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Help me get started!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Lola Roman, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    Hello All!

    I'd love some guidance on where to start considering my constellation of symptoms.

    Look forward to getting to know the community!

    55 Sex: F Joined JackKruse.com: 8/28/16

    Location: Oakland, CA, USA

    Dx: Longstanding: PTSD (complex and shock), insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, extreme myopia (-12). Depression not an issue with 5-HTP.
    New (2016): autoimmune thyroiditis (have antibodies for Graves and Hashimotos, but recent TSH = 0.44 – 0.68 so closer to expression of Graves), osteopenia, fibroids (small, 9 mm)
    Of most concern: sudden vitreous detachments with floaters, both eyes, just happened Aug. 10
    Also: hair test shows elevated lead, stool test shows dysbiosis

    Surgeries: 1975, facial surgery following car accident; 2003, cosmetic surgery

    Current Rx: Tiny dose of clonazapam, 0.125 – 0.25 mg, for sleep/few nights week (down from 1 mg/night); lots of supplements for sleep; occasional propranolol for anxiety; caprylic acid

    Current Therapies / Protocols: Gut restoration, detoxing (frequent saunas, coffee enemas + Pectasol), started eating meat/fish (have been nearly vegetarian most my life) and exposing myself to sunlight daily without glasses/contacts, sleeping on grounded sheet, changed home lighting to incandescent or halogen, use blue blockers on computer/phone, experimenting with red/near infrared light

    Health WINS: Fewer headaches, reduced autoimmune activity, got off Gabapentin and drastically reduced Clonazapam, better energy

    Health Goals: Take charge and reverse conditions! Especially eye problems.

    My Optimal Journal: Coming soon!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please read Jack's book Epi-Paleo RX. - it is the first couple of years of the blog and is a great way to get into all this.

    Listen to all Jack's podcast ..... Fast and easier way to get info..

    John Ott's book .....health and light.

    Blue blocker glasses

    Are you sure your grounding sheet is okay? You could be drawing dirty electricity to you....

    All electronics out of your bedroom?

    Smart meter?

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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    Thank you so much!

    I'm not sure a Paleo diet is right for me—but I'm all ears for your thoughts! My thinking:

    I never liked meat, was a vegetarian from age 17–34. I read Eat 4 Your Blood Type and I'm A- (compatible with vegetarianism), so I thought my diet was suited for my genetics. But over 20 years ago I added occasional chicken and beef to avoid deficiencies.

    Now: Following Weston Price diet. Added daily high-quality pastured animal protein + fat + bone broth to my diet (w/ lots of veggies and far fewer grains/fruit). I hesitate to let go of grains/fruit because I'm underweight (5' 10'' 130 lbs) and can't put weight on. I don't need to burn fat or increase my energy. I don't have food cravings of any kind.

    Jack says that diet isn't everything, and my intuition says to focus on my environment, esp. in getting more sunlight, reducing toxic exposures (I've totally detoxed my home/products/diet), doing infrared saunas, and drinking great water.

    That said, I'll do any diet that will help me reverse my various conditions.

    I drink lots of filtered/remineralized water (use the 10-Stage Filter). Considering a filter upgrade (looking at Pure Effects) to remove fluoride, and also a a shower filter, but choosing the right products is a challenge! My goal is to get spring water locally using findaspring.com. Yay! Do you guys have thoughts on Pure Effects?

    I'm extremely concerned about the vitreous detachments/floaters. This seems to be a problem with collagen/elastin/hyaluronic acid/hydration, no? I have very dry eyes and frequent urination. My sense is that water goes through and doesn't get absorbed into the cells. Thoughts on that?

    I've listened to MANY of Jack's podcasts, will listen to all!

    I don't think I get much blue light now that I've eliminated it from my cell phone/computer (f.lux and Nightshift continuously on). Do I still need blue-blocker glasses?

    The sheet is grounded outside in the dirt (not in a power socket). Can it still draw dirty electricity?

    In my bedroom I don't have anything plugged in and no electronics.

