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Help me understand Magnetico vs. Earthing vs. PEMF

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by SpiritGuide, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. I have a question for Jack Kruse or for anyone here on the forum that's investigated this... what are your thoughts on this device?

    ICES DigiCeutical A9a Model System - http://www.micro-pulse.com/products/pulse-pet-ices-digiceutical-pulse-generator-model-a9a

    Supposedly they've overcome the issues of PEMF by using micro-pulses...

    Here's a link to an article about it, apparently this is the device that Dave Asprey uses: http://selfhacked.com/2015/03/13/ic...-fatigue-and-inflammation-cure-upgraded-pemf/

    Jack Kruse is mentioned in the comments section, I'm going to copy/paste that here to make it part of this discussion thread for anyone who's unable to open the other link for any reason:

  2. I just wanted to clarify the question some, I'm really just hoping to get an opinion from Dr. Kruse or those in the know here about this micro pulse technology which is supposedly an improvement over the standard PEMF technology and overcomes the negatives of it.

    I understand that Dave Asprey uses the micro pulse PEMF, and a Magnetico, in addition to Earthing, so just wondering what Jack has to say.
  3. DrAudrey

    DrAudrey New Member

    I have similar questions to your questions, SpiritGuide!

    My main question is:

    Will the Quantlet replace the need for Magnetico?

    I have been looking for something that will help me with Adrenal Fatigue, Weight Loss/Maintenence, and extremely tight muscles in lower back, mid-back, shoulders and cervical spine... thyroid is slightly low, but i have been told that once the adrenal fatigue is alleviated that my thyroid will function better. I had considered Bemer, other pemf, and also magnetico.

    I need to get some "Blue-blocker glasses"
    Are there any that Dr Kruse recommends?
    I have been on lowbluelights.com and the selection isn't great there.

    I read Jack Kruse's book Epi-Paleo Rx and loved it. I started doing the diet which helped some.... no longer cold all the time, I wear my summer shirts all year long now and only occaisionally wear sweaters even in Denver in winter. I weigh about 20 pounds more than I would like and just when I see progress something will happen that affects my workout and a month later I'll be back where i started... its a constant yo-yo.

    Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi Audrey:),
    you can get blue blockers from Amazon. Uvex, for example are simple, cheap and OK, but also many others.
    You can have them also custom made with a BPI tint.
    Are you out in the sun in the mornings? This will help get your circadian rhythm back to normal( modulating daytime ocular melatonin ->regulating pituitary nighttime melatonin->impacting morning cortisol).
    Also increasing other hormones and lowering blood pressure.
    What about full water immersion CT? so many benefits there, for me it works wonders for the weight and cravings....
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    not a fan........of any PEMF device because of my concerns on embryology and magnetic field generation.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    All PEMF devices by their very design will show decent short term results but open you up to long term ubiquitin marking issues. This is akin to the blue light hazard...........acute blue light exposure is alerting and can be viewed as positive if your study is short term. This is precisely what the lighting industry does when studying lights with high color temperature or 400- 500 nm spikes........here is the problem: these frequencies of light cause chronic elevation of ROS in the singlet state and lead to retinal toxicity and hormone dysruption and many circulatory diseases light high BP. Time matter with respects to electromagnetic radiations............
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think the quantlet will be a far better choice than the magnetico and way cheaper.
  9. Thanks Dr. Kruse, appreciate all of the recent feedback.

    We were considering dropping the $3,000 or so on a King-sized magnetico, but the price tag on these things really makes you think and research very hard... I'm sure that much of an investment would make pretty much anyone think twice... I think I'll see how the Quantlet looks here in the near future when it's launched.
  10. Eilee

    Eilee New Member

    Really interesting thread. I've been looking into PEMF devices to help with oxygenation in the brain. Didn't realize there were such concerns about these devices - especially with the ICES.
  11. Limpei

    Limpei Rookie Biohacker

    Hi all, question:
    I read the magnetico is essentially 10 gauss to 20 gauss magnets embedded in a sleep pad.

    Isn't it possible to DIY this by purchasing the corresponding magnets and sewing it into a sleep pad?
    Zene Kamili likes this.
  12. Zene Kamili

    Zene Kamili New Member

    I was thinking this same question myself. About 10 months ago, I bought about 30- 12 to 15,000 gauss magnets and put them under my mattress evenly. I did this for about 2 or 3 month to test out the effects. I used a compass to find the negative sides of the magnets so that they can face up to project the magnetic field through me.

    I began this in the late fall, (if that matters) in Korea where I live and it gets super cold. I live on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building that is in a rural area (if that matters as well).

    My results:
    I was doing CT concurrently with this (basically wearing shorts and minimal clothing all the time and going without the heat in my place). I was on a high fat diet full of seafood as per the Jack's recommendations.
    My sleep was normal at first and I could feel the magnets sooth me as I slept at night. But, after about 6 weeks, I began to notice my energy feeling drained. After 2 months, I noticed my achillies tendon getting extremely sore and tender for the first time ever in such a manner. My feet and heel began to peel and have a burning sensation. I thought that it was the CT somehow and assumed from the CT blog's and Magnetico info that it was a toxin dump or something (5 months of constant ice baths in the late summer and fall and cold winter embracing of the winter-no ice baths) I had also been waking up with what felt like slight dehydrating headaches that my girlfriend mentioned noticing too when she came over to stay.

