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Help for a Keto-Leptin Rx Bulk

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Sean Waters, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Although this is not a dedicated website for muscle building and hypertrophy, and is more about optimal health, I am posting here as I'm tired of reading the bullshit on marksdailyapple or reddit/r/ketogains or r/leangains from misinformed people talking about macros.

    I am technically someone who has Crohn's disease, but I have been off all meds and supplements for about 18 months now, and I have taken control of it by just monitoring and watching my Light and nnEMF environment... which is NOT perfect as I work with a laptop 5 days a week and study on weekends with it too.

    I reduce my effects by:
    - blue blocking glasses
    - get outside 4 or 5 times a day
    - eat a leptin rx diet within daylight hours
    - Keep low carb as much as poss as I have pyruvate kinase gene deficiency (UK = no sun, no bueno)
    - lift weights outside (except for MMA)
    - Cold showers until I'm red at least once a day

    My last 12 months in training has given me some amazing gains and great confidence in myself, both mentally and physically. Something like that is important to me, and I cherish feeling that way.

    I'm 6 ft 1. Last March 2016 I was 79kg. After a Keto Bulk - By May 2016 I was 84kg. After a summer off I was 80kg. Then 4 months of weights in my room under red light post CT and about 4000 calories a day, by December I was 94kg. After I came back to London from my parents house I dropped to 92kg in January.

    Last month my IR light lamp broke. That's the 3rd one I've been through in 3 months. I feel like that was helping my gain muscle as I was training in my room POST-CT with the IR Light and I got up to 95 kilograms by just lifting weights before bed for 15 minutes and eating high calorie Leptin Rx.

    The last few weeks since it has broke my weight has plummeted. I'm training only outside in my garden gym set up and I'm down to 87 kilograms now, and that is not my goal. I also don't feel too healthy and have had a few intense bouts of depression and paranoia. I feel really unmotivated and didn't go to MMA for about a month, in fact I've still not been back. I only picked up a barbell again this week. But my calories have stayed similar, so why the weight loss??

    I do drink and smoke a lot on weekends, but I always have done, so that makes me think it can't be that. Although, since I moved into a house with some friends I have been smoking during the week too. Can that be causing the weight loss/ psychological issues? I have quit this week and I'm taking a month off alcohol.

    I'm just looking for some direction on my hypertrophy plan.

    Reddit tells me it's calories. MDA tells me it's not IFing enough. Bodybuilding.com says lift heavier.

    I believe it's more mitochondrial than any of that ^.

    I'm not sure. I just want to be that beast I was back at Christmas.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your environment sucks.........based upon what is above.
  3. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I feel like I wasted my fucking time when I hit the part about the "weekend drinking and smoking." Fool me once......
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my time is too valuable to be reading crap ......I 've gotta be way more selective.......
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  5. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I want my "time wasted" back. :)


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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator


  7. At least I'm honest with my situation. Would I not be wasting your time if I lied about any other factors that could be influencing the outcome?

    As I said, this is the way I've always been and is a part of the Irish culture I have. It did not affect my performance greatly to get me from 79kg to 94kg so why would it suddenly start to matter now?

    Jack openly drinks, and so do many of the members. In fact MOST people drink on weekends. If you believe it's suddenly started to affect my performance then fair enough, but could you explain Why and How?

    Also, smoking on weekends, Why and How? I know it seems obvious but I genuinely don't know why... I don't trust anything from the mainstream media... calling me out for smoking could be the same as High Fat 20 years ago, or maybe it IS bad, heck how do I know? My friend told me that none of the studies point to Smoking being bad for you, and that they were all formulated.

    In Andrew Marino's book Going Somewhere, he said that the big study on Smoking and Cancer was based on Questionnaire's, and is what he called GREEN or Borderline "Uncertain" Data and is at best just a little bit better than Guess-work. You will know if you read it, not to believe clinical research or questionnaire's either, as they conjured up false narratives for EMF and they could do the same with Smoking.

