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Help with Leptin Rx

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by Tfreeman, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    This is not intended for anyone in specific.... just a canary “fly by.”

    Maybe we all need to have more of an open mind? I have often observed when open-minded people have a conversation.... it is about a topic and not about making it personal or putting other people down.

    I actually paid for a consult with Jack to have him relay this same “strongly worded” information to my husband that Sean posted here for free. I shared with Jack my family history, my illness and location. I never showed Jack my labs or discussed them because intuitively we both knew it was irrelevant and a waste of time at that time. My environment needed to be changed before I could begin detoxing and healing.

    In my case I had poison in my water and air which ironically at the time I was unaware. I was only aware that 5G had come into my neighborhood making me very sick. If someone had told me to remain in this environment because of my family, work or finances I definitely wouldn’t have survived long. I also could not meditate my way out of it either.... no matter how positive I tried to be.

    I think intuitively we all know what we need to do in order to survive and then, thrive. But very few of us are willing to take the leap of faith. It can be scary and very inconvenient for many reasons. I think it is also fair to say we don’t know what we don’t know.

    Sean’s posts seems to have rattled some cages..... maybe that was the Universe using him to deliver a message? Maybe it’s time to open the cage door- set yourself free and enjoy a birds eye view. This canary escaped the coal mine. We all need to look at the bigger picture too sometimes. What matters most to us? Is it love, health, family or wealth. We all have choices... they just may appear much more limited when we live in the cage.

    I find it interesting how we all can recognize a fire but yet approach fires so differently. If you walk past a house that is on fire... do you calmly take your time and knock on the door and suggest to those inside that it might be a good idea to leave? Then, recommend they take their time and do baby steps out because you don’t want to upset them. Or, do you bang on the door and scream “YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE... RUN!!!”

    Maybe they are able to put the fire out without destroying their health or dying. But then again maybe they can’t.... we all have choice and need to choose more wisely in today’s world. Because there are fires everywhere. And remember the hidden smoke is what kills most people, not the fire that we easily see and feel.

    @Sean Waters- Since she is a teacher....

    This is probably a dumb question but I just have to ask. It’s in regard to doing CT in a bad environment. When we cool the body and/or do CT it is to let more of Mother Nature’s UV (red) in to reach our mitochondria. I know we can also use artificial red light panels. But when you cool your body in a bad environment, say in a classroom that is freezing cold and we then have fluorescent or LED lights plus all the WiFi etc., what does this then do? Assuming you have some skin exposed....are we allowing our body to absorb more of the bad?

    I ask because the last year I was able to work, it was in a classroom. I instinctively kept the lights and air conditioning off. I was constantly being reprimanded for doing this. I only liked the windows and doors opened. If it was a cloudy day I used small table lights in the corners of the room. The kids and I did much better.

    When I would go in the other classrooms with the bad lighting and freezing air conditioning I would immediately become hot and inflamed like my body was trying to block it. Maybe in an attempt to help save my mitochondria?

    @Tfreeman- You asked a question regarding suicide and states. Don’t be deceived by this.... zip code most definitely matters! We only see what they want us to see... we need to learn to dig deeper and listen to our intuition. I know this from my old zip code and what was not shared with the media.

    Since you are a teacher here is a great example... a high school in my old neighborhood (Hopewell High School in NC) had over a dozen kids come down with ocular melanoma. This effects 5 out of a million people and statistically older individuals. What are the real odds here- most teens that went to the same high school. More then half of them have died. The survivors now in their mid twenties are all now fighting for their lives. The government and school system is desperately trying to burry this information it seems. The high school today is ranked one of the best in the area for academics. Really? If you Google just the name of the high school, nothing but great things come up... nothing about the cancer cluster of course. You have to dig for the information.
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  2. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    Thank you for your reply. If you refer to my journal you can see that the first post I made weeks ago states that I’m aware I need to move out of NYC. I’ve been aware since I started reading this website. This post was merely for help with Leptin Rx until I can get out of the city. I only responded that way to Sean’s startling post (which I gathered was the same tone in some of Jack's) initially, in support of those who are in such a low dopamine state that they feel they’ve lost hope or don't know how to respond and likely say the wrong thing. I questioned him saying he would only help people based on their response to what he has to say in that manner. Like you say, you can ask them to grow a backbone or be more open minded, but their environment or “cages” are so strongly placed that this state allows their/our minds to close. That’s not to say that I think those are who are living in low nnEMF, sunny, and remote areas have everything right. There’s always more to learn, and many members on this forum have tried this (moving to a remove low nnEMF an sunny location) to no success, especially some members with POTS.

