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Here Comes the Sun...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Freader, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    We had planned to spend our 20 year Anniversary, next week, near Navarre Beach, FL. As I see the Hurricane Michael pictures, my heart hurts for all those affected. Our honeymoon was extended for 3 very stinky days because of Hurricane Mitch. Weather can change your life in a day!!

    Just returning from Germany, the days are noticeably shorter, cloudy days make them even more so. It is colder and I'm just plain "out of sync' with my routine. I'm glad that the sun was out yesterday and I was able to layout. I haven't done that for 3 weeks. The longest time I've gone without full sun exposure since I started in January 2017. I did stand in the sun when possible in Germany, but it wasn't much.

    I've found some thin stretch knit "face shields" that I am able to use to cover my neck and protect my Thyroid that I will wear to work and at night I can use 2 of them to cover my forehead, neck, and chin so I can watch TV and be on my computer after dark. My favorite find is an amber light that attaches to a 9-volt battery and has a high/low setting. It allows me to move around the house without having to turn any lights on. My goal of getting the light bulbs changed out wasn't met because of resistance from the other lives that live here. I've taken out one of the bulbs from the fridge and no one has complained!! Where possible, I've been adding a black light to any cluster of lights.

    I started using a 10 gauss Magnetico Pad on my side of the bed in August. I placed it under 4" of mattress toppers. My sleep had been good, so I didn't really notice a difference. In September, when it started to be cooler at night, I added a "Solaris Health Blanket" to the top of my covers. (healthboss.org) Now, I sleep well, but not as long. I wake up earlier and I'm ready to go. The problem for me is that it is dark and everyone else is asleep. So I will cover up and watch TV with my red glasses, but I need to do something else. What do you do before the sun comes up? you can't eat or exercise or work. Should I try staying up later at night? In a few weeks when Standard Time comes back will help a little but not for long. I've spent my adult life in search of more morning sleep and now I'm not!! HUGE!!

    Next week I go back to the doctor for the blood in the urine issue. Since July, each test has been positive. Not worried, just wants to rule out any cancer polyps in bladder or kidneys. CAT scan and scope.

    Looking forward to Mexico in November. Today it is so cool, I just want to get in the hot tub. Thinking about laying on the beach feels so good!
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  2. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    Blood Pressure. Is it really something to worry about? As the AMA has changed the Stages to make more of us have the condition, and enable them to prescribe more medications, I'm caught in that range. I know I don't want to take the meds, but I think it would be a good idea to work on getting it lower. Any suggestions? The lower number seems to be my issue.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Freader .......you say you sleep with a magnetico on your side of the bed only? My understanding is that this is not a good idea - please ask Dr. Bonlie about this......
  4. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    Yes. I bought it for my daughter and she didn't take it to college and so I figured I'd use it. It is only 10 gauss. I was thinking about buying another 20 gauss and use them crossways on my bed and share with hubby, but wondered if I should put the 20 gauss under our torsos and the 10 by our feet or the other way around. So I'll stop that thinking until I do more checking. I know the best thing would be to get a 20 gauss King, but they are so flipping heavy to move around. Is Dr. Bonlie with Magnetico? I'm sure he will recommend I buy a new one. Why would it matter as long as I'm sleeping on it? The larger ones come in pieces. I just have a missing piece. Thanks for saying something!
  5. There is a return magnetic field that exists around all edge of the pad that is the opposite of the magnetic field that the Sleep Pad is designed to give you while you sleep. If the pad is too small, you could be exposed to this magnetic field, undoing all the benefits the Sleep Pad can provide.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  6. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    OK, so hubby is getting the bad stuff. As long a person is sleeping centered on the mat it is ok? I will get the King size pad, 20 gauss and go from there. What about bed frame? Earlier I was going to get a Steel frame to help support the weight of the pads but didn't because I read that it would mess with the magnetic fields. I am currently using a mattress and box spring set up. What type of frame would be best? Brent-Thanks for the help!
  7. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    Today I listened to the May 2016 Q&A. Totally blew me away about my Malbec wine. I've been drinking it like it was healthy for me. To find out that only a glass or two is reasonable and that women after menopause should back away from red wine. I'm devastated! I had just ordered another case of Purple Angel before I heard it. To make it worse, my blood tests this week was full of Liver issues. I just assumed that it was my body working overtime getting rid of crap from my body--like it is supposed to do. Been drinking DDW and felt that was part of it. I'm just so beside myself that I've opened a bottle and invited my sister over so I could tell her the bad news.
  8. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    So I have ordered the 20 gauss pad because once I showed my hubby the pic you sent, he agreed. I will use my box spring base and will see how much better we both do with it. Thanks Brent and Caroline!!
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have a look at a Koala bed frame ....that's what we have. It is Oz I realise but you could get something similar made maybe?
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  10. Anya

    Anya Gold

    purple angel is so good! got some more :D
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  11. You want to sleep within the perimeter of the magnetico ,I would not be having any metal underneath the magnetico or around it for that matter ,due to 5g and the issue of jump conduction.

