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Here's my story - where do I go from here?!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dreeza, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Dreeza

    Dreeza New Member

    Long history, so I'll try to summarize as best as possible:
    As a baby: had colic for unknown reasons
    ~9 months old: dropped on my head on a stone floor...taken to ER, I was 'fine'
    4th grade: give IQ test & tested for ADD. I had a high average IQ, and tested positive for ADD
    4th grade-8th grade: put on ritalin - my grade and attn improved significantly
    9th grade: decided I wanted to be off the meds, so took myself off
    10th grade: wasn't doing well, so wanted to go back on meds - re-given an IQ test, and it was found my score dropped significantly (mainly in 2 categories: picture arrangement & block design) - still high average, but ~ 15 points lower overall. My parents have no reason, no known things that could have caused - maybe ritalin?!
    All high school/college: Knew my brain didn't work like others - constant brain fog/trouble processing/felt really slow....but always found my way around it, and always got great grades
    --> insert few episodes of mini concussions...never anything too serious, but hit my head way more often than any normal person does
    College: on & off ADD drugs (on concerta at this point) & turned to diet...this is when I started researching diet. Did my best with the info I knew, but by no means was a great diet. Through all of this, always had tons of aches & pains/muscle soreness, etc, that I never realized was abnormal...cause, I'd always had it. My sister even remembers me as a kid always complaining about my joints hurting.
    Grad School: finally off ADD drugs for good...took out most grains (but def wasn't gluten free, or great overall...but WAY better than the average SAD)
    ~1 year ago: car accident, sustained a concussion that took everything I had worked on so hard, and amplified it x100. Took about 7-8 months to finally feel back to myself. During this time (and actually about 6 months leading up to the accident), became MUCH more serious about diet. Grass fed beef/dairy, gluten free, high fats, organic when possible, etc etc. Still by no means perfect, but 80% pretty close.
    - Have seen a naturopath & nutritionist. Was told I have an issue with sulfur, so took away vegetables with sulfur which cured many of my aches and pains. I've been put on all kinds of supplements & homeopathic remedies, which has no brought me back to my baseline pre-accident...except for one thing. My vision.
    I've been doing vision therapy for about 8 months now, and have a huge issue with central processing. Each eye works fine by itself. I don't really notice I have vision issues (except when I'm driving & all of a sudden a car/person comes "out of nowhere"...when it was clearly an eye shutting down). My deficits are really notable with the exercises she makes me do, but even my vision therapist admits that my issues are a bit weird. We are thinking a lot of it was likely present pre-concussion (which makes sense), but I never knew it.
    Anyways, I also still have bad brain fog/issues with processing information (trying to read through the info on this forum is killer...it is like a bad joke trying to research what things would be best to do to do to help with my issue...cause I have such a hard time processing it).

    That being said, I am overall a very functional person - I have my doctorate in physical therapy, and do very well. But I feel like there is this huge untapped potential because of whatever the heck underlying issue.

    Oh, I also have a grounding sheet that I sleep on every night (didn't notice any different from it). Taking Vit D, Vit K, magnesium, homeopathic supplements, immune support (immuno gg, bio-immunoenzymes),

    I am just wondering - where to go from here!? Feel like I've hit a plateau.


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