    Yes, I have a smart meter! It's not near my bedroom, but still not good. Can anything be done to mitigate effects?

    I have a fairly clear idea of the overall program Jack advocates, and I'm moving in that direction A-SAP! Would love to proceed as surgically as possible to the next step best suited to my biology. What do you think?

    Deeply grateful for your time!!!
  5. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    P.S. My insomnia began immediately after surgery in 2003. I already had a PTSD diagnosis and the trauma of surgery put my nervous system over the edge.

    I run on the hyper side and am mentally overactive (!) but my 24-hour cortisol is oddly normal. I think the sleep issue is related to H-P-A axis dysregulation, but I'm not in adrenal fatigue.

    My experiments with decreasing blue light/increasing natural light haven't helped yet. I also light candles at 8PM and turn off the lights. Shifting to parasympathetic mode seems to be the problem.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You can shield a smart meter pretty easily ..... Lots of stuff on line

    Yes .....you still need blue blockers and cover your skin at nite if watching tv etc.

    What is on the other sides of your bedroom walls? fridge? Laundry? Dishwasher? Electronics?

    Overhead power lines? Electricity in walls? Floors?

    Have you seen Michael Neurts Webinars ? He is an electrical engineer and works with people on nnEMF
    I understand he does phone consults and you can rent meters from him.

    Can you sleep in your backyard? Go camping and see how you feel?

    You need to reset the Rolex in your brain....

    On rising - get outside, bare foot, little or no clothes.

    Have breakfast within 30 minutes of rising ....BAB

    Leave 4 hours between meals and at least that or more before bedtime

    The leptin reset.....
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  7. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    Much thanks for your response! Going outside this morning for some light, even though it's cloudy. Is it still effective?

    I heard Jack and Ruben on a podcast last night discussing their morning rituals. I haven't had natural light in my eyes in the morning for YEARS. I'll report back. I'm excited!

    What is BAB? Something tells me it's not Basic America Breakfast!
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  8. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    I looked at the leptin reset as it applies to a fit/thin person and I don't think this protocol is right for me.

    It says elevated reverse T3 indicates leptin insensitivity, but my reverse T3 is 14.7 ng/dL, which is totally normal (scale is 9.2 to 24.1). I'm underweight (and losing on a high protein/fat, low carb diet) and I don't have food cravings.

    I'll work on resetting my biological clock and diving deeper into my blue light/EMF exposure!

    Thanks for your suggestions and input. Much appreciated!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Overweight and thin people are opposite ends of the same spectrum.

    BAB = big ass breakfast. .... Part of the leptin reset. It is all about resetting your circadian Rythm.

    The three legged stool

    Get outside and connect with Mother Nature as much as possible! Even in the rain!

    Btw ....a neighbours smart meter can impact on you ....depending on where theirs is located.

    Do you have sweet potatoes?

    So glad you are excited .....I love that!
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  10. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    Hi Caroline,
    Yes, I love sweet potatoes! Try to eat several times/week.

    I'm confused about the leptin reset b/c my thyroid markers suggest this isn't a problem for me. Can you comment on that?

    I've lost even more weight over the past two weeks while increasing protein/fat and decreasing carbs. Now at 125 and I'm 5' 10". That's too thin! I think some people do okay or even better on carbs, no?

    I'll investigate all of your suggestions and tips. Each day I'm reducing exposures, increasing nutrients (esp. DHA), and increasing outdoor time. The basics, but I also want to add a specific protocol of some kind.

    My main point of confusion is whether the leptin reset diet is right for me.

    I do think I need to increase my redox potential. Can you point me toward the right info to help me with that?

    Yes, I am excited! And thank you SO much for responding to my questions. When finances are better I'll officially join and hopefully can get some more targeted info for my conditions.

    Bless you!
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The leptin reset is to reset your clock primarily. I don't know what to tell you about why you are losing weight. A lot of us here struggle with our weight!
    You are eating seafood? Sardines? Salmon? Mackerel? Bacon?