    Long story short, I had to abandon the magnets from under my mattress and notice that even then that I was sensitive to them being anywhere near my bed. My feet and everything healed up immediately after discontinuing this.

    I am super anxious to know what went wrong here. I figured that I need to learn more about magnetism and the practical use of magnets for healing first before I go back to try to hack this again. Does anyone know any reference on the pitfalls and proper ways to do this safely? I even wondered about the EMF being attract to my bed because of this and the spring mattress some kind of way or from living on the 3rd floor of my building.

    More Context:
    rural South Korea/Mid 30s/fit to muscular/goal to bring down blood sugar under 90 or even close to it/goal to increase mental functioning and a lethargic mind and mood/ at the time had abandoned exercise to try increase my charge (3 months)/ butter-seafood-leafy veggies-sweet potato- base diet/ first time ever trying CT (5 months then)
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
  13. Martin

    Martin Gold

    My guess is that the spacing of the magnets produced a Positive field in between the Negative fields causing spikes to cause inflammation. The spacing of the magnets needs to be close together to reduce the spikes shown here: https://magneticosleep.com/why-were-better/

    Attached Files:

  14. DPH

    DPH Silver

    How will the Quantlet replace the Magnetico? Are they not doing different things that can complement each other?
    I am planning to sleep on the Magnetico in the night and wear the Quantlet during the day. But can someone explain exactly what you mean when you say it could "replace it"? Is it not a very different product? I mean the Magnetico is a several houndred lbs big magnet that covers your whole body. That must have a bigger effect as far as magnetism goes at least? You can't use it during the day though so that is why I thought the Quantlet would be great for day use also + all other things it does with temperature and light etc. (Maybe you could even use both at the same time, sleep on the Magnetico and wear the Quantlet, not sure if there would be some interference with the magnetic field though (?) )

    The Magnetico is very expensive though compared to the Quantlet, but would not using both be optimal if you can afford it?
  15. LouiseAngela

    LouiseAngela Louise

    Interested in this comparison. Much easier to ship a quantlet and cheaper shipping and duty.
  16. Erin Olivia

    Erin Olivia New Member

    Hi. I'm actually selling my (2) Classic Magneticos due to moving out of the country. Hoping it's okay to post this here so someone knowledgeable about this Superman product can use it properly at a discount :) In perfect used condition, they come from a low EMF room, and are pet- kid- bedbug- and allergen free with good vibes. Selling for $350 separately or $299 each sold together. What a deal.
  17. phil2bfree

    phil2bfree New Member

    Hello Spirit Guide. This is my 1st post & I hope I am putting it in the right place & following the proper procedure for this forum. In any event, pls know that my intent is to be as helpful as possible. You wrote the following & I am surprised no one commented on it----positively or negatively:
    "I'm currently reading the book 'The Body Electric' by Robert O. Becker, who I'm pretty sure Dr. Kruse has quoted along the way which is why I bought the book, and Dr. Becker says in the book that PEMF devices can lead to growth of cancerous tumors...."
    In many ads for the EarthPulse PEMF, there appears to be an endorsement by Robert O. Becker: "You have certainly come up with something that makes me sleep." No mention of tumors there. So either Dr. Becker changed his negative opinion of PEMFs or he thinks that EarthPulse is one PEMF that is safe. I strongly doubt Dr. Becker made that endorsement for the money.
    You apparently posted this thread in June 2015, and I wonder what decision you made about PEMFs or other forms of treatment. My comment is very long already, so I will say as quickly as possible I am considering the EarthPulse vs. ICES for my own very long-term health issues. I wish you well.
  18. Terminator

    Terminator New Member

    Robert Becker who made EarthPulse is not Dr. Robert O. Becker. They are not related.
  19. phil2bfree

    phil2bfree New Member

    Hello Terminator & Spirit Guide: Having spent about half an hour on google. I feel confident in saying that the inventor of EarthPulse is Paul Becker. Robert O. Becker is a different dude. (To make things worse, one of the early pioneers in magnetic therapy was Dr. Robert C. Beck.) However, that was not the main point of my post. In 2015, Spirit Guide wrote that Robert O. Becker, author of "The Body Electric" states in his book that "PEMF devices can lead to cancerous tumors" to quote the July 28, 2015 post. If that is true, then why is Robert O. Becker endorsing EarthPulse? I am not trying be contentious or hurt anyone's feelings. I am just a dude with a host of chronic health problems trying to gather credible info on PEMF. In a spirit of full disclosure, I will say I have not yet read “The Body Electric.” but I just ordered a copy from Amazon. Wish you the best.
  20. P.Bardot

    P.Bardot New Member

    The whole "You have certainly come up with something that makes me sleep." claim is third degree hearsay from the SON of the inventor of the Earthpulse. a ridiculously overpriced and poorly made product.

    Not to mention, most of the mountain of research linking (P)EMF to tumors and cancer have been published since after his death. These closet inventors most certainly didn't test their gadgets for long term safety, many where straight up loons (Bob Beck met aliens?). Robert Becker as stated did the research that demonstated a link between PEMF and cancer. No one has disproved it and the technology has not changed in a meaningful way.

    Even if you buy the natural (earth) PEMF benefits why would you for a second assume a synthetic dirty robotic man made pemf is in the same category? These are the same waveforms and amplitudes causing brain tumors in cellphone users. It's like calling aspartame a herbal remedy.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018

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