    I think what Caroline mention regarding Koala frame would be perfect.
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  12. I used a spring mattress first seven months with the magnetico I didn't notice any negative effect.In OZ where I live we do not have 5G as yet but it was time to replace the mattress so best to mitigate for my n=1
    I ended up getting a Koala mattress (no springs) recommended by Caroline
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  13. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    The frame has to support 400 pounds of pad, plus the box spring and mattress, and 2 people. It has to be strong, so does the floor it sits on. I have this weekend to find something different than metal. My new pad arrives on Monday. How would I know if the metal frame and box springs are a problem for us if I don't find a wood frame?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you talked to the team at Magnetico? They are really helpful

  15. How would I know if the metal frame and box springs are a problem for us if I don't find a wood frame?

    Simple your sleep maybe restless and broken, I don't have any form of metal in the bedroom for this reason especially with 5G coming on line here in OZ
  16. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    From the Q&A on their website they say:
    1. While it’s required to have a minimum of 4 inches of mattress (or other material) between you and the Sleep pad, as you get farther away the magnetic field will get weaker. All gauss measurements we’ve provided on our website note that those magnetic strengths are based on an 8 inch mattress.
    2. Metal springs in a mattress will have no impact on the function of the Magnetico Sleep Pad. A metal bed frame is also OK.
    3. We always insist that you only use a Sleep pad that matches the same size as the bed in order to avoid exposing the body to the return magnetic field.
    Hope this clears everything up for you!

    But they also say that their pad work with an adjustable bed and I wouldn't choose to sleep on a bed that is plugged into an outlet!!
    They have a 6-month guarantee and I should know how well it works by seeing what it does for my hubby. His sleep isn't good and I have probably been making it worse by doing what I have been doing these past 2 months. I will continue to look for a wood frame, especially one that has drawers in it. I like the headboard I already have because it creates about 20" from the wall, so I'm just looking for a platform base.

    If I get a King Pad, that is 76"x80", how far around that Pad would the bad field extend and can it be mitigated?
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  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Before spending all that money I would just clarify with them [Dr. Bonlie] about your concerns. I have read here on the forum, that you shouldn't use it during the day but I have also read here [ I am pretty sure] that pets love it during the day. Apparently you shouldn't let kids play on the floor during the day - in the vicinity of the pads....because of that return field.

    Maybe "ask Jack"?

    Have you checked what is on the other side of the walls of your bedroom? also floor and ceiling?

    Do you have a smart meter? do your neighbours have a smart meter ........opposite your bedroom window?

    I would guess that you could easily get someone to make a platform base for you?

    Do you have all electronics out of your bedroom? Can you turn the power off [at the panel] at night when going to bed?
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  18. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    The bed frame I use with the Magnetico is all wood, no toxic glues or finishes. I decided it was better not to sleep on metal springs or frames long before I had a few credible reasons to explain it. I used a compass to look at the fields around the Magnetico. It reversed directly below, not above the sleeping side. The sides seemed to have little compass effect a couple inches distant, while the 'field' registered maybe 3 feet above. Couldn't see the fall off under the pad as the bed is not all that high off the floor.

    Since my big old dog died recently, I took in a small rescue dog and decided to keep her. This dog has a very favorite spot under the Magnetico bed. I wondered if this was healthy for her. I try to coax her out. Later, when we're more melded in a relationship, I was planning to fill up the space under the bed so she won't use it. I'd like some certainty on health effects for a dog curling up in that reversed 'return field' under the Magnetico. Thanks for the discussion.
  19. Freader

    Freader Filtered

    My 20 gauss Pads arrived today!! I called the company and they said that the 10 gauss twin I was using has a 2 ft return field around it and the 20 gauss King I purchased has a 3 ft range. They said that the magnetic field goes through the metal springs and frame, they do not have any impact on how the magnetic fields of the Pad work. They were not familiar with the blanket I'm using on top of the bed and as long as it wasn't electric or a grounded pad it was probably going to be fine, they would look into it and get back with me if it was a problem.

    The head of our mattress is about 3ft. from a brick wall that doesn't have electricity running through it. The smart meters are at the other end of the house. I haven't removed all of the electronics in our bedroom, but the wifi is on a timer that shuts it off at night. I will make sure my computer and chargers are more than 3 ft away from the Pad.

    We have cats and we have no idea what they do all day!!

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