    But I want to be clear that I am not close minded to the effects of 5G. I know you weren’t being direct but you did bring my profession into question. I completely agree the environment schools set up for students is set for failure. Why are urban schools lower performing that suburban (which are just as bad inside, but in lower nnEMF areas)? I think there is a ton of science to this that Jack has displayed. Either way, WiFi, 5G, and toxic light obvious play the primary role. Not only am I a teacher, but I’m a learning specialist, and work with the students in our middle school who have learning disabilities, attentional deficits, etc. I see the detrimental effect of our environment even more in my classes.

    I was never trying to denounce Sean’s thoughts, I agree 100% as I did in my journal weeks ago when I began here. My point was of concern for those in such a low dopamine state, or in such financial trouble that they can’t move or have no idea what to do. I wouldn’t want to be the low dopamine person who didn't respond properly to one of Sean's posts and then have him decide not to help because of it. He has useful information to share and I have read his journal closely.

    I myself have been troubled by the big city system. Though I do have a salary, I have $0 in my savings account and it will take time for me to be able to move. Luckily I have family outside the city near the coast, but either way, moving take more than just getting up and going. The suicide post was truly out of question and confusion. Your response makes a lot of sense - I'm sure zip code plays a huge role. I work for a private school, so we are vastly unaligned with the NYCDOE.

    I also truly do want to be near my family. We have a very close relationship, they have been nothing but supportive of my health journey, and I think moving far away would not do me well. At the same time, I'd love to find an area within a few hour distance that is a low nnEMF zone and experiencing at least 4-5 months of warm weather per year. I'm a fan of the cold, too! Wouldn't want to lose too much of a seasonal change. :D
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2020
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  3. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    I did post in my journal weeks ago that I know I need to move :D. Keep fighting! Just keep it clear that you're just trying to help, that's all. I know Jack admits to being arrogant, but it's his website and we accept it. I think people become alarmed not knowing that you have spent time with him and adapted some of his similar thoughts and mannerisms (I may be wrong here but since I read your whole journal I see some of the changes in tone over time which is cool, change is good).

    I agree CT is difficult from my environment. But since I became ill, my family typically goes on vacation to Mexico every year and extreme temps do tend to bother me no matter what. POTS is a tricky disorder when the vagus nerve is so damaged, so I think there is more science and caution to be taken than just gettin high UV in a low nnEMF zone with CT.
  4. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

  5. "Every day papers continue to prove my theory that lights sculpts everything in our life and shaped our health span.".............. LOL

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  6. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    Alas I am only on like blog #8. Lot's of work to do. I am also reading random blogs that pertain to my condition. This is one of my favorites so far:
    https://www.patreon.com/posts/21334201 - CAN'T WAIT FOR FLORIDA - just getting around to ordering my safe and sound pro meter to bring with me.

    https://slt.co/Products/RFMeters/SafeAndSoundProRFMeter.aspx this is my best option, right everyone?
  7. Novah

    Novah Gold

    I think it's all relative. She already said she can't move right now, and she also knows she needs to move, so I think you work with someone where they're at. There has to be a level of flexibility. From the sounds of it, she doesn't sound married, so she does not have that support, both financially and emotionally; she has to do it on her own which is hard when you're pulling the whole train yourself and sick on top of it. As someone who has moved my environment multiple times for health reasons, what I'm finding now is my original environment was actually pretty good, it just needed some tweaks.