    Does none of this have anything to do with the IR light, could that not be a bigger factor? or my environment as Jack said?

    Can't believe the reaction I've got here to be honest. All of you sit there saying I've wasted your time by telling you my full honest situation. When you do your own posts I bet you don't mention that you sit there staring at your iPads and Computers all day and then moan about your hormones on journals pretending you have done "everything" to sort out your environment and get everyone to answer for you when it's entirely a false statement. Fuck sake.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
  8. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Sean, let me give you some advice...

    you're barking up the wrong tree. People here are not fitness/physique/exercise focused.

    I'd recommend www.leangains.com . Use his training and nutrition strategies , in general.

    Apply the laws of nature as much as possible and have a beer and a smoke when you feel like it.......
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  9. Barry,

    I can see that now... I came here as the other sites don't accommodate the principles that I have done so well with (light-water-magnetism). I also had Crohn's disease, and that makes me different to a lot of the standard guys out there looking for gains.

    I felt like deleting this post but it really riled me as I don't think I've done anything wrong.

    Regardless, I'll take your advice and move on. Thanks for your response mate
  10. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    I pretty much follow a leangains protocol but I run it with epi-paleo keto and no carbs.... my fats tend to cyle with the days..... works but you must adapt and get other things right too...
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  11. Danco,

    Yeah I had a look on Leangains yesterday, I think I am pretty similar to you... 6am- BAB with fish or chicken + veg in butter, and a Fat bomb protein shake... then last meal is Lunch at around 1pm, big salad with fish and lots of fat. Then I sometimes eat another meal around 4 or 5pm, or just leave it, depends how I'm feeling. Try stay Ketotic and IFing though. Built a little gym in my garden in the sun, and I train MMA twice a week under blue light which I try to mitigate with CT before and after.

    I've also got rid of my iPhone 6S. I turned it off for good last week, and bought a 2G Alcatel One Touch which stays on flight mode unless I make calls or texts Noticed a big difference in energy.

    Can you give more detail on your cycle with the fats? Sounds interesting. What kind of goals do you have? (Hypertrophy/ Endurance etc)

    I think Jack nailed it with the first comment. I have noticed that I feel completed sapped of energy in two places:
    1. The Office I work in
    2. Train I get to work.

    Both of them full of EMF from 10 or more iPhones and Laptops in a confined space.

    I deliberately get off at the stop before to allow a long walk in to work. Before and after each of these I feel like I could run, on the train I feel like I can barely stand. I remember Barry making a comment on his Fasted State Training Adaptions thread about noticing that his gains in performance is more about his reduction of tech/EMF rather than anything else.

    In a couple years, once I've finished my training, I'm gonna move to a better location, either the Gulf South or somewhere optimal. My job is in construction, and I can go anywhere in the world once I have the qualifications. I just got to suffer now, to gain big later.

    I notice this all affects my performance in my training way more than the Gin and Tonic on the weekend. Leangains even wrote an article on alcohol and performance here: http://www.leangains.com/2010/07/truth-about-alcohol-fat-loss-and-muscle.html

    Take it with a pinch of salt of course, all blue lit clinical studies and n=1 says I never feel like Superman after a drink, but I think the effects are exaggerated.
  12. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Wow for a site dedicated to helping people reach optimal, some of the responses are not very productive.

    Life is all about enjoying yourself and letting loose. You need to draw the line between optimal health and quality of life. Most people work in a crappy environment (i.e. office building). It's not always the easiest to just pick up and leave, quit your job etc. And just because people aren't willing to make those drastic changes, doesn't mean they aren't dedicated to achieving optimal health and we shouldn't help them.

    Modern humans don't hibernate. We get ketosis during sleep, and maybe a little extra fasting will help with autophagy as well, but chronic ketosis ONLY works in NON-stressful environments, which today is unrealistic for most, because we are required to work 8 hour days YEAR round, and we attempt to be equally active year round even in low light periods. Ketosis = a mismatch in the modern world. To fix that mismatch, you can either do ketosis and take the entire winter off work and rest and sit in a cold tub 24/7, or you can continue to live a normal life, get shit done, and eat a well balanced diet with carbs.

