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HELP--I'm not sure what to do...need wisdom!

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by perdita, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. perdita

    perdita New Member

    Hi everyone, I am in need of wisdom on what to do.

    I did Round 1 in Dec 2010/Jan 2011 and lost 18 lbs (from 142 to 124-ish). I'm petite, so this was a size 4. I was very happy!

    Maintained for a while, then my Dad was diagnosed with cancer...I helped take care of him, and due to the stress, exhaustion, lack of time, I ate poorly and gained 8 lbs back.

    Did Round 2 in Oct/Nov 2011 and lost the weight I gained. For phase 3 of that round, I did Leptin Reset and lost 6 more lbs. (See my old signature.) I was at my high school weight and very thrilled.

    Then Dad died, we had another family crisis, and we moved twice. All in less than a year. I gained a lot of weight back.

    It's now Aug 2012. I'm not even sure how much I weigh because I'm afraid to step on the scale, but I know I've gained at least 2-3 sizes. I have rolls of fat around my middle and can't zip up my jeans easily. I'm so sad and frustrated when I look in the mirror, because I know how good I looked less than a year ago.

    I don't know whether I should do a Round 3 or just do the Leptin Reset or do both like Round 2. I have one vial of hcg in my fridge, but I'd need to order more. I've heard that it's harder to get hcg now due to all the fda press.

    If I do Round 3, will it be just as effective as Round 1 and 2? Or should I go another direction? How do I stop this vicious cycle of losing and gaining?
  2. Don't do another round. You need to get healthy and re-nutrient from all the stress and think about body comp and health vs weight. You don't sound that overfat, do some testing find out what you need to optimize your health. Get that in line, THEN if you've maintained health for 6 months and evaluate then what needs to be done. You must get healthy to think clearly.
  3. perdita

    perdita New Member

    Thank you, Cavemam. I didn't really think about being depleted in nutrients due to stress, but you've got a real valid point.

    I have limited funds to do medical testing. If you had to choose ONE test to start with, what would you recommend?
  4. MartiD

    MartiD New Member

    I agree that another round isn't going to fix what's broken. You need to figure out why in a stressful setting you lose control of your eating habits. A quick fix isn't going to cure that issue...the cycle will continue. Try the reset, get tested, learn what works for you and move forward. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. Fredricked

    Fredricked New Member

    THEN if you've maintained health for 6 months and evaluate then what needs to be done. You must get healthy to think clearly.


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