm doing about 70% raw seafood as my protein source. I can't eat enough of it. !I'm obsessed with raw fish/seafood now. Hilarious. You were my role model.... And now the fish roe at night on the face. Who knows, this may be the plan for November!:) Only straight man in America doing fish roe facials. Funny though, it would probably turn my wife on. She always enjoys providing me with spa services.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
    fitness@home likes this.
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Brown pepper? Like Chinese pepper?
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    ^^^this made my day, shah :) :) :)
    I LOVE raw seafood :) :) :) and I never get tired of it! It is just so much better, juicier, tastier... and you can make great recipes too :) :) :) and it LOOKS prettier :) :) :)

    I put raw roe on my face yesterday evening...lol left it for the night, it felt good :) I am going to do this for a while now! I thought about making a hair mask with roe and egg yolk.... :eek: must try that!
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I put it into google translator and it said "allspice" "pimento"
    it is like black pepper but they are dark brown colored and bigger.. and not so hot tasting. They are sooo good with herring! In Scandinavia they are always used for pickled herring
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Today morning I got another face mask idea.... oysters! Crushed, fresh oysters on the face....... hmmmm... i need to try this :eek:
    but i love my new night creme... crushed roe. it is good
  18. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    By new bone broth..... Lobster sells blended up until smooth then put into my miso soup....
  19. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    seems that fresh/raw herring in So Cal is pretty much non existent. however tasty smoked herring fillets are to be found in seafood market freezers shipped from canada. just had some tonight skin bones and all
  20. kovita

    kovita Gold

    i m
    i may try it this december while in french coast. If riedn whod deals with oysteres comes to visit and pro issed to bring along a few boxes of oysters. It will not be so painfull to smash them on my face than ;-)

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