    When I spoke with Jack during my consult, there was no sign of arrogance, he was simply kind and humorous, so I think maybe he wears different hats for different situations.
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  8. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    “Strongly worded” doesn’t equal arrogance.... it meant he cared enough. When you are single you don’t have to convince a spouse that you are not crazy. Jack was instrumental in aiding me in this... he is brilliant!
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  9. kim johnson

    kim johnson New Member

    Hi Caroline.
    Many thanks for steering me to the right paths!
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  10. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I've been hassled by more than one member recently in posts using insults and language that I doubt would be tolerated if directed at Caroline. Who else they don't target, or to the same level, also says something. Dare to do anything other than submit to their "truth" quickly or pay the price. I also can't take seriously the idea that it is OK to become another member's online punchbag, when if my husband or kids rant and swear in "real life" it would be seen for what it is. We can name it what we like, but for me if its not acceptable then, its not acceptable because its on an internet forum.

    I hope my redox never sinks so low that I am willing to accept "messages" from the universe through an internet forum, from either the rants of someone who has to sit in the water all day to remain well, or now someone whose mood is up and down like a fiddlers elbow, but knows how to spout a bit of Jack's teaching, after mouthing off like an adolescent schoolboy. Unfortunately the forum is becoming the cage - shut up, keep the peace, don't express an original thought, don't ask a question without passing it by the Wannabee Thought Police. If I don't do what the Wannabees say, then I deserve what I continue to get. What I will continue to get on this forum is what is being allowed. If that is how Jack sees this forum developing, then there's not much I can do about it other than fly in another direction. But until he says that is how it is from now on, then its just a Wannabee designed cage I'll be fighting to stay out of. :D
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2020
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Take it easy Sue.
  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

  13. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold


    We all communicate differently. It would be safe to say if you met my very expressive strongly worded large Italian family you would think they are offending you. In reality they are passionate about who and what they love. It’s getting to know people on a deeper level. We are all connected and when we connect on a deeper level it easy to see the love.

    The forum has a mix of everyone.... low redox, suicidal, disabled, autistic, genius etc. It is how we chose to treat and listen to others. We mirror what we bring.... so I apologize if you think I was attacking you. I was hoping to encourage more open mindedness.... we are all entangled.

    Thinking any of us know each other’s real stories and pain from words alone to me is like telling someone they can feel the real power of the sun by just describing it as red and warm.
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  14. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I don't think you were attacking me :).JanSz has put the words "The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on." I've taken a chill pill while the dogs are quiet. :rofl:
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  15. Look how much words on an internet forum offend you Sue........ you are so rattled, by what everyone else is writing. I'm sorry that BOLD and CAPITALS cause such a problem for you. I don't share offense at reading aggressive language. I don't give a fuck what or how people write. I'm interested in one thing, the truth, and getting the whole message to people - even if it makes people feel uncomfortable. That is their problem, not mine. Whether your Husband and Son do it or not, it makes no impact on what I do on here.

    I haven't insulted you, I haven't directly targeted you. Go back and read the comments. My comment about Elliot didn't even attack you, I wanted to share it, but you took it upon yourself to be offended.......... isn't that interesting? (sorry I used Bold, woops did it again... Guess I need to be a good boy and be queit and do as I'm told)

    It doesn't matter how much you disarm my words by comparing me to copying Jack, being an adolescent schoolboy, my up and down moods, or even attack Lloyd Fisher who has also seemingly rattled you for being passionate about finding incredible Redox and Healing AND HE HASN'T EVEN COMMENTED HERE LOL... who has been able to find incredible Redox and HEaling, something you sit on this forum all day to discuss, and yet never make any moves to actually achieve. My writing has clearly been hitting you deep into soul and awakening your Fears. I haven't even looked at you, met you or shook your hand.... Whatever your weak observations through your computer screen can give you of what I really amass to as I try to give someone advice that will help stop their entire world fall apart, it doesn't matter to me, because I know I've made the right choices for my biology and I will keep barking like a dog and chasing that caravan so that some people, definitely not you or JansZ, will come to embrace their fears and find the best life for them.

    It may not be anyone commenting here, but someone else reading, from where I don't even know, might be inspired to make a change to leave London, NYC, Toronto or LA and feel empowered to take the big scary steps. While the rest of them forum squanders their time worrying about DDW, lab tests, aluminium and silicon toxicity/ deficiency.