    Dr. K. Did a blog on resistant starch - have a look

    I understand that you want to be doing something more pro active for you .....let me have a think and perhaps others have some ideas.

    I have never had to worry about gaining weight .....I am really good at that!

    What is your rT3?
  12. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Hi Lola, I struggle to keep weight on too. I just followed the high fat, low carb diet for years but have found just increasing carbs as well has made the biggest difference. I even eat a little bit of brown rice occasionally now & often have a tspn or 2 of honey with each meal - both seem to help. Good luck.
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  13. Curves

    Curves Guest

    Hi @Lola Roman! I just moved out of San Francisco a few years ago. Once I started to follow Dr. Kruse's protocols in 2012 I began to get healthier. I lived near Ocean and China Beach so I got in the water regularly. China Beach was easier to navigate because it's just around the corner in the Bay; the waves on Ocean Beach kicked my ass often, but I always got in-- often. I removed all EMF from my apartment, blue blocked and ate epi-paleo. And I felt waaaay better. What I didn't know was that the best was yet to come, but I had to move out of the City to "get there.

    Caroline made some awesome suggestions. This is truly the place to get well. You've come to the right place.
  14. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member


    My reverse T3 is 14.7 ng/dL (scale is 9.2 to 24.1). Totally normal range.

    I'm eating seafood a few times/week, and small amounts of grass-fed meat every day. Just ate a BAB outside in the sun!

    I'm now listening to Jack's last available podcast on iTunes. Got the message about DHA and seafood, blue light, EMF, outdoor time, etc. etc.! I also deeply appreciate his references to meditation, breathing (oxygen!), and gratitude because I believe optimal wellness is a mind/body/spirit game.

    Speaking of gratitude, thank you Jenny and Curves for your suggestions and encouragement! It warms my heart!

    As far as being proactive, I feel drawn to CT. I frequently do rounds of saunas/cold showers and afterwards is the best I ever feel. I'm just concerned about burning too many calories.

    Many thanks!!!
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  15. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    @Curves where did you move to? I would do much better in a more natural environment, that's for sure. I lived 25 years in SF before moving to Oakland. I now have grassy areas and a backyard for sunning, and I'm just a block from Lake Merritt... so beautiful and much healthier, but one day I'll make another move to be closer to nature.
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  16. Curves

    Curves Guest

    @Lola I moved to NW Oregon halfway between Portland and the Coast. The Pluses: oxygen rich trees, good clean water, low nnemf. Negative: low natural sunlight all year round. It's beautiful up here and yet, I curse the cloudy skies regularly.

    I know the Lake Merritt area well. In fact, two friends of mine live around there. Better than SF but, as you say, still high population density that interferes with wellness. But, one step at a time :love:
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  17. Curves

    Curves Guest

    I'm going to have to learn to practice a new type of CT -- sitting outside grounded in the cold rain. It's cloudy and rainy here yet again. @Lahelada, do I remember correctly that this is one of your practices? Did I get that right?
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  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    @Curves Hiya, yes it is something I do. I walk around my garden in long armed T shirt and jeans playing in the puddles. Certifiable one looks I am sure but great fun !! I only have fluoridated water so this is a welcome break . I hope anyway.

    The reason for full clothing is to get as close to "a being surrounded by water effect "as possible. Cotton a must obviously. I discovered it when a problem had me running around in circles around the loquat tree until 2 am and had the best sleep ever after that even with the problem unresolved. By rights there should be a moat around that tree already.

    I extend the practice when the weather is good, but still cold and put on wet shirts. It has happened that I also wear wet jeans inspired by a lack of laundry preparation :p:D Looked at the right way it takes stress out of life twice...;)
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  19. Curves

    Curves Guest

  20. Lola Roman

    Lola Roman New Member

    No worries, it was interesting!

    I'm thinking of starting CT soon. I didn't realize that just getting wet and cold counted! I'm going to try an ice bath. I've always loved how I feel after hot/cold showers and especially a sauna/cold plunge.
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