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HELP with Frozen Tissue

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by HeyDianne, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    Ok, yes I am an idiot. But I only did one thing different today. When I put ice packs(alcohol&water mix) on my thighs this morning I put support hose on under them instead of running tights. When I pulled the wraps holding them in place I had large areas of frozen fat. Looked like the zeltiq that I saw on a video so I am hopeful that I have not done tons of damage. I immediately started massaging the areas and they turned bright red right away. An hour and a half later they are still bright red, somewhat swollen, and really hot. Note that I am at work now.

  2. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Just don't do any more spot CT there until they are totally, thoroughly healed. It may take a week or so. Then take any precautions next time you may not have this time - did you do it after a big fat/protein meal? Etc.

    Hopefully someone will give any further tips that you may need to do right away, but several others have accidentally done this and I don't remember there being any advice for the moment.
  3. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    Yeah, I am hoping that someone that has already done this has some advice as I also seem to remember that others have done this.

    I had some fat before but no protein at that point this morning.

  4. I "burned" my tummy when the compression shirt rode up and I didn't know it. It was bright red when I took ice off. It looked like a burn. I'm a little worried on yours if it was white. . .most of the comments on here were bright red and burning looking when removing ice.

    So, it's been almost 2 weeks, still have discoloration. it was just like a very bad sunburn. Red and painful for several days, change of colors. Itchy. skin didn't peel and didn't get blisters. It HURT for a couple of days, then was still noticible for a few more. . and now it's kind of numb.
  5. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    My burn is probably going on 3 weeks old now. It was on my adbomen and now it looks UGLY. I also happen to have stretch marks there and a Cesarean scare (from a C-section birth). My poor body. :( The burned area was red and stinging for a bit (but not too bad), then became itchy and now it *looks* very bruised but feels fine. My stretch marks have this very odd wrinkly look to them too. But don't have the black and blue coloration.

    Just my experience.
  6. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    Thanks to you all, I am still freaked out especially since we are supposed to go to Hawaii in 29 days. Somehow I think I have screwed that up.
  7. Marsha

    Marsha New Member

    If you have an aloe plant or can beg a leaf from a friend, split it open and rub the gooey inside of the leaf, on the hurt areas several times a day. My Ice Burn was very red and raised and now looks like it's lightly bruised, but is much better - no pain at all now.

    29 days is a good long time to heal - Hawaii sounds good after my last CT session! Good Luck and have fun on you trip!

    Are any of you taking bitter melon? I haven't gotten it yet -wonder how it makes a difference?

  8. I got it, took it several times - couldn't tell a difference but I haven't been dilligent. Now I'm getting all chilled for hrs after going to cold baths. So, I'm going to be super careful and take it 2hrs prior to bath along with making sure I drink icy glass o water. I'll let ya know how it goes.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Follow the protocol.....you go off script you pay. Using alcohol is not part of the protocol period.
  10. Jim

    Jim New Member

    What about using Malbec?:rolleyes:
  11. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Oh, that's interesting! So no alcohol/water mixtures to keep the packs flexible?
  12. Susan M.

    Susan M. New Member

    I did this to my left upper arm about a month ago. I have just started to ice in that area again. I noticed, however, that that arm is still looking a bit like it has some inner bruising to it. Doesn't feel like it, just looks like it. I definitely would not try to ice that frozen area until you feel sure that it has healed. Good luck.
  13. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    I am overrun with aloe now that I am at home, applying right now. Wish I had brought some to work. I have been taking bitter melon over the past 4 or so days. Don't know if it helped or hurt.
  14. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    Realizing that I am now going to pay a high price. Any suggestions for supplements to improve the healing?
  15. ChimpChick

    ChimpChick New Member

  16. Will add to the questions you are amassing - there has been LOTS of comments here and on MDA about making gel packs with alcohol so they are more liquid and mold to the body. I don't think anybody realized that was actually going off protocol!
  17. Garfield

    Garfield New Member

    I think the going off protocol portion is a combination of:

    * Starting when you have an O6:O3 ratio greater than 10:1 or less than 2:1. (Preferred ratio of 4:1)

    * Going too fast

    * Getting your skin temperature under 50 degrees

    Part of the problem with the alcohol packs is that they get way
    colder than the ~32 degrees that normal water/ice will get.
  18. In my experience (eh hem) it will take between 2-3 weeks to heal to the point where you can *spot* CT in that place again. You can still do baths, though :) It *could* be that I went off protocol and used alcohol in my homemade packs, but I would never admit to something like that :)
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  20. HeyDianne

    HeyDianne New Member

    I do realize that now and a huge mistake was not checking my skin and just keeping them on the normal time I had been doing. Do you have any suggestions about supplements or treatment to improve my healing process?

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