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Help.. looks like I am far from optimal...

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Inger, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    If someone have a clue about how to convert these labs / or how bad are they actually.. I just cannot find the right converter online.

    I totally forgot to take the bloodtests at day 21 of my period so I did them day 11. Bummer. I need to do new ones I think. I wonder if my labs still can tell something about whats up with my hormones? First time ever I took these labs so I have nothing to compare with sadly, I will test again in spring after a long, cold, dark winter.. HA. It will be my N1. test very scientifically. I just love it!

    Anyway, here are the results;

    Estradiol 1,1 nmol/l (299,6 pg/ml) (1100 pmol)

    Progesterone 2,4 nmol/l (755 pg/ml) (2400 pmol)

    Testosteron 1,2 nmol/l (1200 pmol)

    Testosteron free 13 pmol/l

    Testosteron free % 1,1

    DHEA 9,0 (nmol/l..? not sure about this as she said it so unclear on the phone, but range=1,9 - 17)

    Glucose 5,3 nmol/l (90 mg/dl)

    HS CRP 0,22 mg/l

    I guess my hormones are far from optimal still. But not nonexistent though. DHEA is way too little I guess? And my clucose is too high..?

    And my HS CRP could be much closer to 0? Should it be 0 actually? I live in a little moldy house I wonder if that has any impact but I feel great though. I hope the swimming in he cold river every morning makes the mold not hurt me.. and I always have my windows wide open all day long and I have lots of green plants in my appartement too!

    But considering I have separated this spring, loosing my home.. living quite stressful times.. and yeah.. I do cheat a little at times with some HWC and dark chocolate they both do me not good I know that so I guess it is time to get 100 % strict! I need optimal hormones, nothing less!!!

    I will do more labs like vit D. cholesterol, B12 and such when I have the money in a few weeks.

    I guess my vit D is very good, since I have been tanning a lot... at least it was around 90 last year without supplements and my HDL was very good too back then.

    Pics from my butt these days.. I always had the fat go to my lower body and struggled with cellulite. It is so much better now but still room for much improvement. I could need to do some exercise and I bet next spring will be improvement to see!


    I am sure when my hormones optimize further it will fill out nice and curvy and get more firm!

    Uh.. I wish I knew how to convert to the units that are used in this forum! Any help much appreciated.
  2. steve@wity.net

    steve@wity.net New Member

    Inger - the first thing needed is the ranges - without these the figures are difficult to interpret. Each laboratory is different.

    Progesterone 2.4nmol/l converts to 0.75ng/ml - low but where should it be for day 11?

    Testosterone 1.2nmol/l converts to 34.5ng/dl - low but where should it be for day 11?

    Your Estradiol conversion to pg/ml looks fine.

    I'm not an expert on P/E ratios so hopefully one of the experts will calculate and comment.

    DHEA - I think this might be in ng/ml. You need to be in the top 25% of the range - so 14 plus to be optimal.

    HS-CRP - you are correct - this needs to be as low as possible. My last labs came in at 0.38. Jack told me he wants me to be aiming at 0.03.

    Glucose - I think the units should be mmol/l and i'm guessing the range is roughly from 4 to 6. Your figure is 5.3 and so converts to 95.5mg/dl. Anything over 99mg/dl is a definite no so your figure is quite high. Definitely a fasting blood test?

    Body comp will improve as hormones improve but you look like you are well on the way and looking great with your eating and CT. Hormones may have suffered due to the stress you were/are under. Sex hormones are sacrificed to make more cortisol. A salivary cortisol would be interesting.

    I wouldn't start taking out the odd treat at this point in my opinion - it mght stress you more!
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you so much Corvus! I will do all to get HS CRP to 0,03! Wow that is really low! But I can see it doable, as I still see room for improvement with my foods! Like quitting dairy 100% (I have it occasionally, not often but it must be enough to mess up). I guess I should, when, only use this raw organic goatmilk that I can buy here, it is from a very old Finnish breed. No 85% black and green chocolate eather, or 90% Lindt. It is NOT good for me, I notice it on my skin fast!

    Corvus what are you doing now to get it that low? I am curious! Do you have any advice for me except of what I mentioned above?

    Here are the Hormone ranges that was on the lab-paper;

    Estradiol 1,1 nmol/l (299,6 pg/ml) (1100 pmol)


    Follikular 0.07-0.53 nmol/l

    Ovulation 0.23-1.31 nmol/l

    Luteal 0.20-0.79 nmol/l

    Progesterone 2,4 nmol/l (755 pg/ml) (2400 pmol)


  4. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Day 11 is most likely follicular phase, depending on your cycle.

    FBG should be under 85 but I think you really want for it to be in the 70s.

    I think your results just mean that you need to fix some more things. Don't despair. Knowing you used to have an ED - I think we are some of the more broken people. I think your body might need a winter... were you eating carbs during the summer? CT and epi-paleo rx will get your hs CRP down.... and fixing your hormones. Keep eating your seafood....

    Are you taking magnesium? Good for the blood sugar. As is vitamin K.
  5. mambo

    mambo New Member

    Fasting BG numbers are just a snapshot on that particular morning, so I wouldn't worry too much over a 96 reading; it will be high depending on what you ate the night before, your level of stress, liver dump, etc. If you want to conclude something from FBG, measure a weekly average and see where that falls. Under 90, good. Over 95 and closer to 125, closer to insulin resistance but there is such a thing as physiological insulin resistance if you're doing very low carb.

    Also, 0.22 in HS CRP should be regarded as excellent. I don't know anyone with zero CRP. Some labs (LabCorp) may not even measure something in increments that small (as .03).


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