    Wannabee Thought Police.... again shows how you think. There is no policing, cause you can still comment and I have no authority over anyone or power but my own ability to write, Capitals and Bold, look how much it effects your ability to communicate here... isn't that interesting? These words which seem to really seem overpowering to you, are literally Code on a Screen that you process in your mind. They actually triggered you so much, you just decided to disengage cause you didn't like my language - perhaps you are policing yourself too much?

    You clearly don't like people discussing "messages from the Universe", is that what you would like to Police? How about people discussing taking leaps and risks to new environments with the potential of amazing new realities, those of which you've never experienced (cause you've never done it), after living in horrible realities like 5G cities, those of which you've never experienced (cause you've never lived in it)... I get the feeling you really don't like that either, and you feel "attacked" by us because we choose to express passionately how great it is and because you don't align, you feel like the opposing party?..... How about all the 1s and 0s off my journal Sue, probably offended by that? Or my talk of deep connection with Nature, the Sun, The Universe and all of the incredible signs and messages I've received... would you like to Police that?....

    There is some great hypocrisy in your thoughts.

    "If I don't do what the Wannabees say, then I deserve what I continue to get. What I will continue to get on this forum is what is being allowed."........... You feel attacked by all these people on the forum?! what is it that you are "GETTING"?...... What exogenous assault could you possibly be referring to? Disagreements and strong words on an internet forum? "insults and swearing and ranting"?...

    My God Who Art Thou In Heaven. Strike me down. I didn't realise we still lived in the 1950s and had to get the Cane from the teachers for talking real. That we weren't allowed to write freely and passionately, and use the word "Fuck". Is that how you would like this Forum to be? Isn't that your own form of Policing?

    You also don't like the way things are going on the forum, and constantly calling out for "change" from Jack or else you will go elsewhere. But, can our opinions not co-exist without you feeling oppressed by my presence here? Is the presence of myself, and Lloyd, too much for you to handle?..... Why do you feel the need to "run away" from the forum when it doesn't go how you like, who is the child now Sue?.... Perhaps you need to consider how much good this forum is really doing for your brain, and how little you can tolerate...... here's some of Jack's work "regurgitated" for you from a little copy cat adolescent mouthy boy.....

    POMC = B Endorphin = UV LIGHT = Higher Pain Tolerance via OPIOID SYSTEM....... JUNE 2018 WEBINAR

    So how is your UV of 3 doing for you and ability to tolerate strong words, right about now in the UK?...... and how has my Dynamic Leap to a greater environment changed my ability to communicate?..... is it a little dopamine surge from a little boy in Central America, or is this a piece of Redox you can't even fathom cause you've never even came close to feeling it?

    I've never insulted you Sue, however you want to frame it, you'll never find an insult that you can directly cite, it is all in your perception of your experience, all in your own Adult Mind based on how you've chosen to interpret a comment on an internet forum... or, perhaps this is some more adolescent school boy bi-polar mouthing off, right?

    This is why I love writing provocatively. Because it draws out the defense mechanisms and truth out of people and I haven't even shared a molecule with Oxygen in real life with them. It allows me to sift through those who I give my Time to, and those i interact with. I've learnt so much about people by being this way. I won't feel bad about it either, not until the real Thought Police come throw me into Online Forum Jail. GOD FORBID.

    I'm in the interest of giving people the right information on this forum and putting myself out there, especially to those who are in danger of going through serious pain through making mistakes that the community (due to our experience and knowledge) knows exists for that person because they live in an Extremistan/ Black Swan Event rich environment, like New York, or London. THIS IS WHY JACK LOVES WHAT I DO AND HOW I WRITE ON THIS FORUM....... IT IS A SHAME THAT OFFENDS YOU, THERE IS A LOT OF THAT HERE........ (CAPITAL LETTERS AGAIN, OH SHIT.)
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Just to play safe, take another pill.
    And remember that dog sh*t in the golden box is still dog sh*t.
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  17. isn't it wonderful that we are all finally talking honestly about how we completely disagree?

    Even if I am being referred to as a Dog. I really like this dog shit.
  18. ...... just take another supplement pill right Jan? And play safe?.....

    Wait, has she had an essential fatty acids test or deuterium breathy test for that pill bro??..... Maybe we need to spend 3 months discussing that to be even safer, no?

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