    So yes, these guys are right about your environment, because you are in a mismatch now. But I don't blame you for not changing that environment, but if you don't, I suggest ditching the keto. Keto in warm adapted humans = starvation mode. Keto in cold adapted humans = regeneration, but do you really want to live in the cold 24/7? Keto + modern living + bodybuilding = insane stress. Also keep in mind, humans are WARM blooded, not COLD blooded. Need glucose to thrive in stressful environments.
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  13. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    Tell this to my husband who suffered a severe stroke last fall and whose quality of life has been greatly diminished! He takes full responsibility for his poor decisions too and now wishes he would have listened to his wise wife who takes her health very seriously. Those who ARE dedicated to their health are not going to compromise. My motto when I began this journey was and stands as this: YOU CAN'T HALF ASS YOUR WAY TO OPTIMAL! We all have a choice here and speaking for myself, I'm very careful about who I give my energy to now. I know when someone is serious vs someone who is not about becoming optimal. If a person want's to do half ass, I suggest looking for the food and supplement gurus because there are plenty of them out there. Good luck with that! Peace! ;)
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  14. I'm posting for advice on Hypertrophy and Muscle growth... NOT disease management. If you re-read the post you can see that I have taken full control of that.

    I spent 18 months on a strict regime to allow myself to go out with my friends again, and socialise. I'm 23 years old, everyone I know drinks and smokes and has a good time. I have regained my health and I want to spend my 20s with my friends and enjoying my life.

    My post was about training, it's not that serious... I just wanted some advice on whether IR Light was affecting my weight. I gave a lot of extra information that probably alluded to your understanding that I was sick or something... maybe you were skimming, I don't know.

    So I appreciate your vehement and solid commitment to helping people who truly want to be well... But I already have that, this is just a gym-related post.
  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Lets assume that what you said is easier then usually it is.

    If one does not want to become nomad, finding right place to live (right from health pov), is not easy and there is newer guarantee that the new place will be better.

    We heard here that the more sun the better.
    I agree with that and have long experience with it.
    For a year I was living in tropical area.
    As far as sun exposure is concerned all was 100% better.
    I have found that constant 12hr day and 12hr night started bothering me.
    But it took about 6 months to find that out.

    So, vacation to sunny places are 100% ok,
    living there different story.

    That is me, others mileage may vary.
    I am also thinking of a guy I was conversing with some time ago.
    He moved from his native Somali to Norway.
    Total mismatch.
    That was before @Jack Kruse got his website.
    I was aware of light then, but not as much as now.

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  16. Maybe you need longer than 6 months to adapt? The bigger the change the longer time to adapt.

    Somalia to Norway = less sun... did he CT in the snow? Guessing not if it was pre-2000s

    I see your point though... might be wiser to move south, but half way across the world may be too much (at least initially).

    UK people to southern France or Spain... US to mexico or central Americas.

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Found this in my notes, wonder if that may be applicable.
    This is a blood test:
    when high suggest low phosphatidylcholine content in cells

    Creatine Kinase (CK), Total Plus Isoenzymes Test Number: 002154 CPT: 82550 (total); 82552 (isoenzymes)

    Indicates need for, and monitors results of PhosphatidylCholine supplementation (the BodyBio PC)
    Male: 24-204 units/L
    Female: 24-173 units/L

  18. so if CK is high = shows need for PC ?

    Not sure about creatine kinase but pyruvate is for glucose metabolism, and I lack the gene for pyruvate kinase. Or the expression of.

    Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother all the same.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    How long they lived?

  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nature requires you to sift through bullshit to find the prize..........If some comments or ideas or critic move you off your target then this site is not for that person. I think the key is curiosity and mito-hacking. No one's results will be identical to another because no environment is identical and neither is their mitochondria or their distance between their respiratory proteins. So when somebody bitches and moans about critiques.........words, grammar spelling..........you name........they announce their own limitations to